Jesse Ventura Shoot Interview

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It took almost a decade to land one of RFVIDEO’s biggest shoot interviews of all time, and it was well worth the wait.  RF VIDEO sat down with one of wrestlings most colorful personalities of all time when former governor of MN, movie star and one of pro wrestlings most vocal icons took the RF VIDEO hot seat to conduct his very first pro wrestling shoot interview!!!

Jesse “The Body” Ventura proved why he is one of the best talkers of all time when he sat down with Rob Feinstein from RF VIDEO for his first ever exclusive shoot interview about his career in the wrestling business.  We talked about his start in the wrestling business from his training with Ed Sharky and being a huge Superstar Billy Graham fan growing up.   Jesse will take us down the path that he choose to make it into the business by talking about his training and how he broke into the business.  We look closely at the early promotions that he worked for in Portland for Don Owens and how he met some of wrestlings biggest names like Jimmy Snuka and Buddy Rose during that time period.  Jesse talks about working for Bob Geigel territory and has many behind the scene stories about his early days as he was about to become a break out star for the AWA.

Jesse had one amazing story after the other when discussing his early days working for Verge Gagne and the AWA.  Jesse worked with the biggest names in the AWA like Adrian Adonis, Bobby Heenan, Hulk Hogan, High Flyers and many other top stars during that era.  Jesse has an amazing gift for telling stories about his heyday in the business and it shines all thru out this DVD.

Why did Jesse quit the AWA and you will hear the famous story on how he let Verge find out he was going to the WWF.  Jesse has so many thoughts on the AWA that he shares for the very first time during this shoot interview.  DId Jesse like being paired with Bobby Heenan as their manager?  What did he think of Vernge Gagne as a promoter.  Should Verne Gagne have taken the million dollar deal that Vince put on the table to sell the company?  What was Bruiser Brody like outside the ring?  How did he get along with Hulk Hogan in the AWA?  You will hear all of this and so much more!!!

What about his brief run in Memphis TN, we covered it!!!  His matches with Jerry Lawler, Austin Idol and Stan Hansen…..

What was it like to work with Vince SR in the WWWF and how did he like being put with Freddie Blassie?  Jesse talks about his matches with Bob Backland in 1981 and his arm wrestling matches with Tony Atlas.  What was Andre the Giant like to work with?  Jesse talks on the difference between Vince Sr and Vince Jr as we learn how Jesse went to work for Vince JR after leaving the AWA.  What was it like working in the WWF around the Hogan boom?  How did Hogan change as he was now the top guy in the WWF?  Was Randy Savage really paranoid behind the scenes in the WWF

We talk about all of the top talent in the WWF during the 80’s from his famous team with Adrian Adonis, to battling Roddy Piper for the top heel spot in the company.  What did he think of Mr. T coming over to the WWF and why he loved Mr T.   Everyone knows that Jesse was the first guy to try to start a wrestling union to protect the wrestlers back in the 80’s and Jesse talks about his top secret locker room meeting to the wrestlers that got stooged off by Hulk Hogan to the office.  Jesse talks about the fall out and the phone call he got from Vince the next day.  Jesse talks about his history of having heat with Hulk Hogan and we address the rumors that Hogan said about Jesse for being a wife swapper.  This gets really heated at times as Jesse has some words for the Hulkster that you must hear for yourself.

How did Jesse and Vince wind up having their fall out?  What happened when Jesse went to shoot the movie the Predator and why he had a love/hate relationship with Vince after that was shot.  How did Jesse end up in the WWF as an announcer and what would have happened if Jesse never got sick and worked a program with Hulk Hogan that was scheduled.  Jesse talks about hosting the Body Shop and recounts some funny moments on the set.

There is no arguing that Jesse was one of the best color guys of all time.  You will hear from Jesse, on how Vince McMahon gave him total control for being the first ever heel announcer and how it effected the other announcers like Bruno Sammartino.  What was it like to work with Gorilla Monsoon?  How did he like working with Vince during his SNME run and doing weekly TV with Vince.  What did Jesse think of John Stosel getting slapped by DR D David Shultz on 20/20?  Jesse has tons of behind the scene stories during the time period that he was the lead color guy for WWF TV.  His stories are some of the most entertaining stories that we have ever captured.

Jesse talks about his lawsuits against the WWF for royalties and how it effected his relationship with Vince after he won the case.  Jesse for the first time ever talks about the phone call he got from Vince when the trial was over and how the phone call went down.  What went wrong with the XFL?   What did Jesse think about steroids in pro wrestling and drugs and what exactly did Jesse do when it came to making those choices?

