In The Ring with Elix Skipper

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In the Ring with Elix Skipper will be a DVD that any wrestling fan or worker who wants to become a superstar in wrestling will want to own. The DVD starts out with a hour lecture on how to have proper locker room etiquette. What you should do when you start to work in the wrestling business. How to act backstage when you first get to a building. What is the Gorilla posistion? How important it is to be humble and ask questions if you need to. He goes into great detail how important it is to have your match planned out for TV time. He talks about how different it is to work a non TV match rather than a TV match. How to prepare for a 4 minute TV match. What happens if you have to go home early? How to prepare your go home spots.

Elix talks about how he got started in wrestling with the WCW Power plant. He talks how you need to hit the gym and make wrestling your main focus. He talks about what you should eat and how you should train. Elix talks alot about working in the TNA rings including the 6 sided ring and how different it is from a regualr ring. He talks about how a wrestler needs to be the best at what ever they do because there is only one promotion now hiring which is WWE. You will hear how to earn your spot and how to get a promoters attention. How should you act at a wrestling show that your not working on? He talks alot about his TNA matches and there is specific talk on his matches with Chris Daniels. Elix talks about how he and certain guys would prepare for their matches. What is phsychology to Elix Skipper? What is a good gimmick and how you have to master it. YOu have to get this DVD to find out alot more!!

The other part of the DVD/VIDEO is amazing. We join Elix in the ring for over 2 hours as he takes us thru the most important lessons for new workers. He demonstrates all the basic moves with the students of PWU. You wil learn how to run the ropes the proper way. He teaches you the hip toss. The up and over in the corner. Elix also takes time to teach the arm drag. He is great with the students and he is a amazing teacher. He took time to go over everything and had everyone in the class do the drills as he stood in the ring with our camera crew. He would make the guys redo everything if they did not do it the proper way. He was amazing with the class.

He also had the guys in the ring doing alot of cardio work outs as well. He explained as he did the moves what they meant and when you should do them in your match. WHat happens if a guy gets stiffed in the match? Well Elix will tell you what you should do and how to handle it. Someone did get stiffed with a huge close line and it was just perfect. You will learn how to lock up the proper way. Elix also shows you how to reverse a arm bar and alot more. This DVD is great for anyone who wants to learn more. It’s the secrets of Pro wrestling, shoot interview, workout series, all rolled into one great 3 hour DVD!