Harley Race Shoot Interview

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This interview was conducted in the RF Video offices with this former 7 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Harley talks about all of his world title reigns including great stories about Dusty Rhodes, Terry & Dory Funk, The Briscos, Ric Flair & tons of other wrestling legends. Harley also discusses all of the different territories he has wrestled in throughout the world including St. Louis, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Mid-Atlantic and every other territory that virtually ever existed. Hear a great story on how Harley confronted Hulk Hogan in the early days at a show in Kansas City when the WWF was taking over all of the territories, including his own. This legend also talks about his tours of Japan working for All Japan Pro Wrestling. Hear if he liked his stay in the WWF as the King of Wrestling, and what his opinion of Vince McMahon is now. Hear all of the stories about when he was in the WCW as the manager of Vader. Relive the night when Cactus Jack received the concussion from Vader plus also hear Harleys take on the Sid-Arn Anderson stabbing incident. Harley also views his opinions about the state of pro wrestling today.