In the Ring with Al Snow

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There is one wrestler out there who has always been outspoken about how to make it in the wrestling business and to go about it in the right manner. He has done a lot of shoot interviews about these subjects with RF VIDEO but now it’s time to actually step food inside the actual ring with him and witness his knowledge as he hands it down to a class of 12 students of the game. Just when you thought you knew all the answers, Al Snow changes the questions!! For the first time ever Al Snow invites you the wrestling fan or upcoming wrestling Inside the Ring with Al Snow.

This DVD is a must have for anyone trying to make it in the wrestling business. Al Snow’s world famous seminars have never been caught on tape, that is until now. RFVIDEO filmed a four hour seminar that breaks down the barrier and allows you to really understand the business from an inside view point. This DVD is full of lessons that anyone breaking into the sport should know and understand. Now we are going to allow everyone to watch this totally open and honest shoot style seminar to make it out for the masses to enjoy. So you think you know how to be a wrestler. You think you know how to put together a good match. What works in the ring. Do you think you know how to get heat? Think you know how to get yourself over? Do you think you make a good babyface or a heel? Can you really cut a good promo? Do you understand how to move around the ring? Do you really even know what a finish is?

There are all the questions that you will hear Al go over with this class as he has them do actual matches in front of him and then he critiques each guy and tells them what they were doing right or wrong. Most of today’s matches did not go the way that Al had wanted which makes it for a great DVD as he really Al open up and give some of the hardest taught lessons that needed to be taught to get this class to the next level.

We have done other Inside the Ring DVD’s, but this one is the most informative of all of them. You get to listen to Al talk about what the WWE is looking for when they hire a guy and how they can make money with you. What happens if you cant work or get yourself over, well Al gives about 60 minutes of this DVD series some of his best stories from behind the curtains in WWE and tells you exactly what they are looking for, and how they will make money with you if you have the “it” factor.

The 60 minutes mini interview with the class before the three hour workout session is worth the price of the DVD itself. Never before in any of Al’s shoots do you get to hear what the WWE office is looking for and how the agents handle their business with the wrestlers to better the product. What really goes on in FCW if you are hired by the WWE and what they want you to get out of going into that system.

These are just a few of the topics that we talked about today on this 4 hour DVD

**How to get yourself over with the office of the WWE and how to get over with the fans
**How Dave Melzter is one of the best workers out there
**How to be a good worker
**What to do to get a job in the WWE
**What to do in your dark match with Funaki if you get that chance to make it
**Talk about how the WWE is looking for new talent to get over
**Why does the Undertaker really take time off
**Talk about finishes in wrestling
**How wrestlers relate to the fans and how to get over so the fans want to be you
**Why it is stupid for guys to work stiff or the strong style uses Roddy Strong as an example and why its bad for the business
**How to reteach the audience and make them believe in your finish
**How to make someone look good if they are smaller than you

Then we actually went into the ring and did another 3 hours of workout footage which you will learn:

**How to move around the ring slower
**How to make it look like a shoot and not a work
**How to sell a basic move…
**Why a Babyface must deliver in his match what ever he talked about in his promos
**Why the Babyface must always be aggressive and always go for the pin and always move forward
**What is a finish
**How to get heat spots
**How to tell a story by selling
**Less is more
**How the heel dictates the match and how the babyface only cares about winning

There is so much more to this DVD and it’s by far the most open video ever filmed by us. If you think Tough Enough took you inside the ring you have not seen anything until you have seen “Inside the Ring with Al Snow” as this DVD is a blockbuster.