Gary Wolfe Shoot Interview

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The mystery continues to unravel about the story of Extreme Championship Wrestling. RF Video has been diligent over the last decade in bringing you that story. RF Video has featured interviews with various key players throughout the Extreme era. It is with great honor that RF Video brings you back to the beginning with an Extreme icon, “Pitbull” Gary Wolfe.

Gary Wolfe was one of the key eras in ECW’s expansion from Eastern Championship Wrestling to the extreme conglomerate of the 1990s. Gary Wolfe was one of the first true utility players in ECW, making an impact in the tag team division and the singles division as a former ECW television champion. If there were stories to tell, Gary Wolfe is the man to tell them all.

Wolfe talks about all of his legendary angles and matches from ECW. Wolfe talks about the legendary tag team title win over Raven and Stevie Richards. Wolfe also talks about the Pitbulls in-ring and out of the ring rivalries with Public Enemy, the Eliminators, the FBI, the Gangstas, RVD and Sabu, and more. If you are looking for someone to take the high road, it won’t be Gary Wolfe. Wolfe is brutally honest in documenting his extreme past.

Wolfe also opens up about the most realistic angle of his career. Only a few men have suffered the horrors of having their necks broken in a wrestling match. Gary Wolfe talks about the night he broke his neck against Shane Douglas. How did it happen? Does he hold Shane responsible? Does he hold Paul Heyman and ECW responsible? What did he think of turning a real-life nightmare into a wrestling angle? How did it impact his future in ECW? Wolfe opens up about the biggest struggle of his career and his life.

Wolfe also talks the struggles of keeping the Pitbulls together, while his partner enjoyed a singles push. Wolfe and Anthony Durante virtually disappeared from ECW for a brief time. What happened during that time period? Are the rumors of drugs and organized crime true? Wolfe opens up for the first-time ever on record ab out all of the urban legends surrounding the Pitbulls. Wolfe also opens up about the frustrations and broken promises of the Pitbulls’ return to ECW.

Wolfe lost his partner Anthony Durante several years back. There are many rumors and myths surrounding his death. Wolfe opens up the book on his partner in and out of the ring. What does Wolfe really think happened? Was there a cover up? How emotionally difficult was it for him to lose someone so close to him? Wolfe also discusses drug use and abuse in the pro wrestling industry as related to this unfortunate incident.

Wolfe is outspoken about the WWE’s resurrection of ECW. What were the pressures of working on One Night Stand and Hardcore Homecoming? What were his expectations from both? Can Gary Wolfe still make an impact in ECW in 2009? Why did the ECW-reunion tour fail? What were the differences in wrestling Shane Douglas years later? Wolfe is very opinionated about ECW and he is not afraid to anyone when dissecting his true love.

Wolfe also talks about life after ECW. Wolfe has been an integral part of the independent in Philadelphia. Wolfe breaks down all of the major independents and offers his opinions on them. What was it like training the Wifebeater? How involved is he with PWU? What happened to the Xtreme Fight Club? Who are the stars of the independents according to Gary Wolfe? Wolfe breaks down the generation divide and accesses the 2009 state of the indepenents and the next future of stars.

Fans of ECW will absolutely love hearing the trials and tribulations of a true extreme ground breaker. Wolfe breaks down the cliques, the politics, the partying, the good, the bad, and the ugly of ECW. Trust us when we tell you, this is the story of ECW that you won’t hear anywhere else. It is with great honor that RF Video presents a history lesson in extreme with the original Pitbull, Gary Wolfe.

