Jim Cornette 2014 Shoot Interview

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When you hear the phrase that RF VIDEO  coined some fifteen years ago, “shoot interview” there is only one legend that without a shadow of a doubt can fulfill your wildest imagination by delivering interviews that are still talked about till this day.  He is the king of shoot interviews, he is by far the most outspoken professional wrestling personality of all time and in my opinion one of pro wrestlings greatest talkers and minds in our industry. It is with great pride and pleasure and a true honor to announce that Jim Cornette after a 10 year plus absence has returned home with RFVIDEO for a brand new explosive shoot interview that is sure to over heat your TV due to controversial, turmoil and one of the wildest interviews that we have ever conducted!!!!!

RF VIDEO went out and set up our most elaborate set as well for this interview as we wanted this to be something very special.  We also hired former WWE announcer Matt Striker to conduct the one on one interview that lasted three hours long. After the lighting was turned on, the mics were set up it was time to capture one of our best shoots of the year as Jim Cornette came into the studio with so much to get off his chest and I can promise you that everyone will be talking about this one for many decades to come.

We covered the two major companies that Jim worked for over the last 10 years which would be TNA and ROH.  We know its not secret on what happened with Jim Cornette in both companies as he faced many personalities who he did not get along with and also in both cases obstacles were placed in his way to not allow him to do the best job possible.  Now for the first time ever, Jim Cornette uncensored and unleashed gets to tell his side of the story….RF VIDEO SHOOT STYLE!!!!!

What happened in TNA the first time Jim Cornette came face to face with Vince Russo, was there tension working together, were there secret phone calls between the two before he came into TNA, how did the tension build, his real thoughts on TNA and the front office including Dixie Carter, what happened between once long time friend Terry Taylor and Jim Cornette and so much more.  We dissect every moment that Jim spent working for TNA until the end and it’s one story you got to hear.

After his TNA run we get into his last time in ROH when things did not go so smooth and Jim Cornette while he had all the resources to take ROH to the next level his hands were tied on just as many levels.   Jim lashes out against certain subjects and wrestlers on why his run in ROH was not to his liking.  What he had to deal with when Mark Cuban and HD Net and than later Sinclair broadcasting got involved in the company. How much power did he really have in the company when it came to booking?  The transition behind the booking of power with Adam Pearce and Delirious and what role did he have in it.  His thoughts on top ROH talent speaking out against him in a negative fashion like Austin Aries and Kevin Steen.  What went down on why he quit and left the company at one of his final TV tapings and what he really thinks of some of the members of the staff that he had to work with.

You’re going to need a seat belt for this interview because you will be on a roller coaster ride the entire time as soon as you hit play on your DVD player.   If you thought his dairy queen rant was anything years back than this interview will make that look like a nursery rhyme.  Jim Cornette is back in the RF VIDEO HQ for the shoot of the decade….and after you watch it, you will already be hitting play to watch it all over again because it’s just that incredible!!!  We give this shoot interview 5 *****!!!

How have you been over the past 10 years..Its been a decade since you sat down with RF VIDEO.

Over the last 10 years you worked for TNA and ROH and we are going to talk about both today and we are also going to get your opinions of the current state of the wrestling business.

How did you land a job with TNA  who called who?

Initial thoughts of Dixie Carter…

You had a long relationship with Jeff Jarrett did he change with his role as a person towards you in TNA?

Were you looking at this as just a payday or did you really think that TNA could change the industry for the better and present a product that you would stamp your name to it and be proud to represent it.

How did you make the deal to go into TNA with Vince Russo working there since you had long time heat with him….was there any terms or demands on your part?

Did you talk to him on the phone before you went in?

What were you being hired for and what was your specific role in the company?

What was your typical week like for TNA describe your functions behind the scenes.

Did you have any positive experience or accomplishments come out while you were with TNA

What were some of your creative ideas in TNA that got used

Was everything between you and Russo ok at first and were you guys just baby facing each other at first at meetings and in the hallways?

How embarrassing was it to be a part of TNA  with the creative being so bad and did you speak up at the meetings.

Thoughts on Vince Russo’s creative ideas or lack of during meetings

Did he do way to much stuff in the way of a dog and pony show?

Did Vince Russo do way too many hotshot angles?

