Hardcore Reunion Q&A 3/27/09 Allentown, PA

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Four of the most legendary figures in the history of ECW sat down at the Hardcore Reunion for one night only to give their definitive thoughts on working in one of the most influential wrestling companies of all time and it was all captured by RF Video. Terry Funk, Raven, Shane Douglas, and Kid Kash all sat down for a lengthy Q & A session hosted by Bill Apter and the good folks of RF Video have captures this historic occasion for our loyal customers.

Funk, Raven, Douglas, and Kash all discuss their feelings about working in ECW and tell you what it was like to work with Paul Heyman. This Q & A sessions is also an education all on one disc about the pro wrestling business with all four men talking about the biggest happenings in ECW. What was Kurt Angle’s reaction to Raven’s crucifixion Angle? What were Funk and Douglas’s thoughts on their infamous three-way dance with Sabu? What was it like working in front of the rabid ECW fans? All four men answer these questions in great detail.

Do you want to know why pro wrestling is in the state it’s in today? Look no further than here as Funk, Raven, Douglas, and Kash talk in detail about what goes in to working a crowd and building an angle. What was it like on that road and backstage? These four ECW legends have so many road stories, you’ll feel like you were there living out the glory days of ECW with them as they discuss the art of working and selling to a wrestling audience.

That’s not all. Just when you think this Q & A session was over, Scott Hall comes on the scene and gives his thoughts on working with Funk, Douglas, Raven, and Sabu. Is Hall going to go back to rehab on Vince’s dime? Find out right here! Hall also discusses his side of what went down at the Iron Sheik Roast! What are you waiting for? Get your ECW education right here in one of the most comprehensive looks at the company ever released.

What are you doing now
What was good about working with Paul Heyman
Heyman’s personality
Funk story about NWA Title
What was bad about working with Heyman
Douglas split with Heyman
Have Douglas and Heyman spoken since the split
Funk on good and bad side of Heyman
Heyman and pop culture
What is hardcore wrestling
Funk’s ability to do something different
Did you have to run ideas by Heyman before you did them
Who did Heyman give freedom creatively
Did you have creative freedom in TNA
When did you know ECW was something special
Did everyone try to top each other in ECW and have the best match
Wrestlers on Nitro and Raw copying ECW wrestlers
Thoughts on what Vince has done with the ECW name
Paul Heyman’s relationship with Vince McMahon while running ECW
Were you aware of McMahon’s involvement with ECW
Thoughts on Todd Gordon
Gordon’s role in ECW
Gordon’s relationship with the Sandman
Gimmick matches you didn’t look forward to
Raven vs. Sandman first barbed wire match
Douglas’s memories of being injured in a match against Funk
Thoughts on effects of chairshots to the head over the years
Giving fans their money’s worth at ECW Arena
Thoughts on fan involvement during shows at ECW Arena
Were you offended by the fans
How did you deal with Bischoff and McMahon’s vision of wrestling during that time
Effect of bookers playing to the internet audience
Drugs in the ECW dressing room
Impact of being on the road
Thoughts on Benoit
Dealing with family pressure while being on the road
Dealing with fans in public places
Who came up with the crucifixion angle
Investing in your own gimmick
Who was bothered by the crucifixion angle
Is there still backlash from it
Memories of working in Allentown, Pa.
Getting sued by fans
Did anyone ever get hurt from fans throwing things
Who was your favorite opponent in any promotion
The art of working
Influence of Benoit on workers coming into the business
The art of selling
Disinterest of fans at WWE shows
Belief of characters in wrestling
Advantage of being a heel
What goes into having a great match
Who should be on top
Favorite road stories and ribs
What do you plan to do after you’re done with wrestling
Who’s idea was it to work Gary Wolfe’s broken neck into the storyline
Fan heat on Douglas and Francine
Douglas at the chiropractor
Funny story about cops backstage
Funk’s thoughts on being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame
What will Funk say in his WWE HOF speech
What are Funk’s top memories in wrestling
What do you want written on your gravestone
Hall’s thoughts on doing jobs
What happened at Iron Sheik Roast with Hall incident
Will Raven and Tommy Dreamer renew their feud before he retires
Will Scott Hall go to rehab
Hall’s memories on wrestling Funk in Texas
Hall’s memories of working with Funk in Puerto Rico
Hall’s thoughts on Douglas’s impact on the business
Stories about working with Hall
Raven’s memories of working in Florida