Honky Tonk Man 2011 Shoot Interview

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It is around 365 days since the last time we sat down with by far the most outspoken professional wrestler of all time to take the RF VIDEO hot seat. There is nobody else in the pro wrestling world as opinionated at his man. There is nobody out there that can touch him when it comes to SHOOTING on interviews. Are you ready for the newest edition that is going to Shake, Rattle and Roll your brain. Well RF VIDEO is ready to give you the new 2011 edition of the RFVIDEO shoot interview with the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, The Honky Tonk Man!!!! 
Nobody is safe during HTM newest shoot interview with us. You know the interview is going to be good when one of the first sentences out of the HTM is “Im really on this TNA thing I am hammering the shit out of those fuckers” Hulk Hogan and TNA offices are one of HTM’s main targets in this interview. Wait until you hear what he has to say about the latest turmoil in the TNA offices. Sexual lawsuits, drugs, wife swapping are just a few subjects that he touches on. 
What about the latest rumors of Abby having hepatitis and we get an amazing story on what really went down behind closed doors with Abby and the WWE front offices when Abby was in GA for Mania. Including a never told story of what went down at the hotel with ABBY when WWE was in town. 
HTM takes us behind the scenes with his shoot interview with New Jack and the Iron Sheik and his Face Off DVD with Missy Hyatt. Look out Bubba the Love Sponge because HTM has some not so nice kind words for you. What are this thoughts on the Hardy Boys road to self destruction including Matts Youtube videos and Jeffs disastrous PPV match with Sting. HTM talks about his debut at Cauliflower Ally and takes some shots at Roddy Piper. 
What about Hulk Hogans latest lawsuits and his latest tribulations? Don’t worry HTM does net let the Hulkster off easy. We also talk all about his WWE run in the 80’s with never told stories on Randy Savage. This was shoot right before he passed away. We talk about drugs in the wrestling world and the shoot would not be complete without the HTM going off on a promoter that booked him. One of the best parts of the interview is when a fan asks the HTM a question and wait until you see the rise that it got from the HTM and how the HTM responds with an explosive tirade!!! One of our best interviews to date with the HTM.
Thoughts on our shoot with Missy Hyatt that he had done.
Current Wrestling scene
How the WWE is afraid of everything because of their PG product
Thoughts on the Rock coming back to the WWE
Thoughts on if Rock will ever really face Cena at Mania
Thoughts on booking that match a year in advance
Thoughts on John Cena and if HTM sees him as real talent
Does he think that WWE regular talent should be pissed that Snookie as featured in Mania
Does HTM ever see himself going into the WWE Hall of Fame
Thoughts on Abby being inducted into the WWE Hall of fame
Thoughts on Hogan saying Abby should not be in WWE Hall of Fame
HTM talks about the guy in Ohio  who tested positive for HIV and still wrestled in the ring.  HTM goes off on him hard core.
Thoughts on rumors of Abby having Hepatitis C
HTM talks about living the clean life style
What is exactly going on with the HTM and TNA
Talks about TNA’s workmans Comp lawsuits
Talks about Wife swamping in TNA
HTM talks about the Hogan and Friends Q+A Tour and what really happened on why he left the tour
HTM talks all about Bubba once again and updates us on his heat with him
Talks about Jimmy Harts falling out with Hogan and Bischoff
Talks about Bubba being fired from Sirius
Talks about Eric Bischoffs power in TNA and why he has that power
Talks about TNA new “wrestling” concept
Is Hogan leaving TNA in August and why Hogan has heat with TNA over working for other companies and doing the WWE video game
What does HTM think about WWE changing the name and getting rid of the word “wrestling”
Thoughts on Brian Knobbs
Talks about the Karen Angle scandal and what is going on in TNA and why Dixie Carters mom took over the company financially
Talks about the real life storyline between Kurt-Jeff and Karen and thoughts on it
Who in TNA can be the next big star

“TNA is nothing more than a glorified indy show that has TV”

How TNA was out drawn by a small indy company
Thoughts on Matt Hardy and his crazy Youtube videos
Talks about Fit Finley getting terminated from WWE
Talks about the Jeff Hardy situation and how he worked “messed up” against Sting on PPV and how TNA even allowed it
What would the HTM would have done at that TNA PPV
Talks about the Daffeny lawsuit in TNA
Thoughts on Dixie Carters shoot interview and why he thought it was a work
Has any of the TNA talent ever called the HTM up to try to get him to stop trashing the company
HTM man puts over our shoot with Billy Jack Haynes and why he thinks Billy is telling the truth and not lying
Will TNA be around in a few years
Talks about Mic Foley promoting WWE while he worked for TNA
How the HTM promotes himself online
Thoughts on HTM attending Cauliflower Ally
Making peace with Ted Dibase and Jake Roberts
Takes a jab at Roddy Piper
HTM talks about Ric Flair like never before
Why Flair got kicked off the bus over seas on the TNA tour
HTM talks about Flairs lawsuits
Did Flair pawn the watch that HBK gave him
How does HTM handle fame
Would the HTM ever have a hair match
Thoughts on Hogans lawsuit against a car dealership
What happened with Abby and WWE behind the scenes this is a GREAT story at this years Wrestlemania
.  How did Abby try to hold up the WWE and how Abby set up a gimmick table at the hotel.
How much is a WWE payday for Hall of Fame
Talks about Jerry Jarrett as a promoter and his relationship with his son
Talks about how WWE is missing main event talent
Thoughts on the WWE Florida territory and why it does not work well
Thoughts on Bret Hart going back to the WWE and working with HBK again
How HTM and Jerry Lawler buried the hatchet and was it real
Thoughts on Lawlers Mania match with Cole
Brian Christopher and thoughts on him
How HTM would have booked the Cole match for Mania with Lawler
Thoughts on Randy Savage this was before he passed away and how HTM wanted to talk to him on his radio show
Talks about the movie The Wrestler and why it was not accurate
Thoughts on Scott Hall and his serious situations and the MA deal where he was messed up in the ring
Who are the top 3 minds in wrestling today
Talks more about drugs in wrestling and if its a necessity.
Thoughts on the sad state of tag team wrestling
Talks about hitting Savage with the guitar and why it took so long to do so with that famous angle and how Lizz dress broke during that angle
Why the HTM never worked more with Bret Hart in tag matches with Greg Valentine
Did he like working singles as IC champ or working tags with Greg
HTM goes off on a fan that asks HTM why he don’t bump on indy shows..this is awesome
What death in wrestling shocked him the most…Bossman..Hawk and Henning
Thoughts on the DVD he did with New Jack and SHeik and tons of behind the scene stories from that night with Sheik
HTM tells a story on a promoter that screwed him on a booking
Talks about his most iconic moment in WWE
Talks about Billy Jack Haynes locker room fight with Iron Mike Sharp
Talks about being a babyface compared to a heel
Gives a lot of advice to younger workers
Thoughts On Nash going back to WWE
Thoughts on Osama Bin Laden getting taken out
Thoughts on Linda running for Senate
Thoughts on commissions in pro wrestling and take on blood in wrestling