Jesse tells us why he was never scared of quitting the WWF and why he eventually left for WCW.  Jesse tells us for the first time why his WCW run was a major let down and blames Jim Ross for wing hard to work with.  Jesse for the first time ever lets everyone know what Jim Ross did to Jesse when they worked together and in a shocking turn of events, we read Jesse some quotes that Jim Ross said about Jesse and their time working together and we get an amazing reaction from Jesse.

What was it like to work with Bill Watts and why he was past his time when he took over in WCW.  What did Jesse think about Eric Bischoff and get ready for some answers that I think Eric will not real like.  Jesse was being very open and honest when he talked about EricBischoff.  You want a shoot, you got it!!

We talked about the difference in working for WCW and WWF and why Jesse sat out on his contract during his final days in WCW.  Why did Jesse go back and do Summerslam and how was it to work with Vince again on Raw!!!  How was Jesse treated by the younger guys when he returned to the WWF.  Who does Jesse talk to in the business today?

What happened when Ric Flair asked Jesse for advice to run for mayor in NC? This is a great story!!!

Jesse talks with us about how he got into politics and we cover some incredible out of the ring stories about his views on the world.   The interview is 99% all wrestling talk and I can assure you that this is a very different interview than you have ever seen him take part in, as this was about his entire wrestling career from start to finish and Jesse even told us that he has never done a interview like this one before.  We cover all new material that has never been talked about before as this was his first ever wrestling shoot interview with anyone.

