Inside the Office with Pat Patterson and Bruce Prichard

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When most of you think of professional wrestling in the 80’s you think of the WWF which later became known as the WWE. When the company went national and conquered the territories in the early 80’s there were really only two creative geniuses calling the shots and that was Vincent K McMahon and Pat Patterson. These two men combined were the driving force behind the success of the WWF/WWE. Their ideas, concepts and formula basically destroyed the competition and paved ways making the WWE the number one wrestling company in North America. As time passed a few other pieces of the puzzle were added to the mix with Bruce Prichard helping formulating TV, laying out booking plans months in advance and also booking the talents and creating characters.

It does not get any bigger than this interview because for the first time ever RF VIDEO got 2/3rd’s of that office to take you “Inside the Office with Pat Patterson and Bruce Prichard” That’s right in this ground breaking shoot interview by RF VIDEO we have Bruce Prichard leading the questions to get the most out of Pat Patterson. Who knows Pat Patterson better than Bruce Prichard, the answer is nobody. We are about to make some history with one of our biggest shoot interviews of all time!!!! This interview is hilarious and the stories are just nonstop if you’re a WWF fan this is the interview of a lifetime!!! For the first time ever you hear some of the best VKM stories of all time. You want stories on the biggest names in the business, well this interview has it all. Bruce knew exactly what to talk about with Pat and you will hear everything that I think you’ve always wanted to hear from the very first Wrestlemania, backstage stories, creative meetings, ribs, heat amongst the top superstars, more rib stories and even more creative stories. This is the granddaddy of them all it doesn’t get bigger than this unless I interview Vince himself.

This is what Bruce Prichard had to say about this amazing project that is only available at!!!

“Pat Patterson is one of the most influential men in the history of modern day professional wrestling now known as sports entertainment. A main eventer in every territory he ever worked, Pat lived a life unmatched in any profession. While he was a heavyweight wrestling champion to the public, behind the scenes he was one of the greatest minds this business will ever know. His creations will live on forever from his time working with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Pat has been regarded as a creative genius and one of the greatest finish men ever. In addition to all of Pat’s accolades in the business world, he carried a secret with him around the world. Pat lived his life as a gay man in a homophobic world and prospered. In this exclusive interview Pat and I revisit stories of his childhood and early years in the business. We also share stories of the years we spent together with Vince McMahon writing, booking and creating the storylines of the WWF. Without a doubt he will go down in history as one of the most influential and creative forces ever in professional wrestling. It was an honor to work with him for 30+ years and an even bigger honor to call him my friend.”