Gary Hart Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO takes you on a wonderful trip down memory lane with our newest exclusive shoot interview with one of wrestling’s all time greatest managers, Playboy Gary Hart. An underrated booker, Hart earned his chops in wrestling working for Fritz Von Erich’s World Class promotion and helped make that Texas territory one of the most exciting in wrestling history. Seeing everything first hand, Hart talked about all the big angles – including the night Terry Gordy slammed the cage door on Kerry Von Erich along with the hair match between the Von Erichs and Gino Hernandez and Chris Adams – and all the heartbreaking stories of the era. This is the perfect supplement for anyone who enjoyed the Heroes of World Class DVD.

Gary gives one of the most in-depth accounts of World Class on record and went into great detail on the lives, and passings, of each Von Erich. Emotionally powerful, this is a must-watch for any diehard fan of the Von Erichs, World Class, or the wrestling business in general. The information Hart gives just on the television production alone is invaluable as World Class was leaps and bounds ahead of the curve when it came to presentation. This is one shoot you will not want to miss!

Hart certainly didn’t leave out anything from his legendary WCW run including working with Sting, Great Muta, Terry Funk, and Lex Luger, among others. This is the one shoot where J-Tex finally gets its due! Old school wrestling fans are going to want to drop whatever they are doing and watch this shoot interview immediately as Gary Hart has seen it all and is one of the few who are still here to talk about it. Bill Watts. Jim Barnett. Paul Boesch. Bruiser Brody. Hart even worked for Court Bauer’s MLW! Like we said, we covered EVERYTHING. Don’t miss out on one of RF VIDEO’s most important releases of the year!
Howd you break into the business
How did the change come about from wrestler to manager
Do you think your experiences as a wrestler helped you become a great manager
What did you like or dislike about the change
Memories of some of the early promoters you worked for
Who gave you the name Playboy
Memories working for Angelo Poffo
How did you wind up working for Burt Ruby
Memories of a young George Steele
Initial impressions of the Sheik
How far did he go to protect his character
Did he work some of the green guys
Memories of matches with him and Mark Lewin
Initial impressions of Mark
Did you pattern your style as a manager after anyone or anything
Could you make a fulltime living in the days of the territories as a manager
Did the boys back then see managers on a lower tier
From Detroit how did you wind up in Amarillo
Memories of Dory Sr
Did you like the territory
Who did you manage there
Memories of managing a young Dusty Rhodes
Did you think hed make it
Initial impressions of Dory Jr and Terry
How come you stopped working for Paul Boesch around this time
How did you wind up meeting Fritz Von Erich
Initial impressions of Fritz
How did your first run with Fritz end
How much of a student of the business had you become by this point
Was there anyone you saw up to this point in your career you knew would make it big
Is it true in Amarillo you were given the name Gay Gary
How did you wind up back in Detroit
Did you like moving around
How did you and Fritz resolve your issues
Do you think Fritz had more respect for you since you didn’t roll over and take it
Whos idea was it to pair you with Don Jardine
How instrumental was he to your career
What was it about the magic between you two
Memories of going to Australia for Jim Barnett
Do you think Jardine could have been a world champ
When in your career did you start to get involved with booking
Memories of managing Ivan Koloff
Ivan has come out and admitted to having a drinking problem, do you remember that
How did you wind up in Georgia
Memories of Fred Ward
Do you regret working for Ward and not Gunkel
How dirty was the promotional war
Memories of working for Bill Watts
Did you like Bill Watts
Do you think his reputation as a bully is warranted
Why do you think they changed to Jerry Jarrett
You once called Jarrett a thief, why do you say that
Did you leave Georgia on bad terms
Howd you wind up in Florida
Memories of Eddie Graham
Did you like working with Bill Watts booking here
Why do you think he killed himself
Take us back to the night Dusty turned babyface in Florida
Did he produce as expected or more so as a babyface
Could you ever sense Dusty becoming corrupted by power through the years
You guys sold out buildings in Fla every week, could that happen today somewhere
You have said without Dusty there would never be a Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior, why
What do you remember about the plane crash in 1975
What are you thinking as you are going down
How did you wind up back in Georgia
Were you apprehensive about Tom Renesto
What were some of your key moves as booker
How did you wind up getting fired in Georgia
Howd you wind up working for Fritz again
Is it true you were responsible for the training of the Von Erich boys
Did you think theyd be as big as they became
