IWA Mid-South No Blood, No Guts & No Glory 2002 6/15/02

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One of the most talked about shows of 2002 as Necro Butcher destroys his arm and doctors thought they would have to amputate. A must see show, great from top to bottom.

1. Brad Bradley vs. Mark Gotticker
2. Adam Gooch vs. Jayden Draigo
3. Chris Hero vs. Matt Murphy
4. 2 Tuff Tony vs. Corporal Robinson
5. Tracy Smothers v.s JC Ice (Jamie Dundee)
6. Ian Rotten vs. Dysfunction
7. Lacey vs. Rain
8. Ace Steel vs. Tarek the Great
9. Bobby Eaton & Mark Wolf w/ Francine vs. Mean & Hard
10. Necro Butcher vs. Mad Man Pondo (200 Light Tube Death Match) *very graphic footage of Necros arm ripped open, not for the weak stomach