In The Ring with Kevin Nash

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RF VIDEO is back with a brand new In the Ring DVD, but this time it features one of pro wrestlings biggest names and we mean BIG.. Kevin Nash. Kevin Nash knows how to play the game..stayed on top forever and made the most money in the business and knows how to play backstage politics….to me that makes him a great worker. Now for the first time ever Kevin will do his first ever seminar for RF VIDEO and allow our cameras to film as he gives some of the best advice to a hungry class of students that also features indy superstars Sami Callihan and DJ Hyde.

We did a one hour Q&A with all of the students where he told tons of backstage WWE/WWF stories on how to get in the business.

Here are just a few of the topics that we talked about during his lecture….
His Pay days..
His psychology when he worked in the ring
How to tell stories in the ring and not doing all highspots
How to sell
Lots of great lessons he learned from Terry Taylor when he first broke in
How to work the people in the camera and how to play to cameras
Taking care of each other in the ring
How he worked in the ring with stingers and injuries
Talks about deaths in wrestling
When you should take care of yourself when your hurt
How you make money in the business and how to become a draw
How to market yourself to big companies
Puts over guys like Sami Callihan and Somoa Joe
Talkes about why he never worked CM Punk on that PPV and what the real story was
How to get noticed and stick out
Talks about going to Japan

Kevin also had all of the students get in the ring and wrestle in front of him and than he critiques everyones matches. Your going to not want to miss this one. Some of the matches were actually really good and I think a few of the students will make it down the line to brighter pastures. If your a Kevin Nash fan your going to want to purchase this DVD just for the stories alone, but if your a worker looking to make a impact who better than Kevin Nash to give you some of wrestlings most valuable lessons.