In The Ring with Sean Morley

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This time you better bring a white towel and it’s not for Val Venis gimmick, it’s going to be for you the viewer because he is going to make you sweat with all the in the ring work out tips he shows you plus his close to 90 minute speech.

Sean Morley will always be known as one of the best in ring generals in WWE history.  When new talent would come to the WWE, they would throw them in the ring with Sean to see what they got.  Either Sean would eat them up, or they would show the office that they knew how to work with Sean and would have a great match which would lead to them getting hired.  Sean has worked with every name in the business.

Now for the first time ever, Sean filmed his very first In the Ring DVD with RF VIDEO with a fresh class of wrestlers that had a ton of questions during his Q+A session that talked about his start in the business, working in Puerto Rico to his WWE famous gimmick as the ex porn star.

Sean let everyone know in the room that there would be no stupid questions and he told them to ask anything they wanted to know from this vet. The class had all kinds of questions for Sean. Sean spent a lot of time talking on how to make it in wrestling and what to do when you get to the WWE in and out of the ring. He talked a lot about how to put a match together and told many stories on how he called matches in the ring rather than plan out each spot before he got in there. He told some stories on DDP on how he wanted to plan our their matches and how he frowned upon that.

Sean then took everyone in the ring and had them pair off for 3 minute matches. He would often get in the ring himself and show the guys what they were doing wrong and he also showed them some really basic stuff to make their spots look better. He had so much wisdom and shared it with everyone. If your in wrestling already or breaking in this is a must have DVD that will really help you improve your skills. This was right up there with our other In the Ring DVDs like the one we did with Dave Finlay, Kevin Nash, Carlito and Al Snow.