In The Ring with Homicide

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“In this arena, no one can hear you scream. There is no mercy. No remorse. Only pain.”
Tonight RF VIDEO once again created a brand new ground breaking video series called “Get in the Ring”. This will be a new empty arena video series brought to you only by RF VIDEO.

The “Get in the Ring” video series will allow you to watch your favorite wrestlers take you inside the squared circle and teach you the tricks of the trade. The series will combine many of our past ideas as well!!! There is no holding back as the wrestler will go over in great detail how he apply’s his favorite holds. You will be able to see and learn how to put on certain types of maneuvers the correct way. This video series can be used to train as well if you are a fan who wants to learn a little about wrestling. This series is a great way for you to get inside your favorite wrestlers head and know why he does the things in the ring that he does. You will learn the right way and the wrong way to do things.

If you have seen our Taz workout series back in the day this is that concept taken to the next level. Not only will you learn from the wrestler his style but you will actually get to see that wrestle work a match as well. We promise you that every video tape will include a empty arena match with that wrestler as well. In this series we could present an entire show of just empty arena matches. Before the show we will have each wrestler teach you his tricks and secrets. Then you can see them use it right on video. We plan on making dream matches as well with this new series.

RF VIDEO wanted to kick of the “Get in the Ring” series with a bang. So we got our good friend the Notorious 187 Homicide to show you everything you could imagine in the ring. Now remember we said we were going to combine other elements as well into this series. So check this out, as this 4 hour video tape included all of this as well.

We arrive at Homicides house in Brooklyn. He takes us for a walk on the street’s thru the hood. We talk about some of the latest stuff that has been going on in the wrestling scene like the politics. This is basically a shoot interview. We then get inside one of Homicide’s friends car for a ride thru the city of NY. During this 60 minute car ride the camera’s keep on rolling. We discuss so much about his career in the last year. We talk about why he has legit heat with Steve Corino. We talked about his barbed wire match in MA. Homicide talks about his clique in different companies. We discuss his training with Manny Fernandez. I asked him all about his relationship with Low Ki as well. What does he think of B Boy? We talked about Teddy Hart, and why he does not like him as well in real life. Homicide talked about the real story of his fight with Dana Dameson. Homicide even talks about how one of his friends is no longer his friend and why. We also given tours of where Homicide trained at. We go to a old church and then we make our way to the infamous “Dog House”. The car ride was really amazing as it combined our shoot interview concept with the mix of our On the Road series. There were so many more amazing stories on the ride as well!!

We than arrive at the AWA wrestling school, where we were greeted by many of his students including Azreil, the DRS, Grim Reefer, Slugger and others from the AWA school including Mike Morgan, Nino Capone and possibly the fastest rising star on the indy scene Jay Lethal. Homicide started off in the ring with everyone doing warm ups and drills he learned in Japan. He then sparred with Azreil for over an hour showing everything from various takedowns, submissions and strong style maneuvers as well as in depth explanations to everyone of these moves. From single leg takedowns, to butterfly suplexs, STF and more, any aspiring wrestler will see how these moves are done. Also watch as the students battle in the ring as they wrestle each other including an unbelievable 25 minute dojo match between Homicide and Jay Lethal. This tutorial is also filled with great shoot stories from Homicide as he teaches and deliver each of these moves with great impact. This video will deliver in true RF Video fashion as the camera work was done right in the ring with the action right in your face like a strong style forearm right in your face. Find out who actual threw up, and who’s lip got busted open as this video will be a trend setter for future pro wrestling videos. This is a must for fans of strong style wrestling and those aspiring to be the next warriors inside the squared circle.

This new series is sure to be a huge hit for RF VIDEO. We want to thank the AWA wrestling school and Mike Morgan for allowing us to bring this concept to life at his school. We already have the future one’s planned with some huge names. The Get in the Ring series is just one of the new innovative concepts that RF VIDEO will be bringing to you in 2005!