In The Ring with Brian Armstrong

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Are you ready for another lesson behind the scenes in Pro Wrestling?  Well we are and this time we got Brian Armstrong formerly known as Road Dogg Jesse James to be the teacher!!!  Brian comes from one of the best known wrestling families in the business today the Armstrongs.  Brian has so much knowledge to share with young up and coming workers and now for the first time ever Brian shares it with out RF Video customers and fans world-wide!!

If your a fan our In The Ring series you must add this DVD to your collection today.  Brian Armstrong comes to life as soon as we start to roll our cameras and one of the best talkers in the business takes over and gives some of the best advice to date to a few up and coming workers.  But that is not all you get, you get an exclusive brand new updates mini shoot interview with him as well!!!

This was no usual In the Ring DVD as this time we also filmed a BRAND NEW one hour shoot interview with him as well before the seminar.  These were the hot topics that we talked about with him and as you know Brian holds nothing back and is a straight shooter!!!

**His relationship with Jeff Jarrett and what caused a strain
**Why he left TNA and the politics involved backstage
**Working with Team 3D and if there was any heat
**Thoughts on how over Ron Killings is now that he is R Truth
**Thoughts on Hogan and Bischoff coming to TNA
** Thoughts of TNA going live head to head with the WWE
**Thoughts of DX vs VKM and how close was it to really going down
**Does TNA try to compete with the WWE to much and not pay attention to its own product
**Thoughts on who has the it factor in TNA.
**WHat was his role as an agent in TNA and who did he work with
**What happened at the NWA Legends Fanfest last year
**Thoughts on Dixie Carter as the owner of TNA and how smart to the business is she
We also talked about various other hot topics and current events with Brian.  The interview is worth the price of the DVD itself.  We then filmed a seminar with Brian and a few students in the ring.  He went over how important it is to be able to cut a promo.  He than had the two guys work a match and our cameras were in the ring with Brian as he analyzed the match to both workers.  Brian told them what they were doing wrong and it was just magic as it is not very often that your allowed this point of view.  RF VIDEO always goes over and beyond to show you the other side of the business and this DVD does not disappoint on any level.