In The Ring with Shane Helms

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RF VIDEO was fortunate enough to get another chiseled veteran to continue our In the Ring DVD series and this time we went out and got Shane Helms to lead the class of hungry professional wrestlers and give them some of the greatest advice inside and outside of the ring.

This seminar started off with another question and answer session with Shane Helms where he gave the students some valuable information.  Shane allowed the class to ask him anything that they wanted to.   This lead to some great discussion and valuable lessons, as Shane told stories of his time in the business with WWE and WCW.  He was able to take his in the ring and out of the ring experiences and hand them down to these young aspiring wrestlers.

When the tutorial portion of the seminar was over, Shane matched the wrestlers together and had them wrestle each other so he could watch what they were or were not able to do in the ring. Shane would than critic each match as well.

For those of you who think wrestling is fake, there is a gruesome injury during the filming that we captured and it will show you just how real this business is.

As always our In the Ring DVD’s are great for all fans of the business.  Wether you just want to get some more shoot stories or actually watch how to get better as a professional wrestler you will love our In the Ring series.  They all teach you valuable lessons on how to become a better pro wrestler and at the same time give you some great advice.  I find these DVD’s amazing as just a wrestling fan because you see the wrestler out of character as they hand down their skills to the class of students by giving them knowledge that was pass onto them by veterans when they started.

Some of the discussions that we talked about on the DVD were amazing.  I love listening to locker room and stories in the ring that these guys share during these seminars.  They are just as good as our shoot interviews.  Here is the list of topics that you will hear about on this DVD.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from one of the best as we present, In the Ring with Shane Helms…

Character development
Meeting Vince
How to have a image
How to keep learning and how every shows a test on working crowd
How size can effect your job or push
Talking during promos and how to sound
Important in looking professional and getting gear so you don’t look indyish
How to ask a promoter for more money
How to make connections in the business
How to get your talent recognized
How to make your ideas work and to figure out who you are
How to make it to next level from one fed to a bigger fed like working a Indy to
pwg or Czw
Paying your dues
How to send a resume to a promoter
How the business has changed from the 90s to now
Family life on the road
The “it” factor or energy you get with a gimmick or charisma
How to stand out and look different
Talked about top Indy workers and how HHH is going after them
Difference working live crowd from TV
Pg or pg13 in the WWE
How to try stuff in the ring like new spots and how to listen to what crowd pops for
Working with refs
Blood in matches and risks
Wanting to turn heel after injury
How to work with a talent who is horrible in the ring
Working stiff in the ring
How to find a mentor
How to make someone look better by selling by taking bumps