In The Ring with Luna Vachon

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On Satan’s Day, the RF VIDEO crew went straight to HELL! Well, close enough as we went IN THE RING with LUNA VACHON! Daughter of the legendary Paul “Mad Dog” Vachon, Luna has traveled the world while working in the wrestling business for over 22 years and she spent an entire day with our film crew as she and her husband the Vampire Warrior held a wrestling seminar. Shot on 6/6/06 at a wrestling school behind a mental institution, Luna and Vampire Warrior covered all the wrestling basics such as bumping, selling, and working for the camera as they weaved in stories from being on the road and working with WWE! This was an amazing performance that needs to be seen to be believed. Everyone remembers Luna’s insane promos and on this exclusive DVD she takes the time to work with the students on their promo skills. We even got a chance to watch Luna cut some of her most infamous promos and explained to us where they came from emotionally.

The industry has been raving about our IN THE RING series and this edition ranks right up there with the best of them as an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the inside workings of professional wrestling. This DVD is perfect for wrestling students or just someone who likes getting a glimpse at the side of wrestling no one on the outside is supposed to see. After Luna and Vampire Warrior put their students through the drills we got a chance to listen to them critique the student’s matches. We also got a chance to be a part of an interesting and heartfelt Q&A session.