In The Ring with Billy Gunn

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Are you ready to get our newest addition to our In the Ring Series thats the talk of the indy locker rooms? This DVD is a must for anyone who wants to get into the wrestling business as RFVIDEO hired one of the best workers in the business, Billy Gunn to conduct this 3 hour In the Ring seminar. No matter who I talk with, everyone says that Billy Gunn is the total package. He can get in the ring with anyone and have a great match and he has the it factor. Everyone who is in the business has one goal and that’s to make it to the big time, the WWE. Well who better to get than former NXT coat from the Performance Center than this man. I promise you that you will learn a lot from Billy by watching this DVD.

Not only does Billy give a great lecture to the class of students, but he has a great way of making points and is hilarious in doing so. He often reflects back on his career when giving his speech. Not only does Billy teach the class all the tools that they might need to make it to the big time, but he also gets in the ring with the class and gives them pointers. Billy also has the class square off in the ring in quick matches and he often gets in the ring during their matches to tell them what they are doing right or wrong.

After leaving this seminar that we captured on DVD for you, I quickly called everyone that I knew and said that Billy might be one of the best teachers of all time and that he needs his job back. Lucky for you, we have it all on DVD as this is a very special DVD with Billy Gunn that will give you so many golden lessons that you need to learn. This is a very entertaining DVD as well, as Billy tells so many insider stories on his career and pulls no punches.

Here are just some of the topics that we discuss

*How and when to pick the brains of the veterans that might be in your locker room
*Billy talks about how he got into the business and what he did to make it into WWE
*Billy talks about how good Shawn Michaels was as a worker
*How to protect yourself in the business
*How to be professional
*How to cut a promo
*How to diet
*What WWE is exactly looking for
*Less is more
*Character Development
*The Billy Gunn Bad Ass character and evolution of his gimmicks
*Trying new stuff in the ring
*How to avoid injury
* How good Tyler Breeze and Baron Corbin are as well as many other NXT talents that he worked with to groom
*What WWE fixes if your a indy star and if you get signed
*What WWE looks at before they even hire you
* You will hear all about how you better come in shape and he tells you a MAJOR MAJOR secret on how to get accepted and how you get invited to the performance center

This DVD is around 3 hours of knowledge from Billy Gunn a man who has seen and done it all and in my humble opinion one of the most down to earth coaches that I have ever been around. You will soak in so much knowledge from this fascinating In the Ring seminar with Billy Gunn!!! If your not down with that, we got two words for you……BUY THIS!