Hayabusa Shoot Interview

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“The bird that never dies”

Direct from the land of the rising sun comes one of the most influential wrestlers of the last decade. A masked legend, who – despite being wheelchair bound – could possibly rise up like the phoenix he portrayed in FMW during the 1990s. A star in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and America, where he wrestled on the ECW Heatwave ’98 PPV. The high flying innovator of the Phoenix Splash and Falcon Arrow, and inspiration for many of the young high flyers in wrestling today. A career tragically cut short on October 22, 2001, when everything changed for this man after he was tragically paralyzed during a match. FMW Brass Knuckles Heavyweight, Brass Knuckles Tag Team, Independent Heavyweight, and 6 Man Street Fight Champion. WEW World Heavyweight, Tag Team, and 6 Man Tag Team Champion, and one time All Japan All Asian Tag Team Champion sits down with RF VIDEO for a historical and moving shoot interview. Wrestling fans, this is Hayabusa, and we are proud to present a very special RF VIDEO shoot…

For the first time, learn about Hayabusa and his entire career from the man himself. Some people have called him the Japanese version of Sabu and we would agree with the simularity between the two. However, there is only one true Hayabusa. FMW fans, the franchise of the company finally talks and you must listen to his words. Any question that you had about FMW’s glory days will be answered. Witness the topics we touched upon with this great man: Atsushi Onita, Sabu and his mentor The Sheik, the incredible feud with Mike Awesome, barbed wire matches, changes in FMW from the 1990s on, the legendary hardcore matches, the high flying action of the J-cup (94), wrestling in Mexico, Jushin Liger’s influence, training with the legendary Tarzan Goto, the Hayabusa gimmick, wearing the mask and what it was like to put it on for the first time, influences, dealing with his small size, working opening matches, Mr. Ganasuke, FMW’s rep for being a garbage company, Mr. Pogo, Kawasaki Stadium, Terry Funk, FMW after Onita, the classic W*ING vs. FMW feud, “Mr. Liar’s” return, Real World Tag League, WEW, ECW, Rob Van Dam, The H, Darkside Hayabusa, WMF the deaths of Fuyuki and Arai, Kobashi, AJPW, Jinsei Shinzaki, and so much more. Every hardcore Japanese wrestling fan is going to want to get their hands on this scorching hot shoot!

Habayusa recalls behind the scenes stories of FMW, including the Yakuza taking the entire locker room hostage after Tiger Jeet Singh hit a member of the Japanese mob. Habayusa gives his thoughts on Onita returning to FMW, and the change when Koyo Fuyuki took over and changed FMW’s style to resemble sports entertainment. Along the way, learn about the backstage politics behind the FMW promotion, political maneuvering by Victor Quenonies, and the evolution of his character thru the career.

Listen as Hayabusa recounts the most memorable moments of his career including the May 5, 1995 Exploding Ring Barbwire Cage Death match against Atsushi Onita in front 58,250 fans at the Kawasaki Stadium and May 5, 1996 with Masato Tanaka against Mr. Pogo & Terry Funk in a classic No-Rope Barbed Wire Electric Current Mine Explosion Double Hell Time Bomb Tornado Tag Team Death match. Go in-depth with Hayabusa on these classics and several more big matches of the mans career.

And of course, the fateful moment in the Korakuean Hall as Hayabusa attempted an Asai Moonsault on Mammoth Sasaki, slip on the rope and falling dircting on his head, ending his career, and becoming paralyzed and nearly dying in the ring. Learn the firsthand details on his recovery, his life today, and his thoughts on the business today. This is one incredible shoot and one of RF VIDEO’s finest hours with a true legend in Puroresu.

Tryout for FMW in 1990 and only being 160 lbs. but only going because his childhood friend Mr. Gannosuke was going and he went just because he was going.
How him and Mr. Gannosuke were the only 2 to survive the tryout from Tarzan Goto.
How he was a quick learner.
How he wasn’t to impressed by Onita and how FMW’s initial low level as a company didn’t matter to him, as he just concentrated on his ability to improve as he really didn’t think he belonged as a wrestler because of his small size.
How he worked the opening match in FMW for 3 years.
His first big match in FMW against the Original Sheik and a Japanese debuting Sabu.
How he got scared when he made initial eye contact with the Sheik.
How he became impressed with Onita as time went on as the company became bigger and more crazier.
How the media portrayed Ezaki ( Hayabusa) as a wrestler in a garbage company.
How Tiger Jeet Singh hit a yakuza member in the crowd and how the yakuza held the FMW locker hostage for 4 hours.
Memories of seconding Onita in the insane explosion and barbed wire matches.
How Original Sheik took him under his wing and called him his Japanese son.
Memories of Ezaki vs. Nakagawa from Kawasaki Stadium 1993.
How Onita sent Ezaki to Mexico in ’93.
How Hayabusa was born in Mexico and how difficult the transition was.
When Hayabusa made his Japanese debut at the original J-Cup ’94, how the promoters didn’t care if he wore the gimmick or if he wrestled as Ezaki.
His decision to wear the mask, changed the face of Japanese wrestling for the next decade.
How Ezaki didn’t even know the impact he made at the J-Cup, since he returned to Mexico the next day.
His FMW Hayabusa debut against Sabu.
His explosion match against Onita and how he was the new main event in Neo-FMW 1995.
How Victor Quinnones visited him in Mexico and tried to get him to skip FMW and come work for IWA Japan.
His matches against Mike Awesome, Terry Funk, Great Sasuke, Mr. Pogo and others.
How he resented Onita for returning to FMW and the main event, as he felt Onita thought he couldn’t draw as good as he could.
His tag match with Kobashi at Kawasaki Stadium ’97 and how it was semi final and was it a tryout for All Japan.
Tag teaming with Hakushi.
His series at The real World Tag Tournament ’97 in All Japan.
His ECW match against Sabu and RVD.
Teaming with Tanaka and why he didn’t get Tanaka’s ECW push.
FMW turning to Entertainment, and the deaths of Fuyuki and Arai.
Breaking his neck and exactly what happened in that fateful moment, very sad as Hayabusa almost sheds a tear.
How he thought he died in the ring that night.
His future and what he thinks of the business in Japan.
Plus alot more!