Harry Smith Wrestling Seminar

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Are you ready to get in the ring with a second generation superstar.  Harry Smith is the son of the late legendary pro wrestling Davey Boy Smith who was once tag team partners with the Dynamite Kid to form one of wrestling’s top tag teams the British Bulldogs.  To say the apple does not fall far from the tree is a understatement.  Harry Smith brings a new twist from our In the Ring seminars as he brings a training twist of stuff he has learned from all over the world to this DVD including some training techniques that he learned in the infamous Stu Hart dungeon.Harry Smith started the seminar getting the class of eager young students to pair up and face each other in a short serious of wrestling matches.  Harry had the students do a lot of chain wrestling just to see their flaws on doing some of the most basic exercises. Harry stayed in the ring with the students during their bouts and was quick to stop them to point out any mistakes that they might have been making.  Harry not only would correct them on what they were doing wrong but Harry also showed them many alternative ways that they can execute the same maneuvers that just would make more sense.


The highlight of this DVD was Harry showing them stuff he had learned over the years from his mentors in Japan and Calgary from simple lock ups and a variation of easy submissions that they could apply thru out a match.  If you want to see who could make it or die trying this is a great DVD as Harry had the class try to get thru a series of hard drills from stretching exercises to very hard looking push ups.  Do you want to learn how to protect your neck from taking a German Suplex, well Harry shows you ways you can strengthen your neck during this DVD.

If your just trying to get in shape, I found this DVD to be very helpful as he had a lot of advice on exercises  that you could use during your daily workouts to improve your body.  Harry also spent some time answering the students questions that they might have had.  One of the highlights was a student trying to perfect Davey Boy Smiths finisher and you will see the outcome of that during this DVD!

As an added bonus we have also included Harry Smith’s match from later in the night against Alex Reynolds from the PWS House Party 5 event!