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Heath Slater tells all in his first ever RF VIDEO shoot interview and you have to buy this interview because we need to support him, HE HAS KIDS!!! Heath is one of the best story tellers we have sat down with. He had a smile on his face from start to finish talking about his trail in the wrestling business from day one until now.

We talked to Heath about his early start in the business in Georgia and how he got started working the indy scene which led him to Deep South wrestling. You will hear stories on how he was trained and who were some of the early workers that were in his training camp like Kenny Omega, Luke Gallows and so many more.

He was quickly picked up by WWE and sent to FCW as we talk to him all about his time in Florida training with all the WWE Superstars you see on TV today. Do you want to know what really went on behind the scenes in NXT and if it was all scripted? We talk all about the Nexus debut and the big angle that led to them taking over Raw and beating down some of the top WWE stars like John Cena and CM Punk. Was the Daniel Bryan firing a work or shoot, you decide.

We go into all of the angles and matches that he had with his Nexus team. We go into depth with his angle with Bret Hart and what that meant to him. What was it like working with John Cena and CM Punk? You will hear his thoughts on both men as we ask him some in depth questions about the two. We talk about all of the members of Nexus and what they were all like in and outside the ring.

Did he like being apart of the Corre group and we talk about his teaming with Justin Gabriel. Heath got to work with so many names in the company and of course who could forget about the Pipers Pit with Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter.

We get all the inside scoops on 3MB from the start of his run until the end of it with Drew and Jinder. What was it like working with Brock Lesnar and was he stiff. We had to ask about working with the Shield. We covered all of his major matches when he was apart of 3MB.

Want to hear how he handled when he found out that his friends were getting released we talk about that and how that made him feel. We also talk about some personal stuff as well including the false accusations made against him from a hotel security guard and his wellness failure. Heath was very and open about talking about this with us.

We talk about all of his storylines that he was involved with and we cover all of his major feuds too. How did he like being teamed with Rhyno and of course we talk about his trip to Saudi Arabia. There are so many stories during this interview with Undertaker, Randy Orton and the entire locker room. Just look at our set of questions and you know we covered them all.

You will hear all about how he was released and how he landed in Impact Wrestling. What is in the future for Heath Slater you have to hear it from the man himself in this amazing tell all interview that will leave you wanting more.

What was life like growing up in West Virginia?

What are your first memories of pro wrestling? Were you a fan growing up in the 80s and 90s?

Who were the talents or matches that you loved the most?

What made you decide to pursue the business?

Memories of training at the World Wrestling Alliance (WWA4) Wrestling School in Georgia?

What was training like for you? Was there a part of the business that it took you awhile to pick up?

Memories of working for NWA Anarchy early in your career

Memories of Bill Behrens

Was there anyone from the Georgia indy scene you are shocked never made a bigger splash nationally

How do you network and get WWE’s attention?

What was your WWE tryout experience like?

How different do you think your career would have been if you had to go through today’s version of the tryouts?

What’s that moment like for you when you find out you have earned a contract?

You get assigned to Deep South – what are your expectations of what the WWE developmental system will be vs. the reality of what it was like there?

Walk us through a week of what training was like in Deep South?

First impressions of Jody Hamilton?

First impressions of Bill DeMott?

Compare Deep South Wrestling to today’s WWE NXT system at the Performance Center?

Do you think Bill DeMott gets a bad wrap?

Do you think WWE should bring him back in some form?
Memories of the following from their time in Deep South:

Sonny Siaki
Luke Gallows
Tommy Suede
Eric Perez
Matt Striker
Bradley Jay
Francisco Ciatso
Big Bully Douglas
Derrick Neikirk
Mike Knox
Jon Bolen
Brian Cage
Kenny Omega
TJ Wilson
Robert Anthony

How was Mike Bucci as a boss when he was overseeing developmental?

Memories of the day Mike Bucci and Johnny Ace showed up to shut down DSW?

What was your reaction to being sent to Florida for FCW?

What were the differences between FCW and Deep South?

What do you think the legacy of Deep South in terms of its importance to WWE and developing talent should be?

Memories of managing as Heath Wallace Miller Esq in FCW? Who’s idea was that and why was that character named dropped?

Memories of hosting the Happy Hour in FCW events?

