In The Ring with Nick Dinsmore

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By now you should all be familiar with our In the Ring series of DVDs that we have done in the past.  We have done them with Tom Prichard, Homicide, Steve Corino, Dr Death Steve Williams, Sabu, Brian Armstrong and Al Snow.  Well this time RF VIDEO was able to capture one of WWE’s best gimmicks of all time and by far one of wrestlings most solid workers Nick Dinsmore, formerly known as Eugene in WWE.  Nick who is considered by his peers to be one of wrestlings best pure wrestlers made this DVD an incredible tutorial on how to go about breaking into the WWE and wrestling in general.  If you loved the one we did with Al Snow this one picks up right where that leaves off.  Nick takes questions from a bunch of new wrestlers who are just breaking into the sport.  Nick also asks the young green horns some of his own questions.  You will learn a lot about what the WWE is looking for too.  We talked about finishes, selling.  How to feel out what the fans want.  How to work towards your finish.  How to establish your character.  How to keep yourself over.  What to send to the WWE to get hired.  How to learn from your mistakes.  What to focus on and how the Eugene character developed.
Nick than takes the group into the ring to see what they got and the real fun begins.  You do not want to miss out on this session.  So if your looking to break into wrestling or you always wanted to know how it is done and what goes on behind the curtain, this is your special sneak peek look into how to break into the business and what you need to do to learn your craft.