Is it true you wanted to push them harder than Fritz
Do you think Fritz gets a bad rap in regards to the way he pushed his boys
How critical was it to bring in the right guys to work with the Von Erichs early on
Do you think David would have been a successful champion
What do you think was it that made the territory so hot
How did the evolution of World Class TV come about
Do you remember a night or match that was the turning point in taking things to a new level
How did the Great Kabuki come about
When did you notice that the Von Erichs had a drug problem
Did you ever go to Fritz
Which death do you think hit him hardest
When Fritz started pushing Mike and later Chris, did you ever try and talk him out of it
How great do you think Kerry could have been
Did you ever go out there managing against the Von Erichs where you thought they were in a position where they were a danger to themselves or their opponents
You wound up leaving for awhile, how come
Memories of matches you and Kabuki had with Jimmy Valiant
Thoughts, memories of the Mid Atlantic region around this time
Memories doing some shots for Ole Anderson in Georgia
How did you wind up back in Texas
Is it true that you booked your guys’ programs
Memories of the program between you and Chris Adams and Kevin Von Erich
Why was their friction between you and Ken Mantell
Memories of working with Abdullah
Memories of the Freebirds
Are you surprised Michael Hayes is one of Vince’s top guys in the WWE today
Memories of Brody
Bobby Heenan and Nick Bockwinkel have both said in regards to Brody that he could be bad for business, your thoughts on that
Did you ever attempt to work for either Vince
How did you wind up in WCW
What were your initial impressions of the territory
Memories managing Al Perez
What happened to him, it seemed as a fan he just disappeared one day
Was he in line for a run with Flair
Did you see the tension behind the scenes between Flair and Dusty
Memories managing Larry Zbysko
How did things change after Dusty left
Do you think Flair saw you as one of Dusty’s guys and treated you different
Memories/thoughts on Jim Herd
Memories managing Terry Funk
Who put the J Tex Corp together
Memories of a young Muta
Memories of a young Sting
Memories of Lex Luger
Were you surprised at the huge success he became in Japan
Funk has said that Flair was instrumental to killing their program, do you agree
What were the ramifications of the night you and Terry put the bag over Flair’s head on TBS
In your meeting with executives, was your run years earlier when you got fired in Georgia brought up
How hot do you think WCW could have gotten at this time
A lot of people argue that this time period of 1989 was the hottest period ever in WCW until the NWO era, do you agree
How much booking did you do during this time
Did you ever find any issues of jealousy between you and other managers like Cornette, Heyman, or Humperdink
Memories of Buzz Sawyer’s brief run in WCW
How did you wind up leaving
What was the project you and Chris Adams did together, World Class II
You disappeared from mainstream wrestling for awhile, what did you do during that time
How did you wind up in MLW
Do you think it had potential
Why do you think it didn’t work
Were you surprised that Court Bauer would later go on to write for the WWE
How did your son Chad get into the business
Is he still involved
Some good road stories
What do you think is missing from today’s wrestling
Who is the smartest man you ever worked with
You once said you made a mistake by not managing Leon White, could you tell that story
Who today that you have watched do you think you could have made a lot of money with in your prime managing
Who were your favorite and least fav guys to manage
Was there anyone you were put with that you just absolutely hated
Bobby Heenan tells a story of his first night managing Missing Link and Link expecting him to be his real manager, did you ever have that happen to you
Could a territory work today
If Brody was alive, how do you think his career would have went up to this point
Are you surprised Abdullah still wrestles
Can you talk about Gentelman’s Choice
What do you think happened to Gino Hernandez
Does it bother you that they stick less talented women in those roles today
Can a male manager get over today
Thoughts on the Benoit family tragedy
What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest
Are you surprised that Dusty’s kid made it while Flair’s kid didnt
What do you think of all of the attention in the media now on wrestling in regards to drugs
Does the lack of kayfabe today surprise or bother you
Thoughts on newsletters
Have you been contacted over the last several years for an appearance here and there by the WWF
What do you think is the biggest missing ingredient from the wrestlers on the independents
Would you like to go into the WWF Hall of Fame
Are you surprised that Flair and Hogan are still active wrestlers
Is there anyone that made it that surprised you and is there anyone who didn’t make it who you thought would
Do you still watch wrestling
Favorite Ribs
Do you want to write another book
What advice do you have for aspiring managers
Any regrets