Jerry Lynn Shoot Interview

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Former ECW World Champion.
Former TNA X-Division Champion.
Former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion.
Journeyman Wrestler and Crusierweight Legend.

The New FN Show comes to RF VIDEO for the FIRST TIME EVER in a shocking new shoot interview…and he’s PISSED!

Jerry Lynn, a name synonymous with quality wrestling, has been everywhere in the wonderful world of pro wrestling.  He’s wrestled under a hood as Mr. JL on Nitro. Had career defining matches against RVD in ECW.  Was one of the forefathers of TNA’s much heralded X-Division in the company’s early existence. Had well respected WWE Light Heavyweight Championship run that was sparked with controversy. Lynn has traveled up and down the long road of wrestling and has seen it all. Now he’s come to RF Video for an exclusive shoot interview that allows him to speak his mind openly on his travels and career.

Without any restrictions, Jerry was finally free to air his feelings on many subjects in his career that he has had to keep a lid on until now. You’ll get his first hand thoughts on every subject imaginable including, ECW, WWE, Japan, TNA, Global, CZW, 3PW, WCW and every other Podunk wrestling company he worked in between. You want to see bridges get burned? Well hold on tight as Jerry’s holding the match and is ready to light a humongous fire!

Long time ECW fans are going to finally here what Lynn thought about all the big names in the company. Paul Heyman. Steve Corino. RVD. Tajiri. Rhino. Justin Credible. Stuff that has never been talked about before finally comes to the front of the table. Bounced checks. Finally being given the strap. Sandman naked in the ring down in Florida. Refusing to work the last PPV against Van Dam. It’s all here and so much more!

But it’s not just ECW as Lynn spends a lot of time in the other three circuses he was at, WWE, WCW, and TNA. You’ll hear about his infamous matches with X-Pac. You’ll get Lynn’s true feelings on Dixie Carter. You’ll discover who the three WCW workers were that sabotaged his career. This is one of the most incendiary shoots that RF Video has ever been a part of and we couldn’t be prouder of it. Three solid hours of one of wrestling’s best hands being able to speak without limits for the first time.

