In the Ring with Dr. Death Steve Williams

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The acclaimed RF VIDEO series In The Ring continues with the toughest son of a gun in the wrestling business! He’s beaten Big Bubba Rogers, Kenta Kobashi, Stan Hansen, and even cancer… now Dr. Death Steve Williams steps into the ring to help a new generation learn the valuable lessons he’s been taught during his storied career. A true wrestling legend, Williams is known worldwide for his unbelievable physical toughness, is a former Triple Crown champion in Japan, and was part of one of wrestling’s best remembered tag teams with partner Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy. From holding the UWF championship to winning the AJPW Unified World Tag Team belts an astounding eight times,the pedigree that Dr. Death brings to the table is second to none!

As with our successful past releases (including Homicide, Steve Corino, and Elix Skipper), Williams gives hands-on advice for what it takes to survive and succeed in the wrestling business, along with walking us through drills in the ring. If you are even considering becoming a pro wrestler, then this is a DVD you must watch. You will learn the fundamentals of the wrestling business from a first ballot hall of famer. False finishes, ring psychology, the difference between working on camera and off… Williams covers an incredible amount of ground, and does it in a way that is both informative and entertaining. As a bonus, Williams also opened up on many subjects, such as the start of his career (with Bill Watts) and what led him to choose wrestling over football. Fans of Steve Williams are going to be delighted to see how far Dr. Death has come in his life. From the brink of disaster, to being able to help guide the future of the business!