Ivory Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO was fortunate enough to sit down with one of the original women in the world of Pro Wrestling who was a star even before the WWE. Lisa Moretti also known as Tina Ferrari in Glow and later known as Ivory in the WWE sat down for her first ever, tell all shoot interview with RF VIDEO.

Ivory was an open book in this interview as she starts out talking about how she got into women’s wrestling working for Glow. You won’t believe the backstage stories from this company. Ivory talks all about the other women that she worked with in Glow which later separated and became POWW. She talks about her training under Mando Guerrero and what he was like to the girls. If you want to hear about drama in the locker room wait until you check our her stories from these two companies.

Ivory took some time off before she got called up to the WWE and got her big break working with the Godfather. This is when the interview gets great because she holds nothing back. Do you want to hear all about what WWE Divas were impossible to work with? How about which girls were really believing their own hype. How did she feel about the McMahon family and Stephs rise to power? Did Ivory like everyone she worked with…Chyna better watch out during this shoot….does their wrestlemania match ring a bell?

Ivory also has a great story about her battles with Lita inside and outside of the ring. This is what shoots are all about!! What did she think about the RTC gimmick and did she like working with her partners at the time? Ivory worked with the biggest names in the business like Steve Austin and The Rock and she talks about every major player in the WWE locker room and what they were really like. We can’t forget to ask her about Tough Enough and her take on the series that turned a lot of heads in the business. Don’t worry we asked her all about the incident with Bob Holly and Matt Cappotelli .

Ivory talks all about her time in the WWE talking about all her famous bouts with some of wrestling’s biggest names. This is a shoot interview that every WWE fan will enjoy. Her backstage stories alone make the interview worth every penny.

How did you get into the business
Howd you get started
Did you have any formal training before your GLOW workout
How did your family and friends react when you told them of the news
Memories training with Armando Guerrero
Was the training more difficult than you thought
Memories of your first match
Who came up with your name
Memories teaming with Ashley Carter
Is it true that you guys were the first T and A
Did any vets mentor you early on
Did any girls test you
Were any of the girls caddy with the politics
David McClaine, any good stories
Was it a very sexist place
Are you surprised that it still has a bit of a cult following
Are you surprised some of the other girls never stuck around the business
How did things change when David left GLOW
How was POW different
How did you find out that it had gone bankrupt
You had a real long layoff between POW and the WWE, what did you do during that time
Did you ever think about retiring altogether
How did you get into the WWE
Were some of the guys and girls surprised at how good you could work since you came from GLOW
Initial impressions of Vince McMahon
Memories of your first night with the Godfather
Memories of your first storyline with Mark Henry
Who came up with Ivory
Memories of your first RAW match teaming with D Lo Brown against Jeff Jarrett and Debra
How did the other girls accept you into the locker room
Did you find any pettiness amongst them
Memories of matches with Debra
Memories of matches with Jacqueline
Memories of matches with Terri
It seemed for awhile that the WWE were more intent on making some of the girls do weird things like get slopped rather than wrestle, did that bother you
Memories of Chyna
Memories of how things changed when Stephanie got more involved
Memories of matches with Tori
Memories of wrestling Luna
Memories of Steve Austin
Did you find the WWE a sexist place at all
How did the Rock change with success
How did Triple H change with success
Memories of matches with Moolah
Memories of Mae Young
Memories of matches with Miss Kitty
Did having to do the Evening Gown Matches bother you
Memories of the Mud Wrestling Match
How did the whole RTC gimmick come about
Did you like it
Memories of Stevie Richards
Memories of matches with Lita
Memories of matches with Trish Stratus
Memories of your feud with Chyna
Was it strange to be around when Triple H and Stephanie had something going on behind her back
Memories of matches with Molly Holly
Memories of the Undertaker
Memories of Bob Holly
Memories of Val Venis
Memories of your match with Chyna at WrestleMania
How did you and the other girls react when the WCW girls like Stacy and Torrie came in
Did it take you a while to accept them
Were you girls a close knit group
Memories of Tough Enough
Do you think it exposed the business too much
Triple H was quoted a few times saying that it exposed the business too much, your thoughts
Do you think the show could work together
Are you surprised that only the Miz and John Morrison remain from the TE alumni today
Thoughts on the winners during the second season, Linda and Jackie
Thoughts on the Bob Holly and Matt Cappotelli incident
Memories of working with Linda Miles on RAW
Memories teaming with Victoria
In 2003 you didn?t get many PPV appearances, did you ever worry that you were in jeopardy of being cut
Did you like working in OVW
Did you see anyone down there you thought would make it who didn?t
You got into some announcing, did you like it
Were you surprised that your contract wasn?t renewed
Did you attempt to break into announcing/broadcasting outside of wrestling
Can you talk about your work in Louisiana
Was it hard to date and be a full time women?s wrestler
Do you like working on the indys
Is there anyone you have worked with on the indys that you think is WWE material now or someday
Were you surprised when Sable came back to the WWE
In an interview you said “I can say this publicly now that I’m on the outside! I think it stinks, is insulting to women, the ´diva¡ contestants, the wrestling fans, the mainstream WWE audience, and I especially think that WWE is being down right irresponsible to display ´diva acts¡ in front of a live audience who are paying to participate in a wrestling show¡ critics have said that the Diva Search is the same as GLOW, how do you respond?
You spoke awhile back of a GLOW reunion, did it happen
Are you still on good terms with the WWE today
Can you talk about the Nora and Lisa wedding tour
Thoughts on some of the independent companies that try and do all womens shows
Can an all womens promotion work today
Do you think that the WWE has done too much damage to the way that Womens Wrestling is presented for it to be taken seriously again
What do you do today
fav and least fav girls to work with
Fav ribs and road stories
Best rib you ever saw
Do you ever want to write a book