In The Ring with Dustin Rhodes

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Our next In the Ring DVD is with one of pro wrestlings best workers of all time.  His character never gets stale and he always found a way to stay with the times and keep his gimmick fresh.  His entire family is from the wrestling business and it’s no wonder why RF VIDEO sought out Dustin Rhodes FKA Goldust to take part in our In the Ring DVD series!!!!


Dustin was a great teacher with this class of aspiring pro wrestlers. We started the seminar off with a question and answer session where the students got the chance to pick his brain about the business and his time in it.  Some of the topics that Dustin talked about is why he loves Twitter and how he uses it to his advantage.  Dustin tells the entire storyline for his brawl with Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania and talks about what went on behind the scenes in producing that back parking lot brawl.   He talks to the guys about how to cut a promo.  We talk about how his character got started and the origins of Goldust and how he had to fine tune the character.  He talks about workers timing in the ring and why Randy Orton has the best timing going today.  How to get into the WWE developmental program in Florida and once you get there what you should do.  Dustin talks about the lack of Kfabe in the business today.  One of the students asked Dustin what happened to the proposed program between himself and his brother Cody Runnels.  This was the first time I think Dustin ever talked about this and why it has yet to happen.  Dustin talks about what makes him cringe with watching wresting today.  He talks about working heel in the ring and his psychology that he uses by giving examples of some of his matches in the WWE.  He teaches how to work a crowd and how to tell a story in the ring.  He also talks about current WWE top stars and why they deserve their spot.

The seminar sees Dustin get in the ring with each student and watch them have quick matches where Dustin is able to teach them their faults.  Like our other seminars Dustin took a active role in the ring with each wrestler, showing what they were doing wrong and correcting their mistakes.  He also had them do short matches so he was able to critique the entire wrestling class.

This was a great seminar and the question and answer session was very informative as well as entertaining .  I highly suggest this DVD to anyone who is trying to break into the business or who wants to learn on how to improve their craft as a pro wrestler.  Dustin had so much knowledge to pass down in this seminar and RFVIDEO captured it all on this amazing In the Ring with Dustin Rhodes DVD which you should order today.