Do you think Vince Russo is delusional and how he blames everybody else but

Were you able to take Dixie ever on the side and tell her your opinions on what was wrong with the company or was she not approachable since she was the boss?

Since she was not “smart” to the business would she even understand you if you told her what was wrong

Thoughts on how TNA would hire every WWE guy who was let go and was that good for the company.

One of the reasons they claim they let you go was because you were not behind them creatively  What is the real story again why you and TNA parted ways. Did it have to do with Ed Ferrara coming into the company and he demanded and had Russo get you fired and then when he came in he never even last long too.

Did you blame others in the office for all of this and how they handled it and how hurt were you that you have such a passion for this business.

What was the final straw did it have to do with Eric Youngs push?

How upset were you with the company when they leaked the story to the Sun that you were gone.

Did anyone take your back like Dutch Mantell or Jarrett during this

Do you still have the dreams of killing Vince Russo

What is the Terry Taylor “stooge test.”

I am sure there are to many to list what were some of the other things that upset you while you were with TNA as far as things they did when they booked TV or did angles.

Thoughts when spike went head to head with raw was it a good move for the company?

Thoughts on TNA cutting the Pay Per View schedule back this year?

Was taking TV on the road the smart move?

What do you think is the future for TNA do you think they will go under since its clear now that Dixie’s father is not putting any good money into the company

Do you think that Hogan will go back to TNA now that his contract has expired or make his final run with WWE

Were you shocked when Vince Russo left TNA and what are your thoughts on how that went down

Thoughts on hogan and Biscoff in TNA and do you think they ruined the company by sucking it dry and taking as much money as they could from Dixie.

Thoughts on guys being pushed in Tna all old guys instead of young guys and how that is killing the company

If you had total control of the book in TNA and the funds to do with what you wanted, what would you do to make the company thrive if it was possible

Is Dixie a Mark For Hogan

Do you think Bruce Prichard had a chance when he was in TNA or was he just an escape goat.

Do you think if Paul Heyman went into TNA he could have turned it around in 17 months after he got rid of all the old guys and got the new talent over that he would have hired

Is there anything you want to say to get off your chest on the TNA subject that you never had a chance to say before.

Thoughts on
AJ Styles
Samoa Joe
Bobby Rude
Chris Daniels



Came back to ROH in 2009 to work full time…..

What were the first few changes that needed to be changed in ROH when you got there..and who was booking everything at the time?

When you started with ROH what were the first moves you wanted to make which were possibly denied ?

How much power did you get when you first came back?

Many people believed that delirious and Adam Pearce were nothing but guys who took notes for you – thoughts?

Compare delirious and Pearce in terms of booking and wrestling knowledge

Why did Adam leave the company?

How was the relationship between ROH and HD Net.  Did both sides do everything that was agreed upon?

Why do you think Mark Cuban bought the company and do you think he did enough for it?

Why did Mark Cuban not dump more money into the company as far as talent goes
and were you fustrated

Are you the one who wrote the proposal for Sinclair broadcasting to buy ROH

Was Cary just looking to get out at this point but still be involved in the company

What was your typical week in Baltimore like for Doing roh tv

Don’t you think the talent pool was stale and ROH with always the same guys

With all the money behind Sinclair why do they never bring in new talent that
was already established and over besides just Matt Hardy?

What is Joe Koff like as the owner is he smart to the wrestling business?

Were there times were you would get mad about the budget you guys had like over not having cameras to film promos and the company was run by a TV company

What do you believe were your biggest accomplishments during your time with ROH
Turn it around.

Biggest failures during your ROH run

What lessons did you learn running ring of honor on how today’s wrestling
landscape has changed with talent and product in general

Could ROH ever made a run for the number two company in the USA

Thoughts of Mr Evil Kevin Steen and comments in several of his shoots

Thoughts on Kevin steen and generico feud – a feud voted feud of the year

Thoughts on iPPV after all these times failing for the company

Is the tv taping schedule ideal?

For guys in ROH what was your advice for them if they wanted to go to WWE

Did the stress make you quit and what was the straw that broke the camels back (taping where Corino got hurt)

Thoughts on Gary Juster has he lost touch with the business

Thoughts on Austin Aieres trashing you saying you were behind the times calling ROH—Smokey MOUNTAIN OF HONOR

Were you on good terms with Gabe and what happened with the proposed DGUSA angle

Tyler black
Austin Aries
Roderick Strong