You did a program with Billy Kidman in FCW – memories of working with him? Were there any lessons learned from him?

Memories of feuding with Ted DiBiase Jr. in FCW for the Southern title?

Why do you think he opted to leave the business?

Memories of teaming with Steve Lewington?

Memories of the following from FCW –

Teddy Hart
Johnny Curtis
Puerto Rican Nightmares – Eddie Colon and Eric Perez
Joe Hennig
New Hart Foundation – Harry Smith and TJ Wilson
Tyler Reks
Justin Gabriel
Jake Hager
Vade Hansen
Nick Nemeth
Steve Lewington
Shawn Osbourne
Kofi Kingston
Mike Kruel
Alex Riley
Lance Hoyt
Ricky Ortiz
Alberto Banderas (Del Rio)
Wes Brisco
Richie Steamboat
Big E Langston
Bo & Duke Rotundo

Memories of teaming with Joe Hennig in FCW

When do you find out you are being brought to WWE NXT for the first season of the reality show version?

How much did they clue in the talents before the show?

Who was overseeing the series? How involved was Vince McMahon with NXT at that point? Was he personally guiding the show?

What’s it like trying to integrate into the WWE locker room? What are the biggest mistakes people make early on?

Memories of the first episode and being live on SyFy?

Thoughts on being paired with Christian as your Pro? Was he actually providing any advice or was that just a storyline thing?

Did anyone from the locker room try to offer any advice or assistance?

Did they keep you and the other NXT talents sequestered from the main roster?

How legitimate were the Pros voting on who was eliminated?

You got some pretty big wins while on the show, including beating Chris Jericho and Carlito – was there any sense of the main roster talents being jealous of the push the series and the NXT guys got?

Memories of –
Michael Tarver
Wade Barrett
David Otunga
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
Skip Sheffield aka Ryback

How hard were the physical challenges? Were you given any heads up in advance for them or time to practice?

Memories of winning the keg carrying contest?

Memories of wrestling Kane on NXT? What were your first impressions of him like? What made him such a great locker room leader?

Were you surprised when you were eliminated? What is a shoot vote?

When you are eliminated, are you still coming to TV or are you just back in developmental? Do they give you any idea if you have a future on the main roster or that there are plans for you?

Thoughts on Wade Barrett winning and Wade in general?

Walk us through the day the Nexus debuts?

When are you told what the plans are?

Arn Anderson is said to have been the one who helped lay that angle out – talk a bit about Arn as a mentor and Producer?

Memories of attacking John Cena and CM Punk at the end of that Raw?

The Nexus destroys the ring, the ring announcer, Jerry Lawler, etc. How much of that was improvised?

What was the reaction backstage after the angle was done?

Do you get any feedback from Vince McMahon or HHH?

What was your reaction when Daniel Bryan was fired for choking Justin Roberts with the tie?

Do you think losing Bryan took steam off the group right away?

There are some who think that entire firing was a work – your thoughts?

Memories of the angle the following week where Bret Hart is attacked by Nexus for refusing to give the group WWE contracts?

What sort of instructions are you given about doing anything physical with Bret given his health issues?

Memories of hitting the ring during the Fatal Four Way PPV?

Where did the Nexus name come from?

Why do you think Michael Tarver was cut from the company?

Memories of the Nexus laying out Ricky Steamboat and the other legends on Raw – Malenko, Arn, Hayes, etc.?

What was your reaction when you learned he was injured badly during the angle?

Some have blamed David Otunga for the injury – you were there – should anyone get blamed when someone is hurt?

Memories of working Summerslam 2010 in the big 7 vs. Elimination match?

During that bout, you got to eliminate Edge – what was he like to work with behind the scenes?

Same question – Chris Jericho.

What was the reaction in the locker room when Jericho left for AEW?

Daniel Bryan returned at Summerslam as part of Team Cena. What was your reaction when you found out he was back in the company?

Thoughts on the angle where Cena was forced to join the Nexus?

What was Cena like to work with at this point? There have been some who have argued John should have done more to get the group over during the feud? Would you agree with that or disagree?

Memories of teaming with Justin Gabriel against Cena and Otunga?

Thoughts on winning your first Tag Title?

Memories of your program against Santino and Kozlov – what were they like to deal with behind the scenes?

