Gene Snitsky Shoot Interview

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Every wrestling fan dreams of the day that they get to walk down the aisle at WrestleMania. Thousands have tried, and only a few have made it. RF Video had the golden opportunity to talk to someone who successfully achieved that dream. You may know him by one name, and that name is Snitsky. RF Video is proud to present to you our newest shoot interview with Gene Snitsky.

Snitsky’s story is a fascinating and an inspirational one. Snitsky is one of a few rare breed of wrestlers who jumped from the NFL to pro wrestling. Snitsky talks in depth about his background in football leading up to pro wrestling. Snitsky tells a really fun recruiting story that didn’t work out in his favor. Snitsky continues a relationship with his line coach in college who is now one of the most successful NFL head coaches in the game. Who is it and what kind of influence did he have on Snitsky?

Snitsky tells his story about a chance meeting that turned into his first world tour in pro wrestling. Snitsky talks about training with the same man who trained Mickey Rourke, WWE Hall of Famer Afa the Wild Samoan. What does Snitsky think of the Samoans? How big of an influence is Afa in his career to this day? How difficult was the training and how did it compare to the NFL? Snitsky has some great stories about his foray into pro wrestling.

Snitsky also talks about the long road to the WWE. Snitsky talks about all of the jobs he took in order to pay the bills as he pursued his dream. Did he ever get frustrated? Snitsky talks about his days on the independents and the cast of characters he met. Who tried to help him and who tried to cash in on him? Snitsky hears a story for the first time about a big local promotion that wanted him, but was told by someone that they had to book others to get him. Snitsky had no idea until now and you will see his reaction first hand in the interview.

Snitsky talks about his tryout match to get into the WWE. Did he like it? Snitsky also goes into detail about his time in OVW. What did Snitsky think of Jim Cornette? What happened when someone tried to rib him on his first weekend? What was the most difficult thing about training in OVW? Who did he enjoy wrestling and who helped him most at this time?

Everyone waits for “the call.” Snitsky talks about getting that call to appear on RAW for the first-time. Who did he tell? Snitsky takes us through his entire first day at RAW. What were his initial impressions of Kane? Who worked with Snitsky early on? Who did he spend the most time with doing promos? What did he learn working every night with Kane and how did it impact him later on?

Snitsky talks about working with all of the WWE’s top stars. Snitsky has opinions and thoughts on everyone from Triple H to Randy Orton. Snitsky has a great story about the first time he worked with John Cena on RAW. What wrestler consoled an upset Snitsky after Snitsky thought he was going to get fired? Why did he think he’d get fired? Who did he ride with? Along with the stories in the ring, come the fun travel stories outside of the ring.

Snitsky is most known for some outrageous gimmicks and angles. What was the story behind that odd angle with John Heidenreich? Who came up with the foot fetish idea? What kind of crazy fan experiences did he encounter while doing the gimmick? Who came up with the yellow teeth? What was Vince McMahon’s first reaction to the yellow teeth? Snitsky has some great stories here about how all of these crazy ideas started and ended.

Snitsky also talks about going from RAW main-events to the sidelines. How frustrated was he? Was he happy to be there or did he want more? Who did Snitsky approach with ideas? What does he think of the writers? Can someone make their own opportunities in the WWE? What conversation occurred that likely led to the end of Snitsky in the WWE? Snitsky is very revealing when recapping the ups and downs in his WWE tenure.

Snitsky also answers some tough questions. What does he think of Internet writers that criticize his work? Does he read news sites? Snitsky addresses some recent rumors. Snitsky also gives some candid and controversial thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy. Snitsky was close to Chris, and gives an opinion that is bound to get you talking after you hear it. Like him or not, he is brutally honest when talking about this horrific tragedy.

RF Video will bring you a side to Snitsky you have never seen. This is a rare opportunity to find out all of the gossip about all of the big stars on your television screen. From 20 fans in Allentown to millions on Monday night, Snitsky recounts it all. It is with great pleasure that RF Video brings you the Gene Snitsky Shoot Interview.

