Jackie Gayda Shoot Interview

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Co-winner of Season two’s edition of Tough Enough, WWE Diva, TNA Knockout, wife to Charlie Haas – Jackie Gayda has accomplished several of her wrestling related dreams during her relatively short professional wrestling career. Gayda now adds RF VIDEO’s industry leading shoot interview to this impressive list as she sat down with us to film an exciting new shoot! Fans of Tough Enough, or this fine diva will love to hear her first person accounts of her time in the wonderful world of wrestling. Gayda’s entire run is covered here and she talks about everything in great detail, Jackie answers all the tough questions concerning MTV’s Tough Enough while discussing her training with Al Snow and Bill DeMott. Jackie gave us her thoughts on Linda Miles, the other co-winner of the show, and explains why Miles’ WWE career was a mercifully short one. Hawk, Pete, tons of alcohol, everything you could possibly want to know about one of Tough Enough’s best casts is dissected by Jackie, even the legendary hot tub incident, before we went into her time in Ohio Valley Wrestling. You know you will love the Jim Cornette stories as Jackie talked about her training in WWE’s developmental territory.

Jackie was brought up to the big show early and gives tons of details on her key matches and personalities that she encountered while working on wrestling’s biggest stage. Jackie’s hilarious appearance on the TV show Blind Date is covered and we dig into why WWE didn’t follow up on that unique opportunity. Jackie talks about meeting Charlie Hass while on SmackDown and also gives details on other superstars including Kurt Angle, Dawn Marie and the Dudleys. You’ll get the low down from Gayda on the WWE locker room, and her account of being let go by the WWE, as well as thoughts on the diva search. Jackie then finishes up by going through her introduction to the indy scene as well as working in TNA. As an added bonus we get all the scoops on a pro wrestling love story is discussed as we get first hand accounts of Charlie and Jackies first date, wedding, and termination right after the wedding. What is their relationship like now that they are an interpromotional couple? How does Jackie feel about Hass going back to WWE? What is Jackie’s future going to be like? Yes, all of this and SO MUCH MORE! For fans of our top selling Tammy Sytch shoot, Jackie responds to Tammy’s claims of disrespect! One of wrestling’s hottest beauties with a fantastic new two hour shoot, only from RF VIDEO!

