In The Ring with Matt Hardy

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RF VIDEO launched the newest In the Ring DVD but this time we were able to ground one of pro wrestlings best high flyers from the 90’s and one half of pro wrestlings biggest babyface tag team of all time, Matt Hardy!!! Matt Hardy brought alot to the table for this new In the Ring DVD as he took a different approach from our other top performers that we had to host this DVD series. Matt Hardy started off the seminar by having the guys lock up with each other in the ring and evaluated some simple lock ups and take down maneuvers. He put all the wrestlers thru a series of tests and was looking for who had talent and who needed alot of work. Matt than paired off the wrestlers and had them wrestle in a series of 5 minute matches. I loved his approach, as after each bout he asked the class what the guys did right from wrong and than Matt gave them much need advice on how to improve their game. Matt also got in the ring with all of the guys and had them take bumps for him. This was a great drill as Matt got psychically involved in many of his exercises.

In between his drills Matt would talk about his own personal training and how it related to when he and Jeff broke into the business. He also talked about some of his infamous matches while he was in the WWE and how some of these techniques applied to those matches. He was a great teacher to the class of green horns….Matt than again had the class pair off for some more mini bouts where the guys were to show him how they would do hope spots. A hope spot is basically when a guy is going to make his comeback and look like he is going to turn the table until the heel cuts him off and than the match changes gears…..

Matt again got in the ring with each guy and heavily critiqued the class of young wrestlers and told them what they were doing right and wrong. Matt Hardy with all of his years of experience from working in Omega, WWF and TNA brought so much wrestling knowledge into the ring that night and for nearly 3 hours long taught some of wrestlings most valuable lessons. If you are a worker wanting to learn about the business, this is a DVD you need to add to your learning books. He will teach you right from wrong and give you many mini tips on small things that make a huge difference. Want to know what the WWE looks for in the ring..want to know when to do certain bumps…want to learn how to act backstage…Matt has tons of advice on those subjects and many more.

To close out the DVD Matt sits down with the group in the ring and conducts a Q+A session with them so they can ask him anything that they want. We talk about so many of his matches in the WWE from his tables and ladder matches at Mania and how the office gave them way more time than they thought they had to his heel run and how he would change his style to accommodate his opponent. From major pro wrestling fan to mega wrestling superstar Matt Hardy hosts one of our best In the Ring DVD’s of all time.