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Before the “Divas”, before pillow fights & bikini contests, before reality shows, there was a women who entered the world of professional wrestling and earned her way by not only her stunning looks, but her tenacity and toughness. Proving she was every bit as tough as the boys, Jacqueline, better known in her early years as Miss Texas, trail blazed her way all the way from the territories to the biggest stages in the world. Listen to Miss Jackie describe her early years as a chance meeting of legendary manager Skandor Akbar began a career that started in 1989 and is still going strong today. She speaks about how the character of “Sweet Georgia Brown” was conceived and her early days in FMW. She goes in depth about learning the “stiff” Japanese style that would later make her both respected and feared by her opponents. Her career shifts as she adopts the name “Miss Texas” in the hot bed of wrestling, Memphis Tennessee, working for the USWA. Listen as she describes in detail one of the most famous matches of her career as she battled “Dirty White Girl” and what it was like to have her head shaved. She speaks proudly of being crowned the first ever women’s USWA champion. She tells of how she was discovered by WCW and the tricks she used to get noticed by the second largest company at the time. Jacqueline tells the story of how she would submit photos via mail to the offices of WCW. Kevin Sullivan took notice of her look and eventually she was put with him as a manager but Jackie tells the hilarious story about how no one knew she was an actual wrestler.That is of course until she began body slamming Sullivans opponent to the delight of the crowd. She recalls her greatest moments and failures of her WCW run. She delights in her telling the story of pinning Disco Inferno then describes what it was like attempting to fill the shoes of The Sensational Sherri as manager of Harlem Heat. She then pulls no punches and calls out WCW management over her controversial release. Some of the most compelling tales come from her eventual hiring and amazing run during the attitude era of the WWE. RF VIDEO puts her on the hot seat as she dishes the dirt on everything that went on behind the scenes in the land of the divas. Did Sable generate the kind of heat we hear about? Is Trish Stratus overrated? Who were her closest friends and who didn’t she see eye to eye with? Miss Texas does not disappoint and tells all! She then describes her final days in the WWE and how management handled her release. This is just a mere brushstroke of the stories that were told and it was well worth the decade long wait it took to get Jacqueline in front of our cameras. You will here the highs and lows of a career of simply put one of the toughest women to ever grace the squared circle. You will here the love and respect come from the mouth of not a DIVA, not “eye candy”, but a professional wrestler in every sense of the word.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up in Texas?

Did you ever attend World Class matches?

Who were your favorite talents?

What led to you wanting to get into the business?

What sort of athletic background did you have prior to training?

What was training with Skandar Akbar like?

What are your favorite memories of Akbar and what were some of the best lessons he taught you?

Do you think training with the other men toughened you up?

Did the business come easy to you? Was there any part of the actual physical aspect that was hard for you to pick up?

How long did you train before you made your debut?

Where did the Sweet Georgia Brown ring name come from?

Do you remember your first match?

Did you work the Texas indy scene at all when you started?

Memories of wrestling for FMW in Japan early in your career? How did that come about?

Memories of teaming with Megumi Kudo?Memories of wrestling Combat Toyoda?

Was there a big culture shock for you going to Japan for the first time?

Thoughts on the crazy FMW style overall?

Memories of working the LPWA?

Early memories of Lisa Moretti aka Ivory in LPWA?

Why do you think LPWA didn’t last?

Thoughts on there being all women’s promotions in the States today?

How did you end up getting booked in USWA?

Where did the Miss Texas name come from? Who suggested it?

First memories of Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett?

What was the atmosphere like working WMC-TV?

You debuted as Eric Embry’s manager – memories of working with Eric?

You were a big part of the USWA’s Texas vs. TN feud – memories of that?

Memories of working with Dirty White Girl, Kimberly?

You did some Mudpit matches at the time – did you have any problem doing those?

USWA had a ton of gimmick matches – was there ever anything pitched to you that you tuned down?

How was Dirty White Boy to work with?

Did you have any problem shaving your head as part of the feud?

Did you get an extra payday for it?

Talk a little bit about the schedule and the loops for the USWA tours?

Favorite USWA cities and venues? What was the atmosphere like in the Mid-South Coliseum?

Any strange interactions with fans during that era?

When did you find out that USWA was putting together a Women’s tournament and title?

Memories of the tournament?

Memories of working with Luna Vachon in USWA?

Memories of working with Debbie Combs?

Memories of Lauren Davenport?

Memories of working with Reggie B. Fine and Don Bass?

Memories of feuding with Downtown Bruno and Uptown Karen?

Memories of shaving Karen’s head?

