Jazz & Rodney Mack Shoot Interview

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RF Video is proud to present a rare Shoot Interview. We sat down with one of pro wrestling’s most successful married couples to talk about their careers, life outside of the ring, and what it takes to keep a successful wrestling marriage together. Additionally, hear a side to a wrestling hall of famer that you won’t hear anywhere else. It is with great pleasure that RF Video presents the Jazz and Rodney Mack Shoot Interview.

Jazz is regarded as one of the most talented female pro wrestlers in the business. Jazz has traveled all over the world and has competed in some of the biggest events in wrestling history, including WrestleMania 17. Jazz opens up in this rare interview about the major hurdles she had to jump through as both an African American and a female wrestler to become a success in the wrestling business. From racism to sexual harassment, Jazz has a tremendous story of success told here in this RF Video Shoot Interview.

Rodney Mack’s pro wrestling lineage goes back further than his days in ECW and the WWE. Rodney is the nephew of the late WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, the Junkyard Dog. Rodney has some great stories about JYD which have never been told before. What was it like growing up the nephew of one of wrestling’s biggest stars? Rodney tells you about it. Rodney also opens up training with JYD and has some great stories about breaking in under one of wrestling’s most controversial characters.

Both Jazz and Rodney talk about their runs in ECW. Both talk about how they got into ECW, and integrating into the locker room. Both also talk about the fall of ECW and what the loss of ECW meant to them. Was there heat between Rodney and New Jack over Jack’s incident with JYD? Were they surprised or did they see it coming? What were the last days of the original ECW like? What would they change if they could have? What are their thoughts on Paul Heyman and his role in their careers? Hear all of the tales about the legendary stars of the original ECW, the road stories, ribs, and more from this wrestling couple.

Both also talked about their journeys in the WWE. For Jazz, it was success where as Rodney struggled. Rodney gets very emotional as he reflects back on mistakes made in the WWE. Rodney is also very vocal about two individuals that he didn’t like one bit in the WWE. Who are they and why do they feel the wrath of Rodney Mack. How did Rodney going from being such a big heel in the White Boy Challenge to being relegated to opening the shows in a matter of a few months and why? Rodney also tells a great story about refusing to do a job for one of the WWE’s biggest stars and the aftermath of that incident.

Jazz also talks openly about the political structure of the Diva locker room. How does she feel about the change in WWE women’s wrestling? Who did she like and dislike working with? Hear some great stories about all of her fellow divas from Lita to Trish Stratus to Victoria. Jazz talks about how hot business got after WrestleMania 17 and her place on the cards. Jazz also didn’t particular care to work with a few WWE women’s wrestlers and she will tell you who and why. If there is one thing you will appreciate about Jazz, it is her honesty and she holds nothing back in this shoot interview.

Hear all of the in-ring stories, the road trips, the ribs, and more from both sides of the ECW and WWE locker rooms. How hard is it to keep a wrestling marriage together? How did Rodney deal with Jazz’s success as he struggled? Does either feel they were treated differently because of their marriage or race? All gloves are off as RF Video, Inc is proud to present an explosive interview with one of pro wrestling?s first couples Jazz and Rodney Mack.

