In The Ring with Carlito Colon

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After a victorious evening in a 8 man tag match Carlito Colon made his way to the GILLBERG Pro Wrestling Academy for a special training seminar to help further the current training class to their quest to fulfill their dreams! In this exclusive new DVD brought to you by RF Video you will get a lesson on how to do things the right way according to Carlito, a second generation superstar in his own.

In this latest edition of Inside the Ring you will get one great lesson after another. The seminar starts off with Carlito having the students introduce themselves and tell the class what their goals are in this business. Carlito also has each student cut a promo about themselves and critiques it to help them improve.

Calrito also has students pair up with each other in the ring so he can watch them put together a match on the fly. After each match Carlito gives his expert opinion on what they did right, and what they did wrong so each wrestler can help improve their craft. The DVD is excellent if your looking to break into the business or you want a look on how to put a wrestling match together this new title will teach you just that.