How did you get started
What was the training like
Did you pick it up easy with your background
Can you talk about your football background
Any good recruiting stories when you were in college
Were you a big wrestling fan
Memories of your first matches
Thoughts on Afa and WXW
Memories training with Dory Funk
Memories of wrestling for Moose and Rocco in Levittown
Moose was contacted by CZW for your information in 2002 for a spot as Wifebeater’s brother. Moose refused to put CZW in touch with you unless he was booked as part of the deal. Did you know about that?
Memories of the Twin Tackles
Memories touring the Middle East
Memories of matches with Mana on the indys
How come you never hooked up with the bigger local indys – JAPW, CZW, ROH
How did you wind up in OVW
Memories teaming with Mike Mondo
Thoughts on working with Paul Heyman in OVW
Memories of your tryout match with Tommy Suede
How appro achable were the guys when you had your tryout
Initial impressions of Vince
Did anyone offer advice
How did you find out you were called up to the main roster
Did you feel ready
What advice did your trainers in OVW give you
How were you received by the locker room
Did anyone rib you early on
Who’s idea was it to put you with Kane early on
Memories of matches with Kane
How was he with you since you were young at the time
Memories of working with Lita
Thoughts on Brian Gerwitz
Memories teaming with the heavy hitters at the time Triple H, Batista, and Edge in a RAW main event
You did a weird angle with Heidenreich that was somewhat homo-erotic. Did you have any apprehensions about that
What did you learn during your long feud with Kane
How involved was Vince with the program
Memories of matches with Undertaker
Who did you ride with and work out with
How did life change for you when you got called up to the main roster
What happened when20you got the blood clot
Did you fear for your job
Memories of matches with Chris Benoit
Was he hard on you
Thoughts on the family tragedy
How hard did the locker room take it
Thoughts on working with Eric Bischoff in those angles
Memories working with Edge
Who’s idea was the foot fetish gimmick
Did you like it
Did you ever get any heat from your family for any of the angles
Did you start getting weird mail or anything from girls that believed in the angle
Memories teaming with Tomko
Memories of matches with Big Show
When did you get confident that you could hold your own and you weren’t the new guy anymore
Who helped you with your promos
Thoughts on John Cena
Thoughts on Triple H
Memories working with him
Memories teaming with Goldust
Did you like working on the ECW brand
Memories of matches with CM Punk
Memories of matches with Bob Holly
Memories of matches with Rob Van Dam
Thoughts on Sabu
Thoughts on newsletters in wrestling
Memories of matches with Batista
Memories of matches with Shelton Benjamin
Memories teaming with Chris Masters
Did you have any issues with selling for young guys like Jeff Hardy
Thoughts on The Wrestler movie
How did the teeth gimmick come about
Did you really dye your teeth
How did your family react
Do you regret it now
Did you feel pressure to do steroids
How did the Wellness Policy change after the Benoit tragedy
Thoughts on Randy Orton
Thoughts on Ric Flair
Thoughts on Shawn Michaels
What is the party scene like
Favorite road stories
Thoughts on Joey Styles punching JBL
How did you find out about your release
Why do you think it happened
You just came back. Was it a one shot deal
Thoughts on Stephanie McMahon
Do you think you will be back
Any talks with TNA
Any talks with New Japan
Would you consider MMA
Is it hard to mentally adjust to life after the WWE
Would you ever write a book
Fav matches in the WWE
Least fav matches in the WWE
Fav ribs
Did you see anyone crack on the road
Do you have any desire to go into football as a coach or analyst
Can you rate yourself as a worker
Does it bother you when someone like a newsletter takes shots at you for being a bad worker
Thoughts on John Laurenitus
What are you doing with your free time now
Is it true that you were hanging out at TNA this past weekend
Any chances of you starting there