In The Ring with Bob Holly

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So do you think your “Tough Enough?”  Are you ready to get In the Ring with one of wrestlings best in ring generals of all time?  RF VIDEO brings you a brand new DVD from our In the Ring DVD series but this time we went out to find one of the most controversial at times trainer out there.  You have all seen him in the WWE rings and you also have seen him on WWE Tough Enough reality show but you have never seen him like this!! RF VIDEO brings you In the Ring with Bob Holly in a very intimate setting and I can assure you that your opinion will change once you watch this DVD with Bob Holly.Bob was such a great trainer and one of the best teachers out there and we knew we had to bring him into our DVD series as it was only a natural pairing.  During this In the Ring seminar Bob sits down with a class of only 4 students but his lessons go on for hours.   Sami Callihan is one of those lucky wrestlers who had the chance to get in the ring with Bob Holly and pick his brain.Bob Holly was able to get in the ring himself with these guys and teach them some basic lock ups.  You will watch Bob take his time explaining to the class why it is important to do a number of things in the ring from locking up to sending your opponent off the ropes early in the match.  Bob teaches them how to work the crowd and how to take your time in the ring and not to rush.


This DVD is up there with our Sharing My Knowledge with Tommy Dreamer, as this might be our best In the Ring DVD’s of all time and that is saying a lot when we have done them with Dave Finlay, Al Snow, Nick Dinsmore, Kevin Nash and Val Venis.    Bob shares his stories of his time in the WWE locker rooms and how you should act once you get there. The lessons you can learn by just watching this
DVD could make you or break you if your a indy star.

Bob pulls no punches with this class of students and tells them the way it is.  He holds nothing back as he picks them apart and tells them what they need to work on to get better.  Bob spent so much time with each wrestler doing basic drills with them in the ring and you will see Bob in action and not just teaching from the side lines.

After being involved with Bob for this seminar, it boggles my mind why he is not the head trainer down in FCW for the WWE.  His reputation of a bad ass and a hot head is far from the truth as you can see how much passion he has for this business during our seminar with him.  This DVD is a must for anyone trying to further themselves in this business.