Memories of feuding and tagging with Sweet Georgia Brown in the USWA?

How did you feel when Pro Wrestling Illustrated made you the first woman to be in the PWI 500?

One of the bigger trends on the independent scene today is inter-gender feuds and matches. Obviously, you were wrestling men 20 years ago in Memphis – how do you feel about the intergender matches and do you think it’s something that should be treated as a gimmick or side attraction or can something like that be more prominent nationally?

The USWA had a working agreement with WWF and had WWF talents coming in to work heel against the USWA stars – what did the roster think of the idea at the time?

Memories of Vince McMahon, Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Pat Patterson, Papa Shango and others coming to USWA?

We are going to toss some names at you from the Memphis era – memories of wrestling with them and being on the road with them?

Brandy Wine
Tom Prichard
Robert Fuller
Jimmy Valiant
Nurse Kratchett
Billy Joe Travis
The Moondogs
Bert Prentice
Eddie Marlin
Brian Christpher
Paul Neighbors
Chris Adams
Scott Bowden
Brandon Baxter

Memories of working for Herb Abrams?

When Jeff Jarrett was hired by the WWF, you appeared in a vignette with him – how did that come about? Was it something Jarrett produced himself or did Jarrett cast you?

True or false: You were supposed to debut as Jarrett’s manager but were injured so WWE didn’t bring you in at that point?

You worked a few shots for Smoky Mountain Wrestling as Sgt. Rock – what led to that and what are your memories of working for Jim Cornette?
Thoughts on Jarrett and Lawler selling the USWA to the Selker Group and the death of the USWA?

When the territory shut down, what was your immediate reaction?

Did WCW contact you or did you pitch yourself to the company?

Who made the call to hire you?

Obviously Kevin Sullivan was booking at the time, so you must have been thrilled he put himself with you?

Initial thoughts and memories of Eric Bischoff?

Compare the backstage scene in WCW to the USWA?

Were there any differences working Nitros live and working USWA TV live besides the size of the crowd?

Memories of Sullivan’s feud with Chris Benoit?

Memories of working with Woman?

You helped “retire” Sullivan after turning on him at Bash at the Beach 1997 – thoughts on being so important to the end of the feud?

When did you find out you were going to be put with Harlem Heat?

Memories of working with Booker T and Stevie Ray?

Was it hard becoming part of their act and replacing Sherri Martel?

You feuded with Disco Inferno in both USWA and WCW – memories of working with him?

In 1998, you jumped to the WWF. What led to your leaving WCW and going to WWF?

Was it Jim Ross who signed you? Do you remember the moment you signed your deal?

First memories of meeting Vince McMahon after being signed?

You debuted as Marc Mero’s manager as part of his feud with Sable? Memories of working with them?

Do you think working the split angle led to the end of their marriage? Do you think it’s fair for promoters to take real life relationships and turn them into storylines?

Memories of the bikini contest at The Fully Loaded PPV?

Did you take part in training Sable as a worker? What was the process like?

Memories of teaming with Mero against Edge and Sable at Summerslam 1998?

What’s the atmosphere like working in MSG?

What are your favorite venues or cities to wrestle in?

You wrestled Luna Vachon a lot in the summer of 1998 – how had she changed since the USWA matches?

There was a lot of talk about Sable having heat in the locker room and Luna having issues with her – what was the Divas locker room like during that era when WWF started adding so many women?

Who were the easiest and hardest women to get along with?

How did the male wrestlers treat the Divas at the time? You got to work mixed tags with The Brood and Val Venis in the summer of 1998 – memories of those matches?
Do you think you were more respected by the men since you had worked with men for a good part of your career?

The WWF Attitude style at the time was a very sexualized product – did you ever have any issues with how the women were pushed or used?

Thoughts on the following Divas from the Attitude Era:

Terri Runnels
Ryan Shamrock
Molly Holly

What led to the decision to split you and Marc Merro up?

WWF put you, Terri Runnells and Ryan Shamrock together as PMS – thoughts on that angle?

Thoughts on Vince Russo as a writer during that time?

Did you ever feel the WWF storylines got too tasteless? People bring up the Runnells miscarriage angle as one.

Memories of tormenting Shawn Stasiak as Meat and making him have sex with PMS, etc.

Thoughts on WWF creating the Women’s championship for the Divas?

You had a few runs with the title, was there one favorite match from those?

Thoughts on Stephanie McMahon becoming a wrestler and personality on the show?

Were you upset when they booked you to lose the belt to Stephanie since she wasn’t truly a wrestler?

Memories of your hardcore match with Lita?

