In The Ring with Chris Hero

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When Chris Hero came up in the world of independent wrestling, he sought out the advice and knowledge of some of the best minds and in-ring performers in the business for advice. He trained under and attended seminars held by the legends, men like Dory Funk Jr, Tracy Smothers, Les Thatcher, Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay, William Regal, Johnny Saint, Dave Taylor, Jorge ‘Skayde’ Rivera and many more. He made it his mission to get as much experience as he could around those legends in an attempt to learn the secrets and the tricks of the trade that led to him create a loyal following worldwide. Those valuable skills he learned helped to become one of the best and ultimately took his career to the next level and in 2012 he acheived part of his dream when he signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. In NXT, the learning continued for Chris as he trained under he even more legends and hall of famers like Dusty Rhodes, and received advice from the man who will lead the WWE into the future… Triple H.

Now, at this point in Chris’s career, he has made it his mission to help those who want to follow in his footsteps to greatness. For the first time ever, Chris Hero invites the RF Video cameras into the ring for an exclusive seminar with the next generation of wrestling stars and helps pass along the knowledge that was given to him over more than a 15 year career at the top of the business. For more than three hours, Chris will tell you the secrets of the business. He will tell you what he believes will lead you to success. He will take you into the ring and take you through a series of drills that will help you hone your craft and perhaps add a skill to your repetoire that you didn’t previously have. Chris will tell you what the WWE wants to see from the next wave of global ‘Superstars’ and he will tell you what he thinks you can do to put yourself in a position to succeed. For any and all aspiring wrestlers or even those who have been on at it for several years, the footage on this DVD is priceless for you in your quest to move to the next level and Chris Hero passes it on with a passion that led him to heights many thought were impossible. This DVD is great for fans too who want to see what goes through the mind of a wrestler and what goes into a match as you view from the audience and the performers go through an act that at times may seem routine but is far from it.

The In the Ring DVD also has a special Q+A where Chris takes questions from all the students as they ask him about so many different topics including tons of WWE current events as they seek information about how NXT works and what they are looking for.  Chris tells so many amazing stories from his time in WWE that are different from his most recent interview we conducted.  This is a must for anyone trying to make it into the WWE!