How did you get into the business
Did you have plans to play basketball professionally
Were you a fan previously
Initial memories of Rod Price
Describe Rod as a trainer
Were you aware of his wrestling career
What was the hardest thing to pick up in training
Did you ever have regrets during training
Were you treated different as a woman during training
Memories of your first match
Memories of working the indys early on
Did anyone mentor you
How did you get booked in ECW
Initial impressions of Paul Heyman
Did you have any problems being a woman in the locker room
How soon were you accepted by the locker room
Did you have any mentors there
Memories of your first matches there with Riptide
What kind of feedback did Paul give you
Did any of the guys have issues selling for you
Memories of matches with Jason
Memories of Taz
Memories of Sabu
Memories of Sandman
Memories of matches with Roadkill and Doring
Memories of Tommy Dreamer
Memories of your angle with Lou E
What was the party scene like in ECW
Who helped you craft your promos
Favorite traveling partners
Any good travel stories
Memories of Jasmine St. Clair
Memories of Francine
When did you think ECW was closing
Did you have any problems with your pay
Did you ever try to get a straight answer from anyone
How come you weren’t on the last shows
How different was it adjusting to the indys after ECW
Was it hard to find good girls to work with
Did you have any apprehensions about doing work for WEW
At any point did you think about looking into another career
How did you wind up in the WWE
Did you ever expect to work in the WWE or was it a big surprise
How different was it adjusting to their locker room and rules as opposed to the free spirited ECW locker room
Initial impressions of Vince McMahon
Were you worried about being stuck in the diva bra and panty matches
Did you have to adjust your work style, soften up at all
How did the ECW crew react to your signing
Did you sense jealousy from anyone
Memories of your first night in the WWE
Memories of your first match against Lita
Do you think anyone tested you at all
Were the girls welcoming or did anyone have problems with you
Did anyone take you under their wing
Memories of your run with Trish
Did you like working with Trish
Were you surprised when Paul came over
Did you sense any jealousy that you got a top program immediately
Memories of your matches with Jacqueline
Again, did you have any problems with guys selling for you
How approachable was Vince
Thoughts on Fit Finley
Memories of matches with Molly
Memories of working with the Dudleys
Memories of Stacy Keibler
Memories of matches with Gail Kim
Are you surprised at her success outside of the WWE
Memories of your WrestleMania 18 match
What was it like to be a part of such a huge show
Memories of Hulk Hogan around this time
Memories of The Rock
Memories of Steve Austin
How hot was business during that time
Was their any kind of a testing period for new WCW talent when they came in
Fav girls to travel with
Any good travel stories
Memories of matches with Ivory
Memories of working with Stevie Richards
What happened when you tore your ACL
Did you feel any pressure to come back
How did the WWE treat you during that time
Do you think you came back too early
Did you like your return
Do you think that the WWE should have done more to change up the rotation and look for new girls for everyone to work with
Did it bother you when the WWE started recruiting models to wrestle
Did you have a hard time wrestling with those girls
Did any of the original girls rib or test the new girls
Did you feel as if it was a slap in the face
Memories of working in OVW with Linda Miles and Jackie Gayda
Memories of your run with Victoria
Did you ever feel held back as a black female wrestler
Some people accuse the WWE of being racist, do you agree
Was it better or worse for your marriage when Rodney got a job
Did you feel pressured since you were successful and things didn’t work out for him
Memories of matches with Nidia
Your release took people by surprise, did you see it coming or were you shocked
Why do you think it happened
How did you find out
Do you think the door is open for a return
Best road stories from your time in the WWE
Best ribs you saw
Once again, how hard was it to adjust to the indys
Which wrestling death has hit you hardest and surprised you most
Was there anyone you started working with the indys that really surprised you in a good or bad way
Fav girls to work with on the indys
Were you surprised when you heard about all of the ECW reunion shows
Why do you think it is still so popular with its fan base
Thoughts on matches with April Hunter
Thoughts on matches with Traci Brooks
Thoughts on matches with Nikki Roxx
Can a full time womens company work in 2009
How did Dirtysouth Wrestling come about
What were the pitfalls and struggles of running your own company
How did you wind up back in the WWE
Were you surprised when you got the call
Did you expect to stay awhile
How did things change
Were you treated any different knowing this was short term
Memories of your match with Mickie
Did you like doing the house shows
Why do you think you were never put back on television
Memories of your Japan tours
Did you like the style over there
Do you think Rodney got a fair shot in the WWE
Have you ever talked to anyone in TNA
Do you think you’ll get one more major run
What happened to Wrestlelicious
Do you want to write a book
Thoughts on Stephanie McMahon
Do you think women are expected to sleep their way to a big push in wrestling
Advice for women getting into wrestling
What do you do today other than wrestle
Would you ever want to book for a company