Got Heat? Documentary

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The brain trust of RF VIDEO – the innovators of wrestling shoots – went into the think tank and came out with another extraordinary production that is guaranteed to have wrestling fans worldwide talking. GOT HEAT is exciting new look at some of wrestling’s most legendary feuds. Broken up into two separate discs, GOT HEAT first allows viewers to form their own opinion on some of wrestling’s hottest feuds and stories after both sides give their side of the argument. On the second disc, we throw out the rulebook and give one side carte blanche on airing whatever grievance they may have. This is an exclusive look at the backstage battles over the years that have had everyone in, and out, of the industry talking!

Disc one (Two Sides of the Story) will show the viewer two sides of some of the most controversial feuds in wrestling. Paul Orndorff and Vader. The Nasty Boys and Hall & Nash. Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson. Jim Cornette and Vince Russo. Just seeing those names is going to whet the appetite of every true wrestling fan, but we also have six more feuds on the disc! Both parties say what they want to say, completely uncensored, giving you the unique opportunity to decide who is right, and who is full of it!

Disc two (Pulling No Punches) is as one sided as a wrestling squash match. On this disc we give free reign to the wrestlers to vent out whatever is they have to release. We got some doozies here as Bruno Sammartino lets Vince McMahon have it. The New Age Outlaws bury Triple H. The Mountie gives his thoughts on the British Bulldogs. Bad News Brown lays down the law on Bret Hart. Bret Hart on Ric Flair! Chyna on Triple H! That’s an amazing list right there, but we have ten, that’s right, TEN more wrestlers releasing their fury! You have never, EVER seen anything like this before!

Part 1 (Two Sides Of The Story)
1) Paul Orndorff vs Vader-
2) Ken Shamrock vs The Nasty Boys
3) The Nasty Boys vs Hall and Nash
4) Sid Vicious vs Arn Anderson
5) The Dudleyz vs New Jack
6) Roddy Piper vs Vince Russo
7) Cornette vs Russo
8) The Nasty Boys vs Hall and Nash
9) Demolition Breaks Up
10) Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels

Part 2 (Pulling no Punches)
1) Bruno Sammartino on Vince
2) Outlaws on HHH
3) Sunny on Sable
4) Billy Jack Haynes on Crush
6) Mountie on Bulldogs
7) Bad News On Bret
8) Road Warriors on Vince
9) Iron Sheik on everyone
10) Dr. D
11) Manny Fernadez on Tully
13) Koko on Steve Keirn
14) Ricky Morton on Nash
15) Chyna on HHH
16) Bret on Flair