Jake Roberts Shoot Interview

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This video that was conducted in the RF Video offices was done with one of the most controversial wrestlers in the business. Jake talks about the horror stories about growing up and being in the business with his father. Speaking of horror, Jake also talks about the heat between Bill Watts and himself during his Mid-South days and what actually led to the downfall between the two. Topics are switched as Jake talks about his life in World Class, with more of those amazing Von Erich stories that we are accustomed to on these RF Video Shoot Interviews. The Snake then talks about life in the WWF and the whole concept of bringing a live snake to the ring. More actual snake stories are told like when the snake, not Jake, but the actual snake goes to the bathroom in the ring, and what guys were actually afraid to work with the animal. Find out the reasons why Jake never had a program with Hulk Hogan, and why he left the WWF the first time. Also find out what happened when Jake went to WCW when Bill Watts was in charge, and that disasterous match at Halloween Havoc with Sting. Jake then talks about his demons and his much publicized drug use. Does Jake use drugs? Well it is not really a secret, but he tells us exactly what he does! Also find out how he felt when he returned to the WWF, and they incorporated his drug use into his character. Jake also discussed Beyond The Mat, and how he felt he was deceived and lied to about that project. Great wrestling stories are included with one of the most personal interviews we have ever done, as there is no holding back on this one.