How did you break into the business
What were your life plans before wrestling
Who did you enjoy watching growing up
Memories of Brad Rheingans
Memories of your first match
Memories of Horace the Psychopath
Memories of Lenny Lane
Memories of wrestling in the CWA
Thoughts on Jerry Jarrett
What do you remember about your first matches with Sean Waltman
Did you think you had something special
Did you guys get any heat early on or in Global from the vets for having such a high flying match
How did you get into Global
Memories of Joe Pedicino
Memories of Scott Levy
Memories of Mick Foley
Did you think Global would succeed
Why did you leave Global
Memories of Crossing the Bridge and how that came about
Memories of the UWF and teaming with Sean
How did you wind up in Michinoku Pro
Memories of your tours
Memories and thoughts on Taka Michinoku
Memories and thoughts on Great Sasuke
Is Sasuke’s ego was big as some people say
Was the style hard on your body
Who gave you the Sultan gimmick
Did you like wrestling with a mask
How come you didn’t stay long in Smokey Mountain
Thoughts on Jim Cornette
You had some WWF tryout matches, how did they come about
How did they go
How did the locker room treat you
How did you wind up in WCW
Initial impressions of Eric Bischoff
Who’s idea was it to put the mask on you
Memories of your matches with Sabu
Were you frustrated working there
Memories of matches with Dean Malenko
Memories of matches with Chris Jericho
How bad were the politics over there
How bad were the egos of some guys like Lex Luger and Kevin Nash
Were the older veterans helpful to the younger guys
Is it true that you never knew who was in charge there
How did you get hurt in WCW
How did you find out you were fired
If you stayed in WCW were you ever informed what the plans were for you
Was it in some ways a relief to be fired from WCW
How did you wind up back in the WWF for the light heavyweight tournament
Memories of your match with Taka
Were you confident you would get a job there
Were you treated any different this time around
Did they make you an offer
How did you wind up in ECW
Memories of your first show in MA against Chris Candido
Thoughts of Paul E. early on
Thoughts on the locker room
Memories of your first matches with Justin Credible
Did you like the ECW style
Did you look at ECW as long term or short term
Memories teaming with Tommy Rogers
Memories of matches with Candido and Storm
Thoughts on Lance Storm
Any good road stories with Al Snow
Was it frustrating early on to not have a bigger role in ECW
Memories of your first match with RVD in Plymouth Meeting
The next night you said you felt like you had been in a real fight, was he that stiff
Who’s idea was it for the Best of 7 series with Justin
Memories of the series
Are you surprised that Justin never caught on in the WWE or TNA
Memories of teaming with Masato Tanaka
Did you like the ECW road schedule
Lance Storm recently said that your match with him at November to Remember where Tammy ref’d was a disaster because of Tammy, do you agree
Who’s idea was it to feud you with RVD
Did it get any easier working with Rob more frequently
What do you think it was about Rob that made your matches so good
Are you surprised that even to this day the matches are remembered as classics
Memories of matches with Tajiri
Did you know Tajiri spoke English
Memories of matches against Steve Corino and Rhino
Were you surprised when Paul said he was going to give you the title
What do you remember about the whole deal with Mike Awesome
Do you still have heat with him over it
How do you think that affected ECW long term
Did you put any added pressure on yourself as champion
Memories of your 3 Ways with Corino and Credible
Were you ever contacted by WCW when you were in ECW
When did you know Paul was having money problems
At what point did you realize there were problems in ECW
Did Paul E ever lie to you
Was it discouraging the less and less he would come to house shows
Did you have in your mind a breaking point where if things didn’t turn around by this time you had a back up plan
What do you both think made ECW so successful, and at what point do you think ECW was at its highest point? Conversely, what do you think caused ECW to fail and what do you think other than the close itself was the lowest point?
Memories of the final ECW PPV
How much money were you owed by ECW
Did you ask Paul directly the future of ECW and if so what did he say
Memories of the final shows in Arkansas
How did you know it was finally over
Dave Meltzer wrote a lengthy piece about ECW and said that Vince McMahon’s deal as part of funding Paul was for Paul to steer talent towards Vince and away from WCW when leaving. What do you all think of that, and can you remember any instances where that happened?
What is the biggest misconception about ECW
Memories of the night the Sandman wrestled naked
What was your favorite crowd riot in ECW
Axl Rotten did a shoot where he mentioned the final years in ECW and the guys on top and said that those guys weren’t ECW, thoughts?
What do you miss most about your time in ECW
When ECW closed and you saw Paul Heyman on Raw a few weeks later what did you think
How did you wind up in the WWE
What do you remember about your negotiations with Jim Ross
Did you have any hesitations going in
What were their plans for you
Why do you think your match with RVD was cutup on Heat
After the match, did you feel good about it
Do you think things would have been different if the WCW guys weren’t integrated in when you came over
How did you get hurt
How did you find out about your release
Was the door open for a return
You wrestled in Australia about 24 hours after you were released, how did that come about
Thoughts on Andre McManus
After the dust settled, what were your career plans
Were you able to make a fulltime living on the indys
How did you wind up in MLW
Did you think it would succeed
Thoughts on Court Bauer
Were you surprised it went under
Thoughts on Court getting hired as a writer in the WWE
What was missing that nobody could put a finger on within the indys
Memories of your CZW dates
Memories of 3PW
How did you wind up getting into TNA
Initial thoughts
Do you think Jeff Jarrett overbooks himself at the expense of others
Can TNA compete with the WWE
Thoughts on your series with Sean Waltman
How was working with Sean different now compared to many years ago
What are your thoughts on the way that high flying wrestling has evolved since you and Sean put it on the map in Global
Does today’s generation of wrestlers understand how to work a good high flying match
What is the biggest problem with the indys today
Thoughts on AJ Styles
If you could change some things about TNA to make it more successful, what would they be
Thoughts on Vince Russo
You left for a brief period in TNA and came back, what happened there
Thoughts on TNA’s drug program
Is Dixie Carter a sucker
Did you like working as a road agent
Thoughts on teaming with Bob Backlund
Thoughts on teaming with Frank Wychek
Thoughts on your series with Chris Daniels
Is Kurt Angle a good or bad thing for TNA
How political is TNA
Is Kevin Nash good or bad for TNA
What percentage of the locker room in TNA do you think are there just for a check as opposed to the guys who are really loyal to the company
Can TNA sustain itself at its current rate
Why did you ask for your release
What will you be doing now
A few years ago there were a lot of rumors about RVD leaving the WWE and the independents already being hot on a series with you two. Did you think he was going to leave back in 2004?
Do you think you have an opportunity to go back to the WWE now that Paul is gone
Were there any attempts to use you through TNA for the first One Night Stand
Thoughts on the current ECW
You recently said that 1 of your career highlights was losing your mask to Gran Naniwa, why?
What is life like after wrestling
Do you have any advice for guys breaking in today
Would you want to write a book
Do you still have a passion for the business