How did you break into the business
What were your life plans before wrestling
Who did you enjoy watching growing up
Memories meeting Larry Sharpe
How did you hook up with Anthony
What was the NJ/PA indy scene like when you broke in
How did you wind up going to Memphis
Memories of Memphis
Thoughts on Lawler and Jarrett
Was the travel tough
Memories working for Joel Goodhart
How did you wind up working early on for the WWF
Memories of wrestling the Brain Busters
Memories of wrestling the Hart Foundation
Memories of matches with the Powers of Pain
Memories of Vince McMahon
How were you guys treated by the locker room
Did any vets take you under their wings
How were you contacted about coming into ECW
You came to ECW without Anthony, why
Memories of meeting with Pau l Heyman early on
Memories of wrestling Taz in the Dog Collar Match
Was ECW cliquish
How did you get friendly with Tod
Early memories of Sandman
Memories of matches with Taz and Sabu
Memories of matches with the Rottens
Memories wrestling Jimmy Snuka
How did you wind up working for WING
Memories of Victor Quionnes
Did you like the style
Do you think the fact you had so much going outside of ECW hurt your push
Memories of wrestling Hot Body and Stetson
Memories of the night Sabu didn’t show up for the 3 Way Dance
Memories of matches with Public Enemy
Did Paul help you develop your promos
Memories of matches with the Eliminators
Did you like being paired with Francine
Did you or Anthony date Francine
Memories of matches with the Dudleys
Memories of your infamous tables match with Stevie and Raven
Why was it so good
What did it mean to you to get the belts
What happened the night Shane broke your neck
Did you know it was broken
Do you think it could have been prevented or was it just dumb luck
Do you blame Shane
Did Paul take care of you while you were gone
How tough was it on you mentally not to be able to work out or wrestle
Did you fear for your spot as a tag team when Anthony was pushed as a singles wrestler
You guys disappeared from ECW for awhile. What happened
There were rumors that it had something to do with a bad drug deal. Is that true
Did you stay in touch with Paul and Tod during that time
How different were things when you came back
What happened in Queens between Anthony and New Jack
Your memories wrestling the Gangstas
Did you like the ECW style
Did you look at ECW as long term or short term
Any good road stories
Was it frustrating early on to not have a bigger role in ECW
Do you think Taz became a bit of a bully or he was just trying to stay into character at times
Memories of some of the ECW riots
How did you guys come up with the Super Bomb
Memories wrestling the Bruise Brothers
What happened in your tryout match with the WWE against the Headbangers
What kind of feedback did you get from the office
Were you involved in Tod’s deal to jump to WCW
Do you think Tod got a fair shake in ECW
What led to you finally leaving ECW
Axl Rotten says there were two ECWs. The early ECW and then the second ECW post 1998 and that was more or less a fake ECW. Do you agree
Memories wrestling in FMW
Memories wrestling in NOAH
Did you think your full time wrestling career was over after ECW
Were you surprised ECW went out of business
Do you think it could have survived
Could ECW work today
How did you get involved with the ECW angle at CZW’s Cage of Death
Why didn’t you guys come back
Memories training the Wifebeater
John Zandig of CZW told a story about you trying to hold him up for more money with a ring rental years ago. Is that true
How did you get involved in 3PW
Thoughts on Jasmine
Do you think 3PW could have been bigger
What did it mean to you be their champion
Favorite matches in 3PW
Memories wrestling Terry Funk
Memories of 3PW matches against Raven
How did you hear about Anthony
Are you surprised
Some people suspect foul play, do you
Do you think you and Anthony would have resurrected the team for a final big run
Was his death the one that surprised you the most
Whos idea was it to team you and Mike Kruel as Pitbulls 2000
Who were some of you favorite guys to work with on the independents
Why do you think 3PW didn’t work
How were you contacted about Hardcore Homecoming
How were you contacted about One Night Stand
Did you expect a bigger part
Was there a separation backstage between WWE and ECW guys
Did you get any heat from Harcore Homecoming’s promoters or the WWE for working for both
Are you surprised that there was such a big ECW following in 2005
What happened to the Xtreme Fight Club deal with Tod
Memories of your matches with Shane
Was he hard to work with at that stage of his career
Why do you think the tour outside of Philly didn’t draw
Did you expect to be a part of WWE’s new ECW brand when the TV show launched
How did you get involved in PWU
PWU grew big in 2007. What happened
Why did it crash so fast
What was your reaction when Kid Kash and Jamie Noble called themselves the Pitbulls
You went on some radio show and shot on Raven before a match and he didn’t show up. What happened?
Did you guys bury the heat
Thoughts on Johnny Kashmere as a promoter
Thoughts on getting involved with the ICP
What happened with the Sandman at Lou Albano’s party
Were you surprised to see Larry Winters back involved
Is it hard to make a living on the indys in 2009
What do you think about the indys in 2009
Did you ever have any talks with TNA
What is life like after wrestling
Do you think the Pitbulls ever got the opportunity that you deserverd
What do you remember about seeing yours elf in Rolling Stone
Do you think that tag team wrestling is a dying breed
How did you get into hosting a talk show
Thoughts on the Iron Sheik
Thoughts on the Chris Benoit Family Tragedy
Is there a problem with drugs in wrestling
Thoughts on MMA
Do you have any advice for guys breaking in today
Would you want to write a book
Thoughts on The Wrestler
Do you still have a passion for the business