James Ellsworth Shoot Interview

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Any man with a dream has a chance, let alone any man with two hands has a fighting chance once said a great wise man by the name of James Ellsworth. For the first time ever James Ellsworth sits down for his first ever RFVIDEO exclusive shoot interview. During this amazing candid one on one interview, James talks about his love for the business as a young teenager and how he followed his dream like many of today’s superstars.

James talks about his early days breaking into the business down in Baltimore MD and all of the indy companies that he worked for before getting his lucky break in the WWE. Like most superstars James was apart of many early WWE TV tapings helping out as an extra. You will hear all about his adventures behind the scenes before he got his first bout with mic time with Braun Strowman.

Who’s idea was it for his promo and what was it like really working with the monster? Why did Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose take a liking to him and how much input did he have in his character. What was his relationship with Vince and how did the boys react to him getting a push over guys that have been around before him down in NXT. What was it like to work a program with AJ Styles so early on. You will hear how wrestling in MSG impacted him as a fan. What was it like to work with Shane and Bryan?

James talks about working with Carmella and how that transition came about. Did he like that idea and what was it like working the loop and getting to be on all of the major PPV’s like Survivor Series and Royal Rumble and especially WrestleMania. We talk all about any major angles or programs that he was in. James was very open and honest about all of the talent he got to work with and around and if you love the WWE product and want to hear tons of cool locker room and road stories involving all of your favorites this is one interview not to miss.

We talk about his release from the company and his thoughts on it. Does he think he will ever go back and what is his new outlook now that he is back on the indy scene with a new gimmick. We play the name game with James as well as him giving this thoughts on his career from the very beginning to just a few weeks back. It has been one very lucky ride for Mr Ellsworth and this shoot interview is like a rollercoaster ride as you will get to hear all about the highs and lows and how exciting it has been for him to live his dream thus far.

