In The Ring with Raven

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Raven finally comes to the RF VIDEO, In the Ring DVD series showing why he has always been one of the best wrestlers in the business when it comes to psychology. Raven allowed the RF VIDEO cameras to film this amazing near 2 hour class of hungry wrestlers who will learn all about the do’s and don’ts of pro wrestling and when is the right time to do something. This class is unlike anything you have seen to date with one of the brightest minds in our business.

There are just a few of the subjects that Raven talks about:
*Why Chris Benoit was not great
*How to get moves over
*Less is more
*Getting catch phrases over
*How to start a match if your a babyface
*How to frustrate a heel
*Why you should not go for a cover at certain times
*How the heel cheats to get heat and when to do it
*When heels should cheat in tag matches
*How and when to get the heat spot in a tag match
*Why you never put your hands on a ref
*Why all of his hardcore matches had plots
*Why that Raven rules matches all worked
*When to do the cut off in a match
*When is it time to gloat
*Talks all about the Raven Dreamer feud and why it worked
*How to get yourself over by selling
*How to build drama
*Gives you great and clever hope spots
*Why heels should always call the matches

The DVD is amazing especially if you’re a fan of the ECW days as he shares his knowledge with the class and relates a lot of his lessons to the good old days of ECW. Raven also quiz’s the class to see how smart they are.

This is a very informative DVD and Raven is as witty and funny as ever during his lecture. If you love Raven or you want to learn the business from the best we highly recommend In the Ring with Raven!