In The Ring with Kenny Omega

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Want to learn from one of wrestlings biggest stars in Japan right now Kenny Omega? Well RF VIDEO brings you our newest In the Ring DVD series hosted by New Japan/Bullet Club member Kenny Omega!! There is not a better gifted wrestler to learn from than Kenny, as he shares tons of stories with the class.

Kenny gives them so many pointers on how they can achieve their dreams. He talks about breaking into the business and how he landed a job and got noticed in New Japan. He talked about how he was able to stay in Japan once he got there and what indy workers need to do to get noticed in the first place by one of the big feds in the states. Kenny talks about what he likes to watch as a fan. You will hear how he works with injuries and gives advice to the guys on what they need to do to cope. We also had questions about his indy matches with ROH and PWG.

He talks about his time in the Harley Race camp and how he got into New Japan with the Bullet Club. The seminar is 3 hours long and the knowledge that he shares will bring you to a new level. Do you want to learn how to look more crisp in the ring? This is not just a DVD for indy workers who want to learn their craft.

This is for the fans as well as you will get first hand knowledge on what goes into making a top notch pro wrestler that is over and can work. Kenny’s insight for 3 hours was incredible.

Besides his near 2 hour sit down with the class we spent another 1 hour inside the ring with Kenny as he had the class to drills and matches as he gave them advice.

This is by far one of our best In the Ring DVD’s to date and we had a mic on Kenny the entire time as well this time as he was in the ring and during his lecture. If you want to learn the mindset of Kenny Omega this is one seminar you don’t want to miss!