Ian Rotten 2005 Shoot Interview

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If your a fan of ECW and want to hear all about the early days of ECW this shoot is a must. Some people say it was the feud with Ian and Axl that made ECW extreme. Some people say it was the most violent feud ever in the United States. I would happen to agree because never before have we seen barbed wire bat matches, glass matches and thumbtacks used until Ian and Axl brought it into the states. Ian talks all about his ECW career from the start. He talks about his learnings from Terry Funk. Teaming up with Axl when they worked the Public Enemy, Bad Company, and The Pitbulls. Ian talks about his problems with Paul Heyman and what happened when they got into a huge verbal fight backstage at one show. What was it like to do those insane hardcore matches. Did any of the other guys yell at them for it?

Ian also talks about working in ECW when Axl left him. We talk all about his training with Axl Rotten as well. Ian talks about working down in TV for Global and Chris Adams promotions in TX. He also talks about going to Memphis as well. There are alot of classic road stories on this DVD.

We talk about why Ian left ECW and how he started up IWA MId South. Ian talks about his promotion in great detail. We discuss many of the major stories that has come out of IWA Midsouth in great detail. He talks all about his infamous feud with Jim Cornette. You will hear Ian discuss his feelings on CM Punk and alot of the other workers that work for him. We talk about the hardcore style in IWA MidSouth and if Ian ever thought it was to much. Ian also talked about the major feud they did with CZW as well. What does Ian think about John Zandig? Ian talks about working for XPW and alot of other wrestling companies and what his future plans are in Philadelphia. We talk about working for Big Japan and also IWA Japan. There are a ton of great stories in here that I never even knew about. If your a fan of hardcore wrestling this shoot interview is a must for you. Ian is the one guy in wrestling that started the Strong Style that everyone sees these day’s but he never was given any credit. If it was not for Ian Rotten alot of the guys you see today would not even be around as he has helped many of them by giving them a chance to shine and make a name for themselves. You can order this shoot interview in our new release section today!!

Here is a list of topics that we talked about:

Were you a fan growing up

Did you play sports in high school

How did you get started

What was the hardest thing about training

What do you remember most about training under Axl Rotten

Memories of your first matches

Who’s idea was it for the Johnny Lawler character

What kind of reaction did Jerry have to it

Memories of Zach Blades

Thoughts on Skandor Akbar

How did you wind up as Ian Rotten

What were your and Axls gimmick early on

How did you wind up in Global

Who did you ride with Global

Any good road stories from the area

Memories of working with Bradshaw

Memories of working with Bobby Duncam Jr.

Memories of Mick Foley

Memories of Scott Levy

Did you think it would succeed

Memories of working in Memphis with Axl

Would you say Axl was always the captain of the team

Memories of the Eliminators from Memphis

Did Jerry Lawler hold the old gimmick against you

How did you hear about ECW

Who contacted you

What were you told about the company before you came in

Thoughts on Chad Austin

Memories of your matches with Bad Company

Memories of matches early on with Public Enemy

Did you think of ECW as just another indy

Thoughts on Tod Gordon

Axl said he was pretty upset when you guys had to job for Tony Stetson and Johnny Hotbody, any memories

Is it true that one of the times you went over Public Enemy was by accident. (Story is Paul E ribbed Rocco Rock about doin the job and he did the job by mistake)

What was Paul E’s reaction when you guys came back to the locker room

What did you think of Paul early on

Were you offended that Paul E considered the win a joke

Memories of early matches with the Pitbulls

Axl said the Pitbulls were their own worst enemies, do you think that is true

How did you wind up as Funks Good Men

Memories of putting together the 3 way dance with Shane, Funk, and Sabu since you and Axl interfered

When did you realize ECW was taking off

Memories of working for WING and Victor Quionnes

Fav matches from WING

Who’s idea was it to break you and Axl up, were you for it?

Who’s idea was it to take the feud to the level of gimmick matches you guys did

How dangerous were the matches

Axl said that you guys got heat from some of the other boys for being too hard to follow, he cited Raven as 1 guy, thoughts?

How supportive was Paul E to you guys since you guys were tearing yourselves up

Does it bother you that guys like Raven, Sandman & Dreamer were being pushed as the hardcore guys and you and Axl were taking a backseat, promotional wise

Memories of the Barbed Wire Bat match

Memories of the Tai Pei Death match

Where did the idea of that match come from

Did you get any heat from some of your friends that had been vets in the business, like saying your killing the business, etc

Do you think you and Axl should have been headlining the ECW shows

What were the plans for you and Axl from Paul Heyman, post feud

Was ECW as much of a family as it is portrayed to be

What happened after Cyberslam and your confrontation with Paul E

Did Axl support you

Do you feel betrayed that not enough people supported you

What were your plans after you left ECW

What brought you to Kentucky

How did IWA MS start

Did you get any heat from Victor for using the name IWA

How did you scout talent

Talk about your relationship over the years with Axl

What are your favorite matches and innovations from IWA MS

Why do you think it never took off nationally

You were quoted saying CM Punk was a great talent, terrible attitude, thoughts

Why do you think Punk got more immediately out of the Hero matches then Hero

What was it about those two that made their rivalry for you so good

Memories booking Eddie Guerrero

Memories booking Rey Jr

Has anyone ever refused to do a job for you and if so who, and the circumstances

Has anyone ever screwed you over and shot a finish on one of your guys on one of your shows

Thoughts on Necro Butcher

Thoughts on Cpl Robinson

Thoughts on JC Bailey

Was it hard putting together your first King of Death matches tournament

How do you react when people say you are exploiting the guys by putting them in these matches

How do you react to comments Jim Cornette made about you over the years

How did you wind up in Big Japan

Thoughts on Ryuji Ito

Thoughts on Mad Man Pondo

Thoughts on the ICP

Thoughts on Hido

How did the whole angle with CZW come about

What did you expect to come out of the angle

Did you have a problem in your locker room with Nick Gage and Chris Hero (He did)

Memories of your matches with Zandig

Do you think the angle was successful

Thoughts on Balls Mahoney

Thoughts on BJ Whitmer

Does it bother you that ROH gets a lot of credit for the talent that you actually first started and exposed

Why did CM Punk back out of doing commentary at the King of Death matches a year or so ago

Thoughts on working with TErry Funk in IWA MS

Thoughts on Dusty Rhodes

Thoughts on Chris Candido

Thoughts on Tracy Smothers

All of the talent you have used, it is hard to fathom that you arent a very successful company, why do you think that would be

Jess Mcgrath on pwinsder.com referred to iWA MS as the best shows on the indys nobody knows about, thoughts?

Thoughts on Nate Webb

Have you ever had to stop a match out of fear of injury

Thoughts on AJ Styles

Thoughts on Steve Corino

Memories of working with XPW

How did you feel when they called IWA MS a developmental territory for XPW

Who do you think is the best indy wrestler out there that nobody knows about

Who do you think is the most overrated indy wrestler

Who did you see through the years that you thought had a ton of potential that for some reason never made it

Thoughts on Sabu

Thoughts on Abdullah The Butcher

Can territories be successful today

Thoughts on running the ECW Arena in June

Do you feel slighted not to be a part of either ECW show

How did you patch things up with Zandig

Are there any matches you were close to booking in IWA MS that never happened that you wish would have

What kind of toll have the death matches taken on your body

Thoughts on backyard wrestling

Thoughts on the current lack of kayfabe

Who do you enjoy watching today

Fav matches

Fav and least fav guys to work with and why

What is the craziest thing you think someone has done on an IWA MS show