In The Ring with Tully Blanchard

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In the Ring with Tully Blanchard with one of the greatest in ring heels of all time and one of the original members of the four horseman. Tully Blanchard knows pro wrestling. He is a second generation star as his father was Joe Blanchard who ran Southwest Championship Wrestling. Tully Blanchard was also part of one of the best tag teams of all time, as he teamed with AA the enforcer Arn Anderson.

There is no better teacher than Tully Blanchard. He has been around the business for his entire life and held almost every major title there was to hold in the NWA and of course WWF with Arn Anderson. Tully sits down with a bunch of hungry wrestling students and gives them so many pointers on what to do once they break into the business. Tully tells many stories during this, that reflects on his history in the business. You will hear so many stories and tips on what he did and what these new students need to do to step up their game. Tully is like a coach during the seminar and covers the art of pro wrestling from all aspects.

You will hear all about simple ways of selling and psychology. Tully also spends time in the ring with the young aspiring superstars and teaches them the basics while he breaks down what they are doing wrong and gives them instructions on how they can better their craft.
If you’re a four horseman fan, NWA fan or especially a Tully Blanchard fan, this is a must for any body that wants to break into the business or any fan of one of the greats in our business.