In The Ring with Kevin Sullivan

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It’s not very often you get the pick the brain of one of the smartest men in the business.  A man who was a protege of the late great Eddie Graham, who was one of the best finish guys in the business besides Pat Patterson.  A man that taught Paul Heyman some of the most valuable lessons that he ever learned as a young rookie coming up in the business in Florida Championship Wrestling.  A man who was the brains behind a character that was dark and evil and is still talked about today because you just don’t really know if it was a work or a shoot.  A man who was wild in the ring and was never the tallest or the biggest, but a character that was so damn believable!!. A man who booked behind the scenes in WCW during its heyday in the 90’s.  You know this man has a name under the dark black robe and now we allow him to be seen for the first time ever as Kevin Sullivan strips out of the robe and takes the reigns as a teacher for our newest In the Ring DVD series.

The first thing Kevin asks the class of eager wrestlers is “who are you”  That is a very important question because I remember Paul Heyman teaching me the business and that was one of the things he always told me that a worker needed to define.  Who are you, and why should we care.  Kevin goes into this with each guy and goes over their gimmicks.

Now for the first time ever Kevin Sullivan who has wrestled all over the world in every major company invites you into his world, the pro wrestling ring!!!  Kevin Sullivan is a former WCW agent and was responsible for getting some of the biggest angles over during the 90’s.  Now for the first time ever Kevin will give a class of young and up coming pro wrestlers some of the best wrestling lessons they can ever learn.

You will watch Kevin give a nice lecture and take questions from the young green horns.  He talks all about his time in the rings and gives them some really pertinent advice on how to break into the sport.  He has so many wise thoughts and shares them throughout out this instructional seminar.

After the Q&A session is over Kevin has the wrestlers pair off and actually gets in the ring with them as they wrestler each other in singles match.  Kevin wastes no time ripping each piece of the match apart.  If he sees something wrong, Kevin will stop the match and go to work teaching them what they need to be doing the right way to make their presentation look that much better.

Kevin takes great pride in our business and his lessons are amazing throughout.  Whether he is showing you how to apply a simple arm bar or how to work your opponent out of the ropes to set him up for the next big spot, Kevin shows you the right way and the wrong way to do things.