In The Ring with Dave Finlay

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Some say he is one of the top 5 pro wrestlers of all time.  Some say he is one of wrestlings best workers of all time.  I say that there is nobody tougher than this man.  RF Video presents the next installment of our  In the Ring series with hands down a true ring general, Dave Finlay.Now for the first time ever Dave Finlay who has wrestled all over the world in every major company invites you into his world, the pro wrestling ring!!!  Dave Finlay is a former WWE agent/trainer and was responsible for getting the WWE diva division in order and training the girls how to actually work and not just be a T&A show.  Now for the first time ever Dave will give a class of young and up coming pro wrestlers some of the best wrestling lessons they can ever learn.You will watch Dave give a nice lecture and take questions from the young green horns.  He talks all about his time in the rings and gives them some really pertinent advice on how to break into the sport.  He has so many wise thoughts and shares them throughout out this instructional seminar.


After the Q&A session is over Dave has the wrestlers pair off and actually gets in the ring with them as they wrestler each other in singles match.  Dave wastes no time ripping each piece of the match apart.  If he sees something wrong, Dave will stop the match and go to work teaching them what they need to be doing the right way to make their presentation look that much better.

Dave takes great pride in our business and his lessons are amazing throughout.  Whether he is showing you how to apply a simple arm bar or how to work your opponent out of the ropes to set him up for the next big spot, Dave shows you the right way and the wrong way to do things.

This is a must have DVD for anyone who wants to become a pro wrestler or any fan who wants to learn the inside of the ropes, behind the scenes psychology of our sport.  The DVD is sbout 3 hours long and our cameras go right inside the ring as you will see a new perspective from one of wrestlings top workers of all time.