Thoughts on CM Punk being made the leader of Nexus? Obviously Punk is a controversial figure but what was he like dealing with behind the scenes? Did he try to help the boys?

Compare Punk to Cena in terms of how they were in the locker room, in terms of putting matches together, in terms of being leaders.

What was the locker room reaction to Punk walking out?

Are you surprised that six years later, he hasn’t returned to pro wrestling?

Why did WWE break the group away from Punk so soon and instead create the Corre?

What do you think went wrong that the Nexus lost so much momentum after such a first big hot angle?

As a worker, is there even a chance to voice your opinion if something isn’t going the way you think it should and if so, who do you go to? What is it like trying to get an audience with Vince or HHH? Have there been times where you’ve been able to get things changed for the better?

Back to the Corre, do you feel like group ever had The Nexus’ momentum?

You and Gabriel win the Tag titles again – what was he like as a Tag Team partner?

Memories of making your Wrestlemania in-ring debut at WrestleMania XXVII, the team of Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston defeated The Corre.

Walk us through what a Wrestlemania week is like for a WWE talent?

Ezekiel Jackson is added to the Corre – Memories of working with him?

Memories of working with Miz during the angle where you lose the tag belts to Miz & Cena but get them back when Miz turns on John?

Thoughts on the end of the Corre and how WWE handled it in such an anti-climactic way?

Memories of your program with Gabriel against the Usos?

Memories of working Money in the Bank for the Smackdown side in 2011 – walk us through what it’s like putting a match like that together and surviving such a crazy match with so many talents involved and so much that can go wrong?

Thoughts on the team with Gabriel splitting up and feuding?

You were suspended for a Wellness Policy violation on 10/17/11 – do you care to comment on what happened there?

Thoughts on the storyline where you issued challenges to legends leading up to Raw 1000?

How excited were you to work with those names?

Memories of working with –

Sid, DDP, Doink, Backlund, Animal, Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty and Vader?

Memories of the angle with you, Cyndi Lauper, Roddy Piper and Wendi Richter?

Were you ever worried that doing such an angle was burying you or is it all’s fair game in wrestling?

Memories of getting laid out by the APA and Lita on Raw 1000?

Who came up with the 3MB idea?

What was your relationship like with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal before the group was put together?

What was your response to the group being put together?

You were given a chance to be the focal point of the group early on – what did it mean that the company put that faith in you?

What are your favorite memories of that era?

What did Swoggle bring to the table for the group?

Memories of working with

Brodus Clay
Santino & Zack Ryder

Working at TLC against The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and the Brooklyn Brawler.

Memories of working with Drew in the NXT Tag Team title tournament, losing to Neville and Oliver

Memories of the angle where Brock laid out 3MB on Raw – what’s Brock like behind the scenes? Dio you think he gets a bad rep unfairly that he’s only out for himself.

Memories of 3MB working with The Shield.

Thoughts on

What are/were they like behind the scenes.

How did they change as they became top stars for the company.

Compare them to the previous leaders like Cena/Punk.

Memories of working with Team Hell No.

Memories of working with the Prime Time Players
Los Matadors

Thoughts on the Swoggle vs. Torito feud

Memories of the Wee-L-C match

Memories of working the first Andre the Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania XXX

WWE launched the WWE Nework in 2014 – how did the paydays change with WWE leaving PPV for the Network?

What was explained to the boys about how the business would change with the Network?

How would you compare your day in 2013 to 2014 after the Network launched?

Do you think WWE should pay the boys royalties for old content streaming?

What was your reaction to WWE releasing Drew and Jinder in 2014?

Were you relieved it wasn’t you released?

At the time, 3MB had been used as a very low level group of heels – do you blame WWE creative for that, yourselves, or outside factors?

When as a talent you feel yourself sliding downward in terms of push or importance, how do you handle that? How do you not get paranoid? Is there a way to approach the office without getting the rep of being a problem child?

You lost your partners – so when do you get the first indication of what WWE is going to do with you?

They tease a babyface turn for you, going against Rusev. Was that just a short angle to test the idea or just helping Rusev get over?

Memories and thoughts of Rusev and Lana?

Memories of working with rapper Flo Rida in WWE?

