Jake Roberts 2021 Shoot Interview

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Jake "The Snake" Roberts sits down with RF VIDEO for the first time in over a decade to discuss his path to sobriety, how he saw the light and how Diamond Dallas Page changed his life.  We discuss what it was like to go thru the transformation and what lies ahead for Jake the Snake Roberts.

This was a quick interview about staying positive and making changes in your life.  We also talked about his documentary that everyone has seen.  We also talk about AEW and their product.  What his plans are in the business since he is no longer a active wrestler. We talk about some of the top AEW stars and what he thinks of the product.  The interview also talks about his recent health issues as this was conducted in our studio in 2021.  If you love Jake the Snake this interview is a fun little recap of what Jake has been up to in the last 10 years since our last interview.