Jim Kettner Shoot Interview

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RF Video will be releasing the Jim Kettner Super 8 Tournament shoot interview. RF Video sat down with this revolutionary promoter and asked him all the intriguing questions revolving around the Super 8 and ECWA. This 2 hour interview is the first ever video interview with Jim Kettner, as he has never done an interview like this ever before. Hear stories about all the competitors, themes, bookings and all the inside stories that have never been told before. Hear the reasons on why some guys have won, how guys got booked, guys who were supposed to be in the tournament and actually win, but couldn’t make it to the show and even guys who have turned down this prestigious tournament. This is a really emotional interview as Jim tells the story of how Jeff Peterson actually found out he had a brain tumor as a result of symptoms he had in a match. Find out what Super 8’s he loved and the one he didn’t. Also find out what he thought was the best Super 8 match in the 9 tournaments.