Glamour, Glitz & Divas- The Untold Story of American Women Wrestling

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Much like Life In The Fast Lane, this DVD is a compilation documentary of some of RF Videos extensive history.  This time our producers are tackling the subject of Women’s wrestling. The stories of the trials and tribulations of being a woman in a prominently male dominated industry are extensive.  Not only do women in professional wrestling have to overcome the doubts of the boys and proving they belong, but sometimes one of their own can be their own worst enemy when fighting for credibility.

Listening to the likes of the Faboulous Moohlah, Mae Young, Talia, April Hunter, Gorgeous George, Joanie Laurer, Ryan Shamrock, Jackie Gayda, Sherri Martel, Tammy Sytch, Missy Hyatt, Francine, Baby Doll, Jasmine St Claire, and so many more sharing their stories is very interesting.  Take a trip back and see the differences between women like Sherri Martel starting in the sport compared to today’s women wrestlers such as Kimona.  Find out what training was like for ladies such as Talia Madison compared to the training (or lack there of) that Dana Dameson took part in.  Do ladies have the same pressure of alcohol and drugs in the business as the men do?  Do they have to fight amongst themselves for supremacy and spots in a company that aren’t as readily available as they are for men?  What happens when a relationship leaves the ring and goes back to the home and how bad does love really hurt?

On top of these exclusive stories is full fledged matches featuring some of the top independent wrestling woman of our time including Mercedes Martinez vs. Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Ray vs. Nikki Roxx and many more!