In The Ring with Steve Corino

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Everyone in the wrestling world has been raving about our new series entitled In the Ring. The concept itself is so groundbreaking and innovative that it could only be found at RF VIDEO. If you saw our debut release with In the Ring with Homicide, you know this new series is not only very informative and unique, but most of all, highly entertaining.

So what exactly is this new concept, In the Ring?

Well, we take a wrestler and we conduct a shoot interview with them on location at their house or neighborhood. The wrestler than gets in our RF mobile and we go on a tour around their neighborhood to show us where they grew up, their roots, and how they got started in the business. While inside the RF mobile, we conduct yet another shoot interview, bringing up all the latest hot topics surrounding that person.

The video does not end there, that is just the beginning. We then go down to the local dojo/wrestling school and we have that person take you inside the wrestling ring to learn firsthand about all the tricks of the trade. After all, its not often that you get to go inside the wrestling ring and find out what it takes to be a pro wrestler, especially from some of the biggest names in independent wrestling today. Forget about what youve seen on MTV show Tough Enough. RFVideos In the Ring series holds nothing back. You will not only learn how to do actual wrestling holds, but you will also learn very important lessons from veteran wrestlers like Elix Skipper, such as the unwritten rules of locker room etiquette. .

In the Ring with Homicide showed what its like to get in the ring and workout with The Notorious 187. Nothing was held back as Homicide really showed you how a wrestler gets ring tough. RFVideo showed you all the drills that he put his students thru, to the point where some puked on camera. Then we got to see all of his students work out with each other as their head trainer looked on and evaluated their performance. The night was capped off by a match with Jay Lethal vs Homicide, and the two men had classic workout match held in front of nobody but the students and the RFVideo cameras. Now you can be a part of this exclusive audience.

In the Ring with Elix Skipper shows us what it takes to get in the wrestling business. The current TNA star gives advice to all up and coming wrestlers. You will hear many secrets on what you need to do to make it in wrestling, both in the ring and behind the curtain. Elix gives a ton of advice out as well in his lecture to the class of PWU students. Elix then gets in the ring with the class of students and goes thru many drills on how to apply the most basic wrestling holds. This part of the DVD is amazing as Skipper taught the class how to take a bump, which seems simple, but must be seen to believe. He also shows how to do many of the hard hitting impact moves and make them look real. Elix holds nothing back as you will see how serious he takes this business. His advice is amazing and the way he teaches the class is all caught on DVD/Video. If you are a fan and you think you know it all because you have the internet and read the sheets, you will realize after watching this that there is so much that you do not know about. If you want to really learn about the business, the In the Ring series are a must to own. No bullshit. No kayfabe. Just the hard truth.

After taking to the King of the Independents and “PrimeTime” it was time to add a new twist to our In the Ring series. I thought we needed to find someone who would bring something new to the table. We learned a lot about the American wrestling world but I wanted to have someone who can take us into the Japanese style of wrestling. I wanted to find someone who is American and can tell us how they make the transfer of working from our style to their style. In all of our shoot interviews we always ask the wrestler what its like working over in Japan, and was it difficult making the transformation? Well now you will learn first hand on how people do adjust to the style change. Who else better than the one man who went from being the Hardcore King of Old School, and now being one of the top American wresters in Japan but Steve Corino!!!!!! Yes, the man who did 47 tours of Japan in 46 months and the “f—ing GOD of pro wrestling.”

In the Ring with Steve Corino is not only informative but hilarious. If you have seen any of the three shoot interviews we have done with Steve, you know he is one funny guy and one of the best talkers in the business. In the Ring with Steve Corino is going to be one of our top sellers. We started out the DVD by picking up Steve at his house. We take him in the RF mobile and he shows us where he grew up at and went to school. During this time we conducted one of our better shoots, covering a ton of hot topics, that lasted almost 2 hours just for the interview alone. You will hear why he left a certain wrestling promotion. Why there is legit heat between him and Tommy Dreamer. He reacts to the best selling In the Ring with Homicide DVD and tries to set the record straight. I was really not aware of how much heat there was until Steve told us some things on camera about Homicide. He talks about his run in with the law a while back. Why is he not at the ECW reunions? What happened with his TNA run? What its like booking Zero One and a ton of Japanese stories that are absolutely hilarious.

To be honest this was one of our best interviews with Steve to date because all of the topics that we talked about were very sensitive for the most part and Steve speaks from the heart. I have the list of questions that we asked him at the end of this.

We then went to the PWU wrestling dojo, but on the way we tell even more stories about Paul Heyman and life on the road in ECW. Some really funny moments happen as well, especially when the RF mobile rolls into Philly. Steve swears that someone shot at us in the car, and you will see it for yourself what happened.

Our cameras were rolling the entire car ride so you won’t miss anything that we talked about. We get to the Dojo and Steve took us inside the squared circle for a wrestling lesson that I will never forget. He talks about his early matches in Japan, and how Otani and Hashimoto would beat the living hell out of him. He shows us the different ways that you can throw a punch or a kick, and how you have to do it in Japan. It is much different than in America and he actually demonstrates the techniques that he had to use. Steve also talks how he made the transformation into the strong style.

This portion of the DVD is great as its not only loaded with a ton of amazing stories but Steve is in the ring showing you how he learned everything. He shows us what happened in the ring with Riki Choshu and CW Anderson. He actually recreates some of the story as he tells it. Where else can you find something like this outside of the In the Ring series? Answer: nowhere.

I think the best part of the DVD is when Steve shows you how to put a match together for the Japanese wrestling fans. He explains why it is so much different than working in front of the fans in America. You will hear step by step on how he puts on his matches in Japan. He talks about how he is not allowed to talk over the matches in Japan and talked about how he had to call it in the ring. Steve talks about looking even if youre not going to win. He talks a lot about the wrestling psychology in Japan.

After watching In the Ring with Steve Corino you will have gained a lot of wrestling knowledge of the Japanese style. Steve holds no punches as he talked openly about all his big matches from Japan. Who helped him over in Japan? You need to get this DVD to learn all about it.

Here is a list of just some of the many topics that we talked about

How come you wont be on either of the ECW shows?
Do you think either of the shows are genuine?
Is there anything that either one of them could say to you that could get you to do the show?
Memories of working Mil Mascaras for Hustle?
What is the story behind the transfer of ownership from Hashimoto to Otani of Zero One?
Were there any plans to do an empty arena match with Teddy Hart?
What happened when you saw Teddy in Florida at MLW?
Why do you think MLW failed?
How involved were you with booking?
Thoughts on Court Bauer being a part of WWE creative now?
What happened with World-1?
What was the story behind you and when you were stopped at the borders for bad checks?
Thoughts on working with Kawada?
ow was Bill Goldberg at Hustle?
Did Dusty attempt to bring you in to NWATNA?
Why did Z1 stop using Low Ki?
Why did you stop doing TNA?
What happened to Zero Ones plans to run a US show?
Who has been your biggest disappointment that you have booked for Z1?
Did anyone ever refuse to do a job for you?
Do you miss being on the road regularly in the United States?
What do you attribute the decline in Japanese business too?
What is THE LIST?
Thoughts on Homicide?
Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer?
What is your present day relationship like with Paul Heyman?
Talk about the Fayetteville screw job?
Do you think Samoa Joe is labeled a Z1 guy by New Japan and that’s why they don’t use him?
What is the worst injury you ever received?