Were you a fan of wrestling before Tough Enough
Who did you enjoy watching if so
How did you find out about Tough Enough
What were your objectives going into TE? Was it to win and have a career in WWE or win and parlay it into other opportunities
Did you see TE 1 and thoughts
Did you train for the try outs
Were tryouts as hard as you thought theyd be
Thoughts on AL SNow
Thoughts on Bill DeMott
Who was your favorite guest speaker
Was wrestling harder to pick up than you thought
Did any of the trainers hit on you
How involved were you with your bf when you went in the house
Was the footage manipulated in editing to portray certain people in a certain way do you think
Who was portrayed the least accurate
When did you realize that Tough Enough was a hit, were you recognized right away when it started airing
Thoughts on Bob Holly
Do you think he was a bully
Who did you bond with the most
Do you think Linda should have won
Why do you think she didn’t work out
Reports indicate she became very difficult once she came into the WWE, did you get that out of her during the show
Talk about the incident with Pete, how did it happen
Were you upset it aired
Did you try and prevent it from airing
Did you ask to leave the house after this happened
Do you think you had a problem with alcohol
Do you think that the incident miscategorized you as a slut
How did you get injured
Were you advised to quit
Some critics say you only won because of your courage to compete through injury and not talent, how do you defend your victory
What did you do during the time shooting stopped to the live finale
Thoughts on Hawk
Were you surprised at how things turned out for him
Do you still stay in touch with anyone from the show
Did you expect any of them to make it further than they did
How confident were you at the finale’
What were your thoughts when your name was announced
How soon did you begin training in OVW
How did your life change
Was there any resentment when you got down there as someone who didn’t pay her dues
How do you argue that when people say that about you
Do you think you paid your dues
Thoughts on Jim Cornette
What was the dynamic like between Linda and Jim
What was the most important thing Jim taught you
At what point did you begin to appreciate the business
Who did you room with down there
At what point did your relationship end and why with the bf you had while TE was filmed
Did the guys in OVW disrespect you initially and think you were easy because of the hot tub scene
Did anyone besides Cornette mentor you down there
Thoughts on your first television appearance for WWE on Velocity managing Linda
How did you get along with Linda at that point
Thoughts on Ivory
Thoughts on Jazz
When you came up to the WWE, how were you treated by the locker room
Did you have to earn your spot
Were you ribbed
How did the other girls treat you
Memories of your first big match on SDown with Ivory vs Trish and Linda
How did you finally find out you were being brought up
Initial thoughts on Vince
Thoughts on Paul Heyman
Thoughts on Brian Gerwitz
Do you think you were portrayed badly on Blind Date
Are you surprised WWE never followed through with that
Some people thought youd be a big heel if WWE played off of that, do you agree
You had a mixed tag match with Chris Nowinski vs Trish and Bradshaw that to this day is labeled one of the worst matches of all time. What are your thoughts on it
Who put the match together
Why was it a disaster
How did the other 3 react after the match in the locker room
Did it upset you
Did Vince say anything to you
Did you think it was fair of JR to call it a train wreck on television
What happened on the show where your breasts popped out
Did you get heat for it
Were you upset about it
What did Vince and the agents say
How did you feel about being sent back to OVW
Thoughts on working with the Bashams and Kanyon
Did you know Kanyon was gay
You went on the road with Rico, whos idea was it to pair you 2
Thoughts on working with Rico
Did you study any Adrian Street/Miss Linda videos
Who did you room and ride with on the road
Can you stay faithful on the road
At what point do you think you earned the respect of your peers
Thoughts your match with Trish as part of the Raw Roulette
Thoughts on your mixed tag match and Chris Jericho
When everyone would go over spots, did they allow you input or did you just let them call everything
At what point were you confident you could put together a match
Did the pressure ever get to you
What was it like working at Wrestlemania
Thoughts on Sable
Thoughts on Stacy Keibler and matches with her
Are you surprised at her success on Dancing with the Stars
When you were drafted to Smackdown, how did you find out? Did you know before the broadcast
How different was the SD locker room from Raw
Thoughts on Torrie
Whos idea was it to do the Dawn Marie feud
Thoughts on Dawn
Did you have any apprehensions about the angle
When did you start to get friendly with Charlie
When did you realize it was more than a friendship
What was it about him that made you fall for him
Did anyone try to screw with the relationship
Did your relationship with Charlie help or hurt you in any way
When were you first approached about Playboy
What was your reaction
Why did you turn it down
Do you regret it
What happened to the angle with you, Charlie, and Dawn. It stopped suddenly
Charlie had strong words against Dave Lagana, what are your thoughts on him
Thoughts on Kurt Angle
Thoughts on Bradshaw
Thoughts on the DUdleys
What was it like to go to Iraq
Were you scared
After your angle with Charlie was never followed up on, what were you told that the plans for you would be
Were you ever cautious you may be fired
At what point did you become confident in your abilities
How did you find out you were fired
Do you think it was fair for you and Charlie to both be fired
How did Charlie take it
Was it a strain on your marriage
What were your plans at that point in your careers
Did you plan on doing any indys
Thoughts on John Laurenitus
Did WWE retain the rights to Jackie Gayda
Is there anything you think you could have done differently to have stayed employed
What were your thoughts at your first indy
Was it a culture shock doing indys
Thoughts about the Ballpark Brawl and working with Traci Brooks
How did the girls treat you on the indys
Thoughts on April Hunter
Thoughts on working for WEW
Tammy Sytch in her shoot interview said you were disrespectful in a sense that she had to come over to you to introduce herself and you kinda blew her off, your reaction
Do you think you are misunderstood
Who has the most jealous or bitter girl been that you have encountered
Were you surprised that you were still a big part of the Divas book
How did you wind up in TNA
Why do you think TNA never went after Charlie initially
Is it hard on your marriage working for a separate company
Do you still go on the road with Charlie
Were you upset or disappointed when Charlie got hired back that you werent included
What did you think of his debut last Monday
INitial thoughts on TNA
Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett
What is your future
Do you think TNA has a future
Have you watched TNA since you started here
Do you think TNA at its current state will be able to succeed
Do you think anyone has tried to take advantage of you when Charlie isnt around
Thoughts on Gail Kim
Thoughts on Christian being a part of TNA
Do you want to parlay your wrestling career into something else
How have things gone for you so far in TNA
Why do you think out of all of the Tough Enough winners, Johnny Nitro has been the most successful
What are your current goals
Are you surprised at Mickie James’ success
Any good rib or road stories
How do you and Charlie keep your relationship fresh
Favorite girls to work with and why
Least favorite and why
Would you like to write a book at some point