Honky Tonk Man Shoot Interview

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This is one of the most controversial shoot interviews in RF Video history. Wayne Ferris, best known as The Honky Tonk Man, came to the RF Video offices and unleashed his honest opinions about everything hes been through in the wrestling business. Here is what the outspoken and brutally honest greatest intercontinental champion of all time talked about:

-On and off relationship with Jerry Lawler, who he is related to.
-Early days of Memphis when he was in the Blonde Bombers.
-Stories on Bill Dundee and Jimmy Valiant.
-Touring in Puerto Rico and the riots there.
-Going to WWF.
-How the Honky Tonk Man gimmick was born.
-The surprising decision to give him the IC title and how the locker room reacted.
-Feuds with Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat.
-He holds nothing back when he talks about Vince McMahon.
-His open and honest views of the wrestling industry back then.
-Why he left the business.
-All the problems he had with the WWF front office.
-Going to WCW and the problems he had there.
-He talks freely about the wrestling industry and what he thinks of the talent out there.
-Thoughts on todays WWF and WCW.
-Opinion on ECW and wrestlers working without getting paid.
-How wrestlers get taken advantage of and still stay in the business.
-Many more outspoken opinions and honest stories!