In The Ring with Stevie Richards

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If there is any one professional wrestler that should be running a wrestling school it would have to be Stevie Richards.  RF VIDEO was fortunate enough to have Stevie Richards host our newest In the Ring DVD series where Stevie was able to pass along his years of knowledge to a class of young and hungry aspiring professional wrestlers.

Make no mistakes about it, Stevie is the complete opposite of a Ole Anderson or Hiro Matsuda where he was trying to stretch the kids or take them to the limits during his class.  Stevie came off as one of the best teachers around taking his time with the students and explaining all aspects of the business in this near 2 and a half hour DVD.

Stevie was able to pass along tons of backstage stories from his times in ECW, WWE and TNA that would be able to help shape some of these students paths.  Stevie covers the basics and one of the first things he had the class do is ask him questions.

Here are some of the key things that Stevie talks about:
*How to ask veterans to watch your match and give you advice and how to approach them in a locker room
*Why the lock up is the most important part of the match–Stevie has the class do many lock up drills and shows the importance on how to stand and the timing aspects of the lock up
*How to switch from a baby face to a heel and calling it in the ring
*Psychology of when not to do certain things in the ring
*How to talk to your partner in the ring
*How to extend your character
*How to work the crowd on all sides of the ring
*How to not get nervous in the ring
*How to tell a promoter you can do anything he wants you to be
*Basic parts of the match Shine, Heat and comeback
*Lessons he learned from Terry Taylor
*What happens if your not confident in a spot in the match and how to ask a question to avoid a injury
*How to respectful and honest with people in the business
*How to do a lock up and then go into a head lock and push off
*How to not get hurt in the ring
*How to stand in the ring with stancing
*How to get your opponent over while staying over yourself
*How to relax in the ring
*How to not be so intense in the ring and be soft
* Character development
*Selling and timing
*How to feed to your opponent
*How to be larger than life
*When to kick out and the timing of the finish
*How to keep your mind focused and how to never loose sight
*How to choose what shows to work

Some of the best lessons is when Stevie shares stories of his in ring matches while he was in ECW with Dreamer, Raven and the rest of the Extreme locker room.  We can’t forget about his time in the WWE and during the seminar he pulls out tons of stories about working matches with top WWE superstars and gives lessons around some of those matches that stuck out in his career.  If your a Stevie Richards fan your going to love the DVD just for his shoot stories but if your trying to break into the business or your already a wrestler trying to improve your craft you must purchase this DVD because Stevie has some of the best advice of all time.  Watching this DVD is like watching a parent teaching a child on how to ride a bike for the first time.  Stevie by far was the most nurturing teacher we ever had to take part in our In the Ring DVD series!