There is only one Jesse the Body Ventura and RFVIDEO the King of Shoots was able to land one of the biggest names of all time for a blow away interview that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the time that it starts until the ending.  I highly recommend this interview as his stories are among the best that we have ever recorded and we talk about pro wrestling during it’s biggest run during the 80’s with all the top wrestlers being talked about.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
What was your collegiate background
How did you get into the business
Memories of being trained by Eddie Sharkey
How many of todays pro wrestlers could make it through that kind of training
How much was kayfabed to you when you were training
Memories of your first match
Did anyone mentor you early on
Who did you travel with
Memories of working for Bob Geigel
He has a reputation for being cheap, is that true
How did you come up with the name Jesse Ventura
How much of an influence was Billy Graham
Memories of going to Portalnd
Initial impressions of Don Owens
Memories of matches with Jimmy Snuka
Memories of Roddy Piper from the area
Memories of Buddy Rose
Memories of teaming with Bull Ramos
How did you develop your promos
Memories of Rocky Johnson
How did you wind up in the AWA
Initial impressions of Verne Gagne
Memories teaming with Adrian Adonis
Memories of working with Bobby Heenan as your manager
Memories of your feud with Paul Ellering
Was Adrian your favorite partner
What made Adrian so good
Memories of matches with Verne and Mad Dog Vachon
Memories of matches with the High Flyers
Why did Greg no-show the match you guys got the titles? Was it an angle or did he really not show up?
Was Verne hard on his son
Good road stories
Memories of Hulk Hogan from the territory
What was the travel schedule like in the AWA
Memories of the Otto Wanz title change
Memories of Curt Hennig
Any memories of Curt’s ribs
Memories of Bruiser Brody
You were working in the AWA when Vince Jr took over and started expanding. Did you think he would put the territories out of business?
Memories of when Hogan, Okerlund, and Heenan left?
Memories of Vince McMahon Sr.
Memories of working with Freddie Blassie
Did you like having a manager
Memories of matches with Bob Backlund
Some have said that Backlund was paranoid as champ, did you get that impression
Memories of your run with Adrian in the WWF
Memories of your feud with Tony Atlas
At what point in your career did you feel you really started to get it
You kind of left the WWWF abruptly during your first run. Was this planned or did you walk out?
Memories of working with Lawler in Memphis
Did you like Memphis
Memories teaming with Stan Hansen
Memories of matches with Austin Idol
Memories of matches with Andre the Giant
How did you wind up in the WWF
Was Verne upset you didn’t come back
Do you think Verne should have sold
Initial impressions of Vince Jr?
How did things change when Hulk Hogan came in
Did Hogan change from when you knew him in the AWA
You and Hulk have had an on again off again relationship for decades, why do you think that is?
Hulk made some accusations about you being a wife swapper and smoking pot with you and Adrian during a Howard Stern appearance, your thoughts
Memories of matches with Ivan Putski
You were supposed to have a run with Hogan when you discovered the agent orange. How do you think the program would have done?
How did Vince Jr. react when you told him you were sick
Did you ever get the impression Vince Jr. was in over his head
Whose idea was it to move you to announcer
How did you gel with Vince immediately
You spent a lot of time with Vince, what surprised you most about him
Bruno Sammartino has said that he felt he was pushed out as an announcer, do you agree
Did you sense immediate chemistry with Gorilla Monsoon
Favorite moments with Gorilla and Vince
Why do you think some great promo men like Superstar Graham can’t make the announcer transition?
Initial impressions of Randy Savage
Did you like teaming with him
Did anyone ever get upset with you for anything you said to them in the Body Shop
Did you ever feel like there was a rivalry between you and Roddy Piper to become that top heel personality
How did your life change as the WWE grew
Did you think WrestleMania would work
Thoughts on putting Mr. T in there as a wrestler
You came back for a match against Barry O at MSG, how did that happen?
Were there plans for you to continue wrestling?
What was the dispute you and Vince had over a video game?
Did Vince have a problem with you doing Predator?
Did you see the fight between Adrian Adonis and Dan Spivey?
For years there was always this story about you trying to start a union and Hogan squashing it, is that true
Do you think the WWE guys should unionize today?
Do you think it is legal to classify WWE wrestlers as contractors?
Why do you think nobody has been successful at proving this in court?
Did Vince’s relationship with you change after Hogan exposed the union idea
The WWE had never seen a heel announcer like you. Did Vince place any limitations on you?
Did the boys see you differently when you moved from wrestler to announcer with Vince?
Any good Gorilla stories?
Were you surprised when Dusty Rhodes came over?
Were you surprised at how well Bobby did as an announcer?
Thoughts on Adrian’s crossdresser gimmick?
Memories of the Iron Sheik
How did things change after the 20/20 episode
Who were your favorite guys to work with during your WWF during your run
Any good Mr. Fuji rib stories
Are you and Vince still on the outs?
Why is he upset with you?
How did you get involved in the XFL
Where do you think that it went wrong?
Someone recently said you were hard to work and very stiff in the ring. How do you respond?
What made your sue Vince for royalties?
Did Vince ever call you during this?
Did any of the boys thank you for opening up this new source of revenue?
You once said that steroids in wrestling are a necessity. Can you elaborate?
You once said that Brock Lesnar told you that Ultimate Fighting was easier than wrestler, can you elaborate?
You became a member of the SAG union after you filmed Predator. Why do you think pro wrestlers aren’t in SAG when they are on television every week?
Does it bother you that some of your announcing has been cut out of WWE and WCW
What was your favorite wrestling memory?
How did you wind up in WCW
Can you talk about the difference in organization in WCW and the WWE?
Thoughts on some of the WCW guys at the time? Sting, Lex Luger, The Steiners
Some have accused you of phoning it in during your WCW run, your thoughts
Memories working with Jim Ross
Jim Ross said of working with you, “I wanted JR and The Body to be perfect, but we simply weren’t. I’ll take responsibility for that one..” Thoughts?
He also said in an interview he was very bitter that he was working a lot more than you and getting paid half of what you made. Did you sense that from him?
Memories of Bill Watts coming in
Memories of Eric Bischoff
Did you enjoy WCW at all
Did Vince ever reach out to you to come back
How did you wind up going into politics
How were the wheels put in motion for you to referee at SummerSlam?
Is it true they changed the finish from Triple H going over because they didn’t want you raising a heel’s hand?
How was Vince to work with during that time?
You once said that wrestling was in the dark ages. Do you still believe that?
Why do you think Tag Team never took off?
You came back to the WWE to host RAW, what was that like
What was it like to do commentary again with Vince
Did you get the bug at all to come back full time or even semi regularly?
How did the new guys and younger talent treat you?
Do you think that Vince has a sense of insecurity with you around?
Are you surprised Hulk Hogan is still in the business full time?
Thoughts on Hulk as a booker?
Can pro wrestling have another boom period?
Why do you think you are the only pro wrestler to successfully turn politician?
Have other guys approached you for advice?
Do you think Vince will ever have you back for a guest shot?
Does it bother you that he doesn’t include you in nostalgia events and video game?
Do you prefer to be recognized as Jesse Ventura former politician or Jesse Ventura former pro wrestler
If you never got into politics would you have gone back to pro wrestling?
Does it bother you when people question your Navy SEAL credentials?
Do you think Ric Flair could ever become a successful politician in North Carolina?
Are you surprised at all of the money Linda McMahon has spent on her campaigns?
Were you surprised that Obama and Hillary campaigned on WWE television?
You were very protective of your family during your time as governor. Are you surprised that Hulk has put his family out there the way he has and others like Ric have tried to do the same on reality TV?
Do you think blading should be banned from wrestling?
Are pro wrestling and politics alike?
Best road story from anywhere
Best rib you ever saw
Favorite and least favorite opponents