In The Ring with Dean Malenko

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If you’re a professional wrestler you would want to learn from one of the best technicians of all time.  You want to learn from a man that has worked all over the world and was always considered one of the best hands in the ring.  A man who was known to have 1000 holds.  You would want to learn from someone who made a name for themselves in Japan, ECW, WCW and WWE.  You would want to learn from a man who produced WWE superstars and now is working for AEW producing the next young crop of superstars. This man of course is Dean Malenko and RF VIDEO is bringing you a brand new seminar with one of the worlds best directly into your home.  No matter if you’re a wrestler trying to get better or you’re a fan that wants to know the inner workings of the wrestling business, this DVD will teaches you lessons that only a well oiled vet can give you.  Pull up your chair and get ready for the wrestling lesson of your life as RF VIDEO presents In the Ring with Dean Malenko.  Here is a list of topics that Dean discussed in no particular order and he goes into each topic with tons of insight and examples.  This is almost like a shoot interview because he talks all about his career when he uses examples so this really is that awesome. 

How to be a heel in the business
How to get your match over
How do be a good babyface
How to be different and stand out from everyone else
How to create your character
What WWE and AEW is looking for right now
He uses lots of examples with his program with Eddy Guerrero
How to keep your heat in a match
How to change your match in a new town with the same guy
What happens when you work a less experience talent and how do you handle that in the locker room when calling the match
How to listen to a crowd
Why you should never leave early during a show in your a worker and talks about John Cena and what he did to guys that left early before his match
What is the most important thing a babyface needs to do….
How to sell towards a camera
When to make a comeback
More Stories on John Cena being a locker room leader
Why you need to show your face and talks about facial expressions
Why Rey Mysterio is the best masked guy in the business
Match Psychology and when to slow your match down
What will get you hired be WWE or AEW
How to keep your job
Tag Team wrestling
Why you always need to make a cover after a hot tag
How to make a comeback
How to get out of a bad gimmick
What to do if the office presents you with a bad idea and talks about Molly Holly
How to keep PPV matches different from TV matches
The handshake in the locker room which is a great funny story
He talks about the Darby Allan spot from the AEW PPV and his reaction to it and what he told Darby afterwards

This seminar is just amazing and if you want to invest in yourself you better start here and watch this from start to finish a few times because we got one of the best in the world giving you some of the best advice as only RF VIDEO does.  In the Ring with Dean Malenko is fast, fun and filled with insight that will make you a better well rounded performer and again even if you’re not in the business, you will love to hear about the inner workings and this might even make you respect the sport even more.