When were you first approached about being a trainer for the first season of Tough Enough?

What did you think of the concept as a reality series?

There’s been talk that WWF personell went into it looking to find new talent and the MTV side went into it trying to make the best TV show – do you think that’s fair?

Was it weird for you to see WWF exposing the business so much?

Memories of working with Al Snow, Taz and Tori?

What was the casting process like?

Who did you think was going to win the day you started filming?

Memories of training and dealing with the cast members:

Bobbie Jo Anderson
Chris Nifong
Christopher Nowinski
Darryl Cross
Greg Whitmoyer
Jason Dayberry
Josh Lomberger (Josh Mathews)
Maven Huffman (winner)
Nidia Guenard (winner)
Paulina Thomas
Shadrick McGee
Taylor Matheny
Victoria Tabor

Do you feel talents like Maven, Josh and Nidia making it to WWF are part of your legacy in the business?

Anything you recall from the series that was filmed but didn’t make the air?

Was anyone eliminated that surprised you?

Thoughts on Trish Stratus – she’s portrayed as being one of the best female talents of all time – do you think that’s fair?

What was your reaction when WWF bought ECW and WCW?

How were the women from the other companies welcomed in the WWF locker room?

Were there any women who had to be humbled?

Thoughts on these women who became WWE Divas during that era:

Gail Kim
Torrie Wilson
Stacy Keibler
Mickie James
Jackie Gayda/Haas
Linda Miles aka Shaniqua

Why did Miles, who won Tough Enough Season 2, fail in WWF?

Beyond new talents, How did WWF change after buying WCW? Some say it was never the same after Wrestlemania 17.

Memories of the following talents, dealing with them in locker rooms, in the ring and on the road:

D=Lo Brown
Crash Holly
Steve Austin
Spike Dudley
Bob Holly
Tiger Ali Singh
The Rock
Kurt Angle
Ric Flair
Team 3D
Mr. Perfect
Stevie Richards
Chris Jericho
William Regal
Perry Saturn
Dean Malenko
Scotty Taylor
Big Show
Shane McMahon
Prince Albert
Teddy Long
Howard Finkel
Eddie Guerrero
Bull Buchanan
Steve Blackman

Were you on the flight from hell after the UK tour? If so, your memories of that infamous flight?

Why did WWE start using you as a referee?

You were under contract in 2003 and 2004 but weren’t being used in a prominent position. When that begins to happen , do you start to pitch ideas?

Where did the idea come for you to challenge Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight championship?

Thoughts on winning the belt and having the PPV bout against Chavo?

Do you remember the call where you were released? The line that was given is that the creative team had nothing for you. As a talent, when you hear that about yourself or someone else, how does that make you feel?

What was it like going back to the independents after the WWE run? How had the independent scene changed since the days of Miss Texas?

Thoughts on WWE recruiting women who are models, etc. via The Diva Search?

Let’s talk TNA. You made a few appearances in 2004. What were your immediate thoughts on the company? Did you think Jeff Jarrett could build another WCW?

You debuted against Trinity at the Turning Point PPV in 2004 -any memories of wrestling her stand out

You made another appearance a month later as a referee and then didn’t return – why didn’t you end up with a longer run?

You returned in 2007, aligned with James Storm to feud with Gail Kim. How had TNA changed since the first few appearances you made in 2004?

Compare working in TNA to working for WWE?

How had Vince Russo changed as a writer?

Thoughts on Dixie Carter?

Memories of the feud with Gail Kim? Did she really knock your teeth out in a street fight or was that a work?

Memories of managing Beer Money?

Memories of wrestling the following in TNA?

Rhaka Khan
Velvet Sky
Angelina Love
Brooke Adams/Miss Tessmacher
Awesome Kong
Sojourner Bolt
Traci Brooks
Shelly Martinez/Salinas
Karen Jarrett

What led to you leaving TNA in 2007?

You returned in 2011 as ODB’s partner – what led to you bring brought back to the company?

Did the company ever seem like it was gaining any momentum?

You came back to work some of the One Night Only PPVs, including facing Taryn Terrell – thoughts on her?

Would you be open to working for TNA again?

Have you wanted to do a WWE return?

Are you let down they’ve never called you to return?

You’ve been doing some acting in recent years – talk about the difference between wrestling and acting?

Let everyone else know what you are up to in life today?

Favorite road or rib stories?

Thoughts on WWE bringing Tough Enough back?

Thoughts on WWE giving the Divas their own reality series?

How insane would that show have been with the Attitude era roster?

Any final thoughts or comments for your fans?