Memories of growing up in Baltimore?
What made Baltimore such a big wrestling city?
When did you first become a pro wrestling fan?
Who were your favorites growing up?
What led to you wanting to get into the business?
Axl Rotten is credited as your trainer – what are your first memories of him?
What was he like when you first met?
How was he as a trainer – what were best pieces of advice he gave you?
What aspect of the business did you find came to you the easiest and the hardest?
Obviously, Axl had a lot of personal demons….what are your thoughts on his passing?
How do you think he should be remembered in the business?
How long did you train before you made your debut?
You originally worked as Jimmy Dream, where did that name come from?
Memories of your first independent match?
Memories of teaming with Adam Ugly as Pretty Ugly?
You actually worked one of the early CZW Tournament of Death shows in a non-death match, teaming with Drew Gulak vs. BLK OUT – what are your memories of that atmosphere and the insanity of that company at the time?
You also promoted your own company, Adrenaline Championship Wrestling (ACW) – talk about what its like promoting your own shows and the hardest part about it – and whether its work the hard work and risk and frustration that goes into it?
Obviously, your WWE career begins with your enhancement match against Braun Strowman on Raw, but you were making appearances as an extra and as a Rosebud for Adam Rose before that, so lets’ talk about how you first start making your WWE appearances – how do you get the company to book you?
As someone who went from an extra to a featured talent in the company what advice do you have your talents trying to get booked there and trying to be seen?
What are the biggest mistakes you see people make when they are booked to work for the compank ?
When you are an extra, what talents go out of their way for you and which just didn’t want to be bothered dealing with the extras?
After the 2016 brand split, Braun Strowman is moved to Raw and you are used as an enhancement talent to help get him over. Memories of that day and when you found out you were being tapped for that segment?
Braun was very early in his run in the company – what was he like?
You were even given a promo before the match where you declared “any man with two hands has a fighting chance” before Braun wiped you out – who produced the segment and scripted the lines – and why do you think the line got over so well?
What sort of feedback did you get after the segment backstage?
After the match, there was some buzz about you online – what was your reaction to that?
Did you see an immediate uptick in your indy bookings?
In the weeks that follows, Chris Jerichjo has you on his podcast and its said that he went to bat for you for WWE to do something more with you – what did that mean to you and why do you think Jericho went out of the way for you like that?
It’s also said that Dean Ambrose really pushed for you to be signed – were you surprised by that and how did that support make you feel?
Were there others behind the scenes you feel didn’t get the credit for helping you out that you’d like to mention here?
In September 2016, you are brought in for a cameo where you were going to team with AJ Styles as a surprise partner, only to be laid out by Miz. What led to you being booked for that?
Differences backstage between a Raw and a Smackdown taping?
You are brought back the following month to face AJ Styles? Your reaction when you kept getting called to come back? How do you wrap your head around the idea you are wrestling the WWE Champion?
you think the company was going to sign you at this point?
Thoughts on Styles as a worker?
Thoughts on the finish where Dean Ambrose helps you beat Styles and were you surprised WWE put you over like that given you weren’t signed?
Obviously you were there to help forward the Ambrose-Styles storyline, but were given any indication this was leading to a bigger slot?
Thoughts on working with Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon in segments leading to the Survivor Series in 2016?
Thoughts on Bryan being able to return to the ring?
Who’s writing and producing your segments at this point?
You are officially signed by the company at Survivor Series 2016 – when did you find out they were officially signing you and did you believe it was actually going to happen before that point?
Have you had any conversations with Vince or HHH at this point?
Are you dressing with the rest of the locker room at this point or with the extras?
When do you feel you are finally accepted by the locker room?
Who are you traveling with on the road at this point?
Favorite memories of being on the road with that group/person?
What’s the best and worst part of being on the road full-time?
You get to interfere in the Raw vs Smackdown match, causing your old pal Braun Strowman to be eliminated. He then puts you through a table – thoughts on getting to work with Braun again?
Memories of your ladder match with AJ Styles?
You interfere in the AJ vs. Dean TLC match, helping Styles win with the idea that you’ve already beaten him, so if he wins the bout, you could now beat him for the WWE title – what did you think of that twist for your character?
Thoughts on working with Dean on screen?
Memories of making your MSG debut against Curt Hawkins?
Was it special working in that building?
What do you think were the best venues to perform in?
AJ wipes you out, which leads to you being put with Carmella – thoughts on her as a worker and as a person?
As we record this, she’s officially the Smackdown Women’s Champion – thoughts on her success?
Who came up with the idea of putting you with Carmella?
Did you like the idea?
You got to work the 2017 Royal Rumble, for about 30 seconds – talk about the planning and work that goes into putting that match together and what it was like being part of that process – how is Rumble day different from other PPV events?
You get to debut at Wrestlemania 33, managing Carmella – take us through what it’s like to live through Wrestlemania week as a WWE talent.
How is that week different from any other on the road?
Memories of AXXESS or Hall of Fame?
You walk into the Stadium for the first time and its your first time working Mania – what’s going through your mind, as someone who was a fan?
How long was that ramp? We’ve heard of people saying they were tired just walking to the ring?
Anyone special that popped up Mania week that you got to meet – there’s lots of celebrities who pop up?
Memories of teaming with Carmella vs. Cena and Nikki on Smackdown?
What’s John like behind the scenes – is he one of the boys or is he keeping to himself?
Memories of interfering and helping Carmella win the first ever women’s Money in the Bank match?
There were a lot of fans upset that a man was responsible for the finish of the first ever womens matcb? Do you see that as getting heat as a heel or do you think they have a point?
When the finish was presented to you, did you have any worry about it sending the wrong message or was it not your place to say?
Was there ever anything presented to you that you turned down or had an issue with?
This led to a rematch, which Carmella won, after you interfered again – leading to an on screen suspension. When you were told about the suspension, did you worry the company was starting to wrap you up?
What was your thought when the company broke you up with Carmella?
Did you guys try to fight it?
Had you pitched any other ideas for yourself coming out of the breakup?Live?
Was there ever any talk of moving you to 205
You were on the European tour where Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were sent home – what was the issue there?
When did you find out the company was letting you go?
Did you ever get a clear reason?
Do you think you did anything to get heat?
What was the first thing you did after you got the call?
Thoughts on the following talents:

Jinder Mahal
Randy Orton
Becky Lynch
Tamina Snuka
Kevin Owens
Sami Zayn
New Day
Big Cass
Dolph Ziggler
Big Show
Brock Lesnar
Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins
Bray Wyatt
Harper & Rowan
What led to you creating the Intergender title for indy bookings?
What do you think about how the indy scene is flourishing right now?
Memories of working Pete Dunne in Canada?
Thoughts on Billy Corgan’s NWA after having challenged Nick Aldis in California?
Do you think Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana are on the ight path?
You had a chance to get in the ring with a lot of the current top indy talent since leaving WWE – thoughts on the following
Joey Ryan
Matt Riddle
Penelope Ford
Jimmy Havoc
Thoughts on the Joey Janela Spring Break show Mania 34 weekend?
Did it bother you working Mania weekend but not being part of the company?
Who is out there that you want to work with on the indy scene?
Do you hope WWE calls you back at some point?
What was the best and worst part about working for WWE?
Ever thought about writing a book about your experiences?
Favorite city and country to perform in front of?
Favorite ribs?
What’s next for James Ellsworth?
Have you thought about opening your own training school?
Any final words for everyone out there?