Memories of The Slator Gator team with Titus O’Nei

Adam Rose (why do you think his push fell apart) and the Bunny feid

In December 2014, an arrest warrant was issued for you for an incident that allegedly took place 3 years before where a security guard alleged you grabbed her in a chokehold and tried to drag her back to your hotel room. The charges are later dropped

What’s your reaction to all of this at the time? How do you approach WWE to tel then? How does WWE react?

You are pulled from TV as all this is going on. Are you worried you are going to lose your job?

How does this all get resolved?

Thoughts on the end of Slater Gator?

At this time, you are mostly working Main Event and WWE Superstars but you are probably getting more ring time than you would on Raw or Smackdown – is that a good tradeoff to being on the smaller shows?

Memories of the social outcasts group with Curtis Axel, Adam Rose and Bo Dallas. Who came up with the idea?

Memories of working with them?

Experiences working on Marine 5 for WWE Studios?

Memories of Wyatt Family vs. Social Outcasts

Memories of Enzo and Cass

Memories of the 2016 WWE Draft where everyone was drafted but you?

It was a great angle to set you apart – who came up with the idea

What was your reaction when you heard it

Were you hoping that finally they came up with something for you to do?

Where did the I Got Kids catchphrase and line come from? Did you ever expect it would last as long as it did?

The angle was that you kept losing your chances to earn a contract. What was your reaction to the We Want Slater chants during Summerslam 2016 and Raw? Were you worried you were going to get heat because you were getting too over?

Memories of Rhyno returning to WWE? Who came up with the idea of putting you together?

Talk about your friendship with Rhyno and what he’s meant to you?

Memories of winning the tag titles with him on Smackdown?

Was the plan for you always to end up on Smackdown when the Draft angle started?

Memories of working with Orton and Bray?

What’s Randy like behind the scenes and as a locker room leader?

You were sent from Smackdown to Raw. What were the differences in the brands behind the scenes, if at all?

Memories of working with:
Cesaro & Sheamus
Baron Corbin
Gallows & Anderson

Memories of going to Saudi Arabia for the Greatest Royal Rumble – talk us through what that trip is like?

Braun won that bout – memories of working with him

Memories of the angle where he and Rhino were forced to fight by Corbin and the loser was fired.

Corbin turning Slater into a referee for a bit. Thoughts on the angle

Memories of you and Rhino working against the returning Jinder and the Singh Brothers

Thoughts on Drew McIntyre’s return and success in the company

In June 2019 you win the 247 title for a second or so before losing it back to R-Truth. Thoughts on WWE using the undercard guys in the comedy roles with that title.

Memories of hosting WWE Game Night

The narrative is the WWE videogame payoffs are the best royalty check…would that be accurate?

Was it frustrating to work all year and then just be put into the Andre Battle Royal every Mania?

You are moved back to Smackdown. Thoughts on the few matches you had with Daniel Bryan there

How does WWE react to AEW being formed? The narrative is they lose it and rush to sign everyone to new deals – is that how you saw it and remember it?

Were you offered a new deal?

What was your reaction when the company called to tell you they were releasing you due to COVID-19?

Who let you know?

Do you think after 14 years, it should have been Vince or HHH to tell you personally?

Do you think it was fair they cut talents and then went on to have the most profitable quarter in the history of WWE?

What’s it like figuring out the future after being there for so long?

You returned for one last segment with Drew. You’ve said you initially didn’t even want to return – talk us through that process from the first time its pitched to you to the moment you are in the ring.

If that was your last ever WWE appearance, are you OK with that?

What leads to you coming to Impact?

Memories of hitting the ring and getting into it with Rohit Raju?

Reuniting with Rhino

Thought on the angle where you are trying to get signed

Memories of the Moose match

who are you excited about wrestling in Impact

are you signing there full time

is AEW a possibility

would you want to go to japan?

Ring of Honor or MLW on your checklist?

Eric Young said the WWE system is a broken one creatively- would you agree and what can be done to make it better?

What do you think makes Vince McMahon tick at this point

Do you think the company would be better off in HHH’s hands?

Memories of Undertaker?

Who’s out there you’d like a chance to work with in the ring?

would you ever want to get into the creative side of the business

talk about your wrestling school and how training can make you a better worker

would you ever want to write a book

favorite cities and arena to work in

best and worst travel stories